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  1. gfweb

    In-N-Out v. Fatburger

    That casino sounds like a class joint.... Fatburger and Panda Express!
  2. But you dishonored the bourbon.
  3. gfweb


    also a Costco thing
  5. How hot do you think you could they could stand? Pressure cooker = autoclave = sterilizer..could they take that? If not you could sous vide them at 180F for a day..
  6. gfweb

    Easter Menus

    Smoked pork tenderloin w savory lingonberry sauce, roast veg platter (sprouts, asparagus,sweet potato, cauliflower), potato salad, rolls, deviled eggs of various sorts. Outdoors if the weather cooperates. Dessert to be named later.
  7. gfweb


    Toothache looks cool, but $10 an issue for an e-copy seems like it will price itself out of the chef market unless they have tie-ins with Sysco or somebody who will give it to chefs as a perk. I think t hat the dimensions of the cannelle may be the critical variable. Different ratio of volume to height than a muffin. I believe amazon has cheap silicon cannele trays for less than the price of an issue of Toothache
  8. gfweb

    Best First Cookbook

    Sounds like Seuss food
  9. gfweb

    Dinner 2019

    Sausage pizza Garlic shrimp with a couple flecks of Darto seasoning
  10. gfweb

    Best First Cookbook

    Was Jello involved?
  11. gfweb

    Ooni pizza oven

    May be the next Char Broil Big Easy fryer!
  12. What’s that quennelle looking thing with the roasted root vegetables?
  13. gfweb

    Ooni pizza oven

    I’m sure it’ll cook a steak too.....
  14. gfweb

    Ooni pizza oven

    I was afraid that it was a good thing. $300 and a tank of propane........ Hmmm.