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  1. My hack would be an empty tuna can, perhaps filled with cement for stability.
  2. Just trying for the lowest possible list price, I'd bet. Like airlines charging for bags.
  3. gfweb


    Thanks @Kim ShookHow are their meats?
  4. overprocessed is an invented category. Processed just means manipulated. Maybe stuff is added maybe not. Bacon, sopressata, capicola, oatmeal, corn meal, Cheerios ...all processed
  5. gfweb


    We are getting a Food Lion opening in a month. It sounds unpromising just from the name. Is is it a decent supermarket.? Where is it in the spectrum of Acme/Giant/Wegmans?
  6. Drunk food. Missing nothing, Toliver.
  7. Modernist Cuisine does a lot of processed foods. And I say so what? If I lose a year at the bad end of my life...so what?
  8. @Kim Shook consider a pork loin next
  9. gfweb

    Valentine's Day Dinner

    Sounds perfectly Canadian to me. Could cut ice fishing holes too, in a pinch.
  10. gfweb

    Valentine's Day Dinner

    Just me and a lot of left-over risotto....
  11. Not that I would ever do such a thing...how's this? Comes in 8"to 17" sizes https://smile.amazon.com/Lodge-L10SKL-Cast-Iron-Black/dp/B0714CXBTF/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1550089466&sr=8-8&keywords=lodge+pan
  12. gfweb

    Corned Beef, Sous Vide

    The eG archives are amazing
  13. and olives. any olive nope
  14. Not a fan of popcorn, I can tolerate it if I don’t smell it.
  15. Reese’s cups....I was over served as a kid and got SICK peas and Lima beans make me gag if I taste them beans, lentils have texture issues cilantro tastes like a soapy stink bug