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  1. She whips cream by shaking the carton?
  2. My adult children put ketchup on hot dogs. I blame their mother.
  3. I braise the cabbage and onion in apple juice with a few tbsp cider vinegar and a bit of allspice. Salt and pepper
  4. gfweb

    Valentine's Day Dinner

    Miso salmon and broccolini for V day dinner with a local wine, Silk by VaLa Vinyards. Gets great reviews. We liked it.
  5. gfweb

    Valentine's Day Dinner

    Re liver..don't ask don't tell
  6. From the article...What characterises ultra-processed foods is that they are so altered that it can be hard to recognise the underlying ingredients. These are concoctions of concoctions, engineered from ingredients that are already highly refined, such as cheap vegetable oils, flours, whey proteins and sugars, which are then whipped up into something more appetising with the help of industrial additives such as emulsifiers. What a load of unwarranted assumptions in that paragraph! The original meaning of the phrase "begging the question" was in debate; where a debater would frame the subject in a way that it assumes that his premise is valid. The above is a pretty good example of that. A pate, terrine, any bread, omelet, souffle, pizza, any pureed soup and many other dishes are all "so altered that it can be hard to recognize the underlying ingredients". So what?
  7. But unlike celery and kale, mushrooms taste good.
  8. I'm dubious about a commercially-viable in-store mushroom farm. I live right next to the mushroom capital and I have heard from growers that its a fiddling business, growing the fungi. Soil must be composted carefully, sterilized and frequently refreshed. One of the reasons that the industry is centered around here is that the ancillary businesses are here and can efficiently serve the growers. The product must be harvested when its ready as well. Mushroom houses work 365 days a year.
  9. Dining alone at breakfast is a requirement. When I'm away at a meeting I look for a place to hide. Nothing worse than some annoying extrovert sitting down and being friendly before I've had several coffees.
  10. Reeses Cups did that to me. A no fly zone still. I do like a good char on the dog and will put it on a skewer, spiral slice and "grill" over the gas burner
  11. REALLY! She stands there watching a whole cart get rung up AND THEN goes looking for her cash...AND counts out exact change. OR WORSE fumbles for her checkbook, finds it, writes the check and then struggles with the math to enter and change the balance in the book.
  12. Cole slaw is good stuff with a dog ,or a bratwurst for that matter.
  13. Some of you all are making this stuff up.
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