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  1. Probably OK. But one cannot be certain. You could better your chances by re-SVing it. But still....
  2. Great book by a great nonfiction writer.
  3. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.
  4. I'd need a lot of studies before I'd believe that children are capable of making proper nutrition decisions when their parents cannot
  5. gfweb

    Dinner 2021

    Andouille sausage, greens and gemelli. Served in the (slightly thickened with butter) greens pot liquour.
  6. Just a discussion among friends. :-) But what does one do with a tiny lime? Zest? My, perhaps wishful, grasp of their mission was that there's ugly but perfectly good veg...unsellable but useful...and that's what they sell. But I'd get a single yam or near spoiled veg or an onion the size of a softball or grape tomatoes that didn't last for a few days. I think your supplier was different than mine.
  7. Useless...limes or potatoes the size of golf balls...spoiled peppers...sprouted onions
  8. I can tolerate slightly imperfect veg, but imperfect service will kill them. I shouldn't have to argue refunds with every box. And imperfection is different from uselessness. I can handle a gnarly pepper that is not spoiled. I don't want stuff for which there is no sensible use.
  9. gfweb

    Dinner 2021

    After first roasting of broccoli I have no desire for any other form.
  10. @tppytel Check out vent-a-hood. Simple controls...lights...fan..warming lights. Lots of air moved
  11. @CentralMA couldn't agree more. The carbon steel goes great with the BS. I have a darto and a matfer...joy to cook with. But the all clad master chef are happy there too. Re the griddle, I had a Vulcan with a big one. Maybe used it twice. PITA to clean and unless you cook for a crowd its more than you need
  12. NLM doesn't judge the paper. The journal does that. NLM trusts the journal.
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