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  1. Oh my- I just haven't been able to get interested in this season... I hope top chef isnt done- but i too find the phrase "jump the shark" coming to mind... as for the latest episode(just watched it had the flu last week)- I couldn't help notice leah's non-verbals- the flirty pout (eyes wide, lower lip out... I have a 15 year old who excels at this)... as for jamies comments... although she has a right to her opinion, to make those statements while being treated to a lunch at one of the country's greatest restaraunts seems pretty tacky.... In any profession- when young and starting out-.. best to hush up and learn as much as possible from each opportunity offered. end of rant. Sorry. :huh:

  2. I know I'm joining this thread late.... I've thought all along that the final two would be Adam and Aaron: maybe they could have one of those "boy shows" where they travel around the country watching other people cook... Lisa, who knows? Have trouble reconciling the romulean hair cut and militaristic persona with the frilly dresses...buttons and bows. It's like Martha Stewart met Robert Irvine and they had a child.... Yucck. :wub:

  3. I didn't know where to post this as it's not actually in Boston but in Burlington, a northern suburb-Has anyone tried Summer Winter at the Burlingtion Marriott??? I was shocked- pleasantly. I guess the exec chefs are the folks who run Arrows in Maine... Ogunquit I think. On- site grown produce- very fresh, light , nice atmosphere, excellent service- but not stuffy. Totally made me rethink Hotel food. Just wondering if others have had a similarly good experience or was I just lucky? :raz:

  4. Dear Antonia, I would come eat at your restaurant any time. I'm sorry you are gone. Tell your kid her Mommy IS a winner.  :wub:

    Dear Stephanie, teaming up people to their benefit was a generous and gracious choice.  :wub: Not tearing Dale a new one, also pretty much up there with sainthood, imo.

    Dear Bravo TV. I would like to contribute to the "Buy Gail a New Dress, You Cheap Bastards" Fund. Please let me know where to send my donation. I'm sick of looking at her in that blue and green checked sack. Go ahead, Bravo, live big.  :cool:

    Dear Richard, new babies smell even better than onions sauteing. Make sure you take time to nibble the baby feet.    :wub:

    i'm with you on the buy Gail a new dress fund.... I could barely concentrate on the show I was so fasinated by that outfit...like watching a train wreck- don't want to look but can't stop. Padma, however rocked! Rooting for either Richard or Stephanie- both class acts. :biggrin:

  5. I so wanted to love it... The food was

    ok.. But not nearly as vibrant as the menu promised. The service was mediocre at best. The chef was in the house...

    Mostly schmoozing ... And working the pass. Interestingly the waiter didn't want to serve my daughter- she is 21 and offered her I'd. We had been shopping since morning so she was totally sober-overall it was an interesting experience...

    Also Expensive! I live in a resort town known for pricey restaraunts and this was expensive even by these standards :wacko:

  6. I am going to be in the boston area this weekend, I've always wanted to try Blue Ginger- finally have a reservation- I'd like to know what people think of this restaraunt- the only reviews I could find are 2-3 years old...Is it still as good?

    Blue Ginger is still a very solid, consistently good restaurant. It's one of the few places in the city that has never disappointed me.

    thanks- i'm looking forward to it :smile:

  7. I was on Bravo this morning- Is Padma writing her own blogs drunk or high? Is no one editing her writing....I don't remember her blogs from last season being quite so ill written.

    The written blog is simply a literal transcript of her video blog, hence the somewhat strange delivery. Can't fault her for that.

    All in all, a very classy episode. Good looking food. It was unfortunate to see Manuel go when he's probably more talented than a good number of the remaining cheftestatnts. And Blais continues to be a baller.

    thanks for the info- makes more sense now

  8. I liked last nights episode- think the right one won and the right one went home. I was on Bravo this morning- Is Padma writing her own blogs drunk or high? Is no one editing her writing....I don't remember her blogs from last season being quite so ill written. BTW What dish did Jennifer make for the elimination? I can't remember it at all. Maybe less wine for the re-runs :wub:

  9. i liked the special more than I thought I would- Would like to have seen Dave from season 1 as a part of it though. While home in bed with a cold, I caught the marathon of season 2... Shudder- I had forgotten just how annoying that season was. Will wait hopefully for season 4.

  10. I would have been happy with either of them...initially rooted for Symon- but Besh won me over in the last few episodes. Truly hope that the relationship with MR didn't affect the outcome- Symons a great chef and deserves to win on his own merits. Can't wait to hear him laughing all next season. Someone earlier mentioned ditching cat cora and adding both to the group... can I add my vote for that? :raz:

  11. Oh, my- what a great episode...I was totally rooting for Symon- but now am torn. The FN's PR piece in the times has me rethinking Besh. How about we ditch Cat Cora and add them both. Also- I'm voting Ruhlman's locks over Knowltons. :wub:

  12. The pissy petulance of little Mr. Knowlton is discussed at great length at Ruhlman.  Basically, I think he was born with his Mr. Rogers cashmere sweater in a bunch, and any self-respecting NYer would drop-kick his whiny little butt across the width of SoHo.  

    Bwahahaha! :biggrin: I didn't have anything else to add but that did make me laugh and I do agree.

    Lmao-even my husband is watching this...his commment was that Knowlton had to be the kid everyone beat up on in grade school :rolleyes:

  13. Hmm- I actually am starting to kinda like howie- but I don't understand their teams menu- I am looking forward to the do over... Did anyone notice Caseys expression when she was picked for her team? she looked like she was going to spit- whats with that.? :wacko:

  14. Wow- gotta agree- Emeril looked terrible- I caught the faux pas when he congratulated Amy too. I also wondered where her husband was- very low key. Felt sorry for Rory, but the meltdown was a little much. Bourdain on Ruhlmans blog was a gas. On to next season.

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