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  1. Mighty, a new store called Culinarium (http://www.culinarium.ca/) will be opening on Mt. Pleasant in the spring and will stock only local goods. Fiesta Farms, on Christie between Dupont and Bloor, works directly with Ontario farmers and stocks many local products not seen in the major supermarkets.
  2. Fugu, please don't give up on farmers' markets. Yes, there are a few resellers at some of the markets, but if you get to know the vendors, you'll find it very easy to spot the impostors. And speaking with farmers and food artisans who are selling the products they've personally raised, grown or produced is an absolute treat!
  3. Keep plugging away, Kurt. ;-) Looking forward to meeting you in Charleston! All the best from your cohort Gail, Canadian Edible #1 in Toronto. Vancouver is coming in May, eh?
  4. I've been buying this and that on the racks lately, and have been impressed by Fine Cooking. The only magazines *period* I subscribe to are New Yorker and Cook's Illustrated. So you get I love Cook's. I adore the use of illustrations. I'm mad at saveur because so many of there recipes haven't turned out for me, and I'm an excellent home cook with or without a recipe. The rest have been uniformly disappointing. I was interested in this thread because I'm looking for good ore food magazines as well-- it seems like the best way to stay seasonal. You can't subscribe to them (I think) but the edible series of local zines are terrific. I pick up Edible San Francisco every chance I get. ← et alors, the "Edible" series of publications does have subscriptions available -- as a single subscription to one magazine, or as a set of three Edibles through Edible Communities. Go to www.ediblecommunities.com to view each magazine's website to get information on single subscriptions, or to access the "3 for $45" special offer. Gail Gordon Oliver Publisher and Editor Edible Toronto
  5. The location on York Mills and Bayview is slated to open first, in mid-October, I believe. The one on Eglinton, probably in November.
  6. Did you? Well, my congratulations on a terrific concept and wonderful execution. I hope it goes well.
  7. We went to JK Wine Bar for Mother's Day brunch yesterday, and it was fabulous. We arrived at opening time - 11:00 - and the food and service were stellar. I love the fact that you get to order any two items on the menu for the prix fixe price of $20 per person. Even the picky 15-year-old loved her meal. We'd never been there for brunch before; we'll definitely return.
  8. mkjr, Toronto is very backwards when it comes to BYO. The government has recently legislated it as legal, but few restaurants here are on board and, when they are, they often charge exorbitant corkage fees.
  9. Add Toronto to the list. I'm definitely in, and I was fortunate to meet with Tracey and Carole last week at the IACP conference in Chicago, as well as your partner Wendy and Renee, Pamela, Dianne, Doug and Robert. What an incredible group of people! Looking forward to meeting all the rest of you - if not at my launch sometime in mid-September (hopefully), then in Charleston next January.
  10. Sounds intriguing. Any idea what stories you'll do for a first issue? and do you have a launch date in mind yet? ←
  11. Sounds intriguing. Any idea what stories you'll do for a first issue? and do you have a launch date in mind yet? ←
  12. Ontario's Golden Horseshoe (which includes Toronto) is definitely ripe for a magazine which will celebrate its bounty. I'm confident that it will be very well received.
  13. I'm a fan of The Healthy Butcher's meats, and I love the atmosphere and old-world charm of the place. I bought some beef cheeks there a few weeks ago. Braised in the oven with root vegetables, they were divine. I've just purchased some elk medallions from John Rietkerk (Second Wind Elk) at St. Lawrence North/Farmers' markets. I'm looking forward to searing them and making a simple pan sauce to accompany.
  14. That is exciting news, Kurt! I am hoping to launch the first Canadian Edible here in Toronto; the contract should be arriving any day. I will be at the IACP conference in Chicago and look forward to meeting Tracey there. Are any other Edible publishers/editors planning to be there? In the meantime, do you have any words of wisdom for a probable new Edible publisher/editor? Am I crazy to think that I can do it on my own with no prior publishing experience? Any advice would be appreciated (note: I can be emailed directly - see my profile).
  15. FlavoursGal


    I went to Girassol last week for the first time in a long time. I picked up the last 2 custard-filled donuts, thrilled that they weren't sold out. They were awful! The custard, which used to taste homemade, was very chemical-tasting, and the dough did not have the same bite that I remembered. I have a craving for Viking's cardamom bread. I think I'll head out there and pick up some of their donuts at the same time.
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