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  1. John von Pey.......I hope you have had found time to read the book by now. So other than the beautiful Post Card photographs what do you think of the contents of the book. I would also like our forum members to let the rest of us know of other NEW books on Rum that are in the works to be published soon or in the future. I know of one from England but its not due till next year. Then there is one from Canada to be published in the future........ I will keep Rum Searching................john
  2. This just shows that in different countries publishers release books at different times. What is important is that forum members have a chance to read other books on RUM. This way to better understand the complexities and depth of RUM. Our northern Eurorean Rum lover and his wife recently had a trip to Barbados and would like this book as it would confirm what they learned in Barbados. I think its a wonderfull book on Rum for 2004, but is lacking information and should be read in conjunction with other good Rum books.to fully understand these complexities. Also some of forum members consider it could have been more Rum detailed in its photographs rather than being general Caribbean Postcards. But thats our opinions. whats yours. Always Rum Searching.....john
  3. Every now and then a book comes along that is almost up to date. So I believe any Brand, Marks, Blenders or Distillers not mentioned got lost due to the long production times.There is one photo which places the time the photo was taken to late 2002. Also with various recent bottlings of even older aged rums. Missing also are the various Celibration bottlings of Mount Gay, Bacardi, etc. I was very pleased with the Distillery Directory Section for various reasons, first it contains addresses and web sites. Most rums mentioned are Distilled-blended and bottled in the tropics and are not bulk shipped Northern Blends. This being a British writen and published book, does contain Marks bottled in Great United Kinkdom and has rums not available in North America/ Canada. Its good to see that each area or island got equal coverage and number of pages. My biggest disapointment was the Photo editing. First various distillers/blenders helped sponcer the photoshoots which means they have more photos printed than the others .( the sponcers are mentioned on the first page.). The Photographer Jason Lowe I am sure had full access to the rum industry throughout the tropics.and had produced a portfolio of wonderfull photos.Unfortunately here we have a book specialising in RUM where only 40 photo out of 72 are related to rum. The rest are wonderfull travel postcards and very 'beautifull'. Being a specialising book I would have liked to see a lot more photos dedicated/related to rum and its production and its enjoyment. The Photo Editors did this Book an real injustice. Dont get me wrong I think its a wonderfull book and as a student to Rums I truly enjoy it and recomend that you find it. John
  4. Long awaited major work for a rum book. just published. Big book,simple title. RUM by Dave Broom. , Published by: Abberville Press. London & New York ISBN: 0 7892 8020 4 Date:1st November 2003. 176 pages. 72 colour photographs This is Coffee Table size book. Approx 9.75" x 11.25" x .75" Photography by Jason Lowe. Beautiful coffee table book published just in time for the holiday season. This was published in England earlier this year now available in North America. Divided into six sections including half frame and full frame photos. Divided as follows 23 pages of history of rum... - 28 pages How rum is Made... - 61 pages Pure rum Rum island by Island. ...- 34 pages How to enjoy rum, then The Distillery Directory A-Z of distilleries . Will follow up with my thoughts, on a new entry, on this wonderfull book. Rum Searcher ...... John
  5. Now lets get serious and down to basics...... If its to be made with rum then .... The only true Caribbean egg nog to named " Ponce a Creme " and has a very different recipe to Northern or Southern recipes, but is true Island and true Rum. and requires a hollow leg to be able to get through the day (s).! Just ask any one from the Caribbean or anyone who has been in the Islands around Christmas. If its French, Spanish, or British each island has its own "Ponce a Creme'. To start The Merry Season, may I wish all 'EGullets' a wonderful Rummy Time and may your glass never be empty......and may the next rum be even better than the one before..... .......CHEERS. Keep searching evervbody.......John
  6. Fresco..... We can all make mistakes ....mine was that the LCBO had delisted the ' El Dorado 15 YR OLD '. Well it is not delisted at all.... Its just that I was looking in the wrong place in the computer file. Unlike the other El Dorado Rums, that go by age in the listings this one goes by name as follows.......... 'EL DORADO' SPECIAL RESERVE , Demerara Distillery Co....#705418... $59.60 Can. Available at Vintages and various other stores....I counted aprox 73 bottles in central Toronto. . (29 at Summerhill). With the Christmas season coming up there could be running low by late November . Fresco...To check the LCBO website, for availability go to. www.vintages.com and enter #705418 in search box. And Rum for general searching. Sorry for my missinformation...... Will keep rumsearching.........John
  7. Jay.....Sorry I missed your line back on 11 th October. Its good to know you near Frankfurt . anyway I have not opened the bottle as yet as I am waiting for a very special celebration, which will be in july 2004. It was quite expensive at a Canadian Licquor Store, it was $185.00 Canadian. They recently carried a small shipment of Bristol Spirits Monymusk 23yr old for $126.00 Canadian.( which happened to be the top of the line of Bristol Spirits) Always rumsearching .....John
  8. Fresco.... I will be in line when the Vintages Store on Queens Quay opens up the day of its release. This is a rum I have been waiting for for quite a while. For thoes who are not aware this used to be named 'King of Diamonds' and for many years has been winning in its category at many Rum Festivals and Tastings. It had a name change and a graphic overhaul around five years ago.but I was told its the same rum. As far as the 15 yr old is concerned, I looked up the LCBO lists only to find that its delisted. But then I was in The Summerhill Vintages Store a couple of days ago and I did see at least a dozen bottles of 15 yr old.. So Fresco get down to a Vintages Store or phone a Vintages Store, for stock location. (they can deliver to your local stoe for you) Good luck, I like the El Dorado Demerara 15yr old and now look forward to the 12yr old Yes Its more expensive in Ontario LCBO. It seems that Premium Rums get a premiun price.These rums in Nova Scotia are around $5.00 to $10.00 Canadian dollars less. Keep Rumsearching......John
  9. Sorry did not read your last line, that the experiment was now over......john
  10. Good Experiment.........now drink it before it changes its mind ! John Reekie.
  11. John..... Interesting question..... I wish people would say what country they were writing from before one can give an answer. Where you are determins were you want to buy it your rum. Are you in Peru or New Zealand.or Australia.or Eupope or the States.......I live in Toronto, Canada and bought this G+M -1974 rum here at our province run licquor store.(LCBO). I also had writen to Scotland, but never recieved an answer.....IF in England this forum has a couple a Spirits Agents that can respond and get it for you..... The same for Germany and Belgium (or is it Holand). The story in Ontario, was that the LCBO were buying a few dozen cases of single malt scotch and took on a sample case (half case of six), of the rum to make up a skid. This was never listed and it was not noticed for a while amonst the bottles of domestic rums. After I had found it and told a few people it sold out in two weeks. (It had not even got listed on there computer catalogue.).....Price arround $80.00 Canadian. So here is a suggestion find out who has shippments of G+M single malt scotches.... and maybe they have a half case of the rum...... I doubt that you find it on multi listings or where there is a high inventory the most you will find is a half case........... ................And where are you located anyway. Good luck .....John .....still rumsearching.
  12. Kristian and Future wife. (my appologies we did communicate about a year ago, and I did not have time to go through the archives to find your name.sorry) So .... I hope you rent a car ( with a roof the sun will be to much after a while , but it should be a open jeap type, there are many varieties.) and with a good map explore the island. Stay away from down town Bridgetown unless you are going there .Use the roads circling Bridgetown. Traffic is very bad any time of day. Use the car to explore many small roads leading to spectacular views and beaches. Ask at the hotel reception or your barman for places to go to.. Although born in England. I spent my youth in Barbados in the 50's and 60's. Once lived next door to that Red Clock Tower on the Garrison, on the way into Town.and spent my life in the water at various beaches nearby. So Barbados to me is my home. although I have not lived there since mid 60's and no longer have any contact with the Island, I have been back various times. I just wanted to say rent a car and explore the island, take your time to stop and look. And as someone once said, look back over your shoulder because some times the best view is the one behind you.There is to much to say about Bardados and this is not the place to say it . Except. Ask questions. Read the local magazinesfor things to see and do . Be carefull but explore and you will enjoy. Happy Honeymoon to both of you......" Let the glass of rum in your hand be the best rum of the day" (sorry Ed) Good Luck.......John.
  13. Kristian... Ed has filled in with most of the rum, but not totaly as to the distilleries and the tours. As soon as you get there you will notice lots of advertising for the three distilleries. So I will not carry on there. But what Ed did not mention was that Mount Gay Distilleries is formed by two distilleries.The one you will find with the tours and visitors center on the West Coast just out side Bridgetown. This is also where the modern continious still is located. In the North of the Island is the original Site of Mount Gay. This has changed and developed over the years so that now the distillery consists of old buildings of many ages. But it has the oldest pot still(s) still in use. This also looks very much like an old distillery. Visiting tourists are not normaly welcomed, but I found that when I drove up to the office and asked is I could look around I had the freedom to go anywhere. This was at the end of January and the plant was more or less closed. But even if you can not get in its worth driving to just to look at. No rum samples No T shirts No bottles of rum just a distillery. The visitors center has all of these. If I think of more I will get back to you. John.
  14. Patrick ..... I forgot to add that this is a recent marketed rum as its bottle is similar (could be the same ) as the 8yr old which is a squat design with bacardi etc embossed on the glass, and with a label that looks like its in two parts joined together with a 'bat logo' seal. The bottles are also individualy numbered. I thought I would just pass this on. ...good luck. and have fun...... john rum searching.
  15. Patrick... Its October and the Island honeymoon is very soon..... congratulations. I have recently been told of a PR rum that you might look for (if you are there for more than just the hour transfering planes to the VIs.) Its....BACARDI RESERVA LIMITADA ...12 year old......Disrtilled, aged, blended, and bottled in Puerto Rico......What ?....We all know about their 8 year old. But this 12yr is only available at the distillery I am told. But could also be available in the better licquor stores in Old San Juan. So if you want (can) add a day at the end of your trip and go for a trip to the Bacardi Distillery. Also the Barillito Plant and warehouse can be seen in the same day.... While in the Islands is a good chance to find and buy Ed Hamiltons Rums of the Eastern Caribbean, If you have not already bought and read it. My fist copy I found in St Thomas then I bought another one two years later in Antigua . The first got rum soaked and some of the pages were stuck together. Have a great Honeymoon ....from all of us.... and drink the best rums,..... in moderation.
  16. Dan...... that was very good of you to compile the list of Nova Scotia New listings. I was very impressed. In the next posting I will take your list and just print out (from that list ) what is available in Ontario Vintage stores (only 7 rums). I will also add what is currently available in the Premium(5 rums) and Supper Premum (4 rums) at first glance most of the NS rums (also available here) are within $2.oo fluctuating back and forth between each other. The big suprise was Angostura 1919, 8yr:is $12.30 MORE and El Dorado 15yr: is $20.01 MORE at The LCBO I would be interested in a similar comparison with the Quebec Liquor Board. I always thought that Ontario had the worst selection.Now we have a BC EGullet member maybe Fulcrum can also compile a BC list. By the way Dan are you down East for the Rum Festival in St Johns or was this just a holiday in Cape Breton . I had a feeling your would be going to the Rum Festival which unfortunately I will not be able to get to. this year anyway.. But I do have that NS friend that can do some shopping for me. Will get back to you with the comparison list soon. Keep rum searching.........John Reekie.
  17. Patrick.... What you said about ..Riserva Aneja.....is what I suspected. What I found interesting was that Bocoy was a Cuban Rum company in the Fifties (that I wrote about many months ago back in the archives now) I thought that they would surface some where and here the are in PR. Like Barrilito, I think they are buying aged rums from a PR distillery then further aging, blending (taste marrying) then bottling. Very much a Madison Avenue NY promotion. of a designer bottle and a designer blend. With a few more years of aged stock to help with the blend they could have a reasonable rum. ....But thats my opinion. Serralles Rum Distillery. on the other hand is a very well established family distillery, that will have aged stock going back many generations and although Don Q Grand Anejo is the oldest they sell , ask around for 'Private stock'-Reserved for family Etc. Good Rum Searching.......John
  18. Sorry Team.... I dont know how I did that..... double clicking or some thing.... Now to try to find a moderator to wipe the double entry off. which is harder than you think.
  19. I agree with the selection of Ron Barrilitos two star or three star, its your own personal selection. So why not get one of each, then you can compare. I have not got hold of a two star for my comparison as yet. Patrick Garcia mentioned Serralles having an older rum and it is....." Serralles DonQ Grand Anejo" 750ml. Its listed as an ultra premium Puerto Rican Rum. I bought mine in St Thomas USVI. for around $40.00 (a few years ago and at Island Prices). I liked the rum (now gone). But there was no mention of age, but I think its only a five year old with a few drops of an eight to ten year old. Its bottled in a very atractive Decanter Style bottle in a clear styrene box. Advertising hype again in its packageing. I have seen on the internet stores, another PR Rum, but know nothing about it. .... " Riserva Aneja Rum " Ultra Premium Rum. Internet price $37.00. Comes in a limited edition hand blown decanter bottle designed to look like a caraff with a cork and a clear lable with gold lettering. But I know nothing about the Rum inside or who distilled it or bottled it or shipped it then bottled it etc etc. In fact it might be a USA mainland rum with lots of advertising hype and build up. I have noticed that various PR rums recently state that the are the best in the world. While the Best in the World never need to state that they are . Bacardi 1873 ... I always state one should aquire the best one can afford, and the most that one can carry when traveling as one might not be in that area again. So why get a straight forward good clean but very ordinary rum. A competitive rum distiller years ago, said about Don Bacardi." He makes to much rum to make good rum ". Unless your friend goes to the Bacardi Distillery and gets a bottle hand signed by the Head Rum Blender or the CEO of the Company, to authenticate its originalityand as a souvenir....why bother. A trip just outside San Juan to Ron Barrilito would be very enjoyable and educational, and some thing I want to do one day.
  20. Hello Lee....... That was some answer to some one who did not know about Trader Vic.... all I could add is for that person to find a Trader Vic Restaurant and to try Trader Vic's Drinks and Food. Also to hunt through the WebSite for recipies, food, sauses, mixes, restaurant locations and history of TV, himself.......Thank you for pointing out my very blatent mistake, ie the original rum used in the original Mai Tai. As soon as I had posted it I knew I was wrong. But I do believe that TV had tried and liked and thought Barbancourt suitable for one of the four official Mai Tai recipes. But due to Haiti's internal political problems and having to have a reliable continious sourse for the rum, Babancourt was not chosen. Which is a good thing as the sourse could have dried up for us and we would not have this wonderfull rum today. Limited quantity is better than oversatuation . Back to Trader Vic - The party.....In canada Trader Vic's Rums are not available. But they have had specific rums blended for their various drinks. Are these "Rums" still available at USA licquor stores or TV Restaurants, and if so had you concidered using them in your rum drink mixes.. Also if these rums are available had you thought of contacting Trader Vic's Office and asking Customer Service which rum they would suggest for the drinks in question. Your extensive Rum list Island to Island, from ' TV's Book of Food and Drink' 1946, shows some interesting facts.....First 90% of these brands are off the market, but the distillery might still be in operation. and producing rums with different Brand Names...... That Brugal of Puerto Rico had moved to St Croix and recently moved to Dominican republic. So they were a parent company brand not a distillery. in St Croix there rum stock came from the Cruzan Distillery.....That Hudson Bay Company of Canada used to import and sell all across Canada about six Caribbean Rums in the turn of the century There mail order distribution could deliver spirits to any out port or railway stop in the country....This was before Provincial Licqor boards and Stores.....That Goslings, Bermuda, used to import rums from all over the Caribbean then store, blend, bottle these rums in Bermuda. The best blend of these was given a Blackwax Seal....... So these TV listed Goslings rum are part of that list. Lee.... tell us after the Party how the drinks went down..... and for thoes who missed it the ' TV ' web site is as follows..... www.tradervics.com John Reekie.
  21. I agree with Ed -Rum, Dry Ginger Ale, and a squeeze of lime. (maybe an ice cube but not totaly nessasary) - best simple Rum Drink there is. But watch the sweetness of some ginger ales. John Reekie
  22. Would that be ' Around the corner ' of Princes Street or Covent Garden ?.... or even Cambleford. John Reekie always searching.
  23. Babyluck.... I think the question was what rum would "Trader Vic" use in the drinks mentioned and be suitable for the party. Don the Beach Comber had his own style of mixing. and it was not Trader Vics. You also mention six Brand (distillery) name rums without mentioning which Individual names of the rums. As you well know each Brand (distillery) has three or four rums from six months old up to twenty one years old, (and older), with quality and prices varying accordingly. For cocktails and mixed drinks one would not use the youngest rum nor the oldest as this would be a total waste. Also using the same brands five year old would be very different taste to using the same brands two year old. I would still like to hear what the forum comes up with for the " Trader Vic's Party."
  24. jrcoewr......So Lambs 1949 is available therefore I suggest you get in touch with Lamb in what ever country you are in.......John Reekie
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