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  1. I have a friend that is asking me to try to make a Salvadorian dessert called a Maria Luisa for her husband but were a bit stumped at what exactly it is. The only two recipes I've found are for a layer cake type of dessert http://www.recipezaar.com/241930. But this description we found fits what shes had in the past María Luisa is as luscious as the name implies. Filled with a dense, Salvadoran-style creme anglaise, the oblong pastel includes fragile top and bottom rice-flour crusts finished with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. Imagine tucking a fork into one of these! Does anyone have any idea? I told her maybe there are two desserts called Maria Luisa, one cakey and one pastry?
  2. Cone center with caramelized sugar glue... that baby ain't going anywhere for a long long time. I remember even trashing one and it just stayed together after we threw it into the garbage.
  3. I wanted to thank you all for this tread and all the info contained herein. As it so happens I had to do a wedding cake this weekend with Lemon Curd filling. Im not really a fan, and as it turns out, it was because of the crap recipe I had. I did a little tweeking to the Sherry Yard Recipe, doubling the original, adding 1 extra egg yolk, 2 extra table spoons of butter (just cuz butter makes everything betta) and another 1/3 cup of sugar (I guess my lemon tree is a little on the tart side so it was necessary). It came out pretty thick, like pudding and was wonderful to fill the cake. I have a ton left over so Im making a bunch of goodies to use up the extra.
  4. I used to make these when I was a kid with a special iron my grandmother had, I think that she probably got it from my Oma a very long time ago. Unfortuneatly my aunt jacked the iron from my mom years ago and they haven't been made at our house since.
  5. duckduck I made the black bean brownies last night....soo good. I did put an extra tablespoon of Valrona coco in them though... couldn't resist. I must say my boyfriend was a bit gossed out by the whole idea but came around when he tasted them. I was afraid to leave him alone with them.
  6. After my test batch it was very obvious that the recipe I used could not be a prebake thing, very much like a souffle. To top it off I put them in a cupcake tin and cooked them clean through! I didn't even adjust the bake time, sheesh did I learn nothing in culinary school. They were darn tasty though. I will give NickLam's recipe a go and see how it turns out this evening. Thanks for all your help!
  7. I'm wondering if you could premake Molten Chocolate cakes then rewarm them before service? I'm creating a test batch right now to see how they turn out after sitting for a day. They seem sorta souffle like so I wanted to get some opinions of if this should even be attempted? I have to bust out 250 of these bad boys so predoing them is the only way I could accomplish this in my humble little kitchen.
  8. Im doing a wedding cake soon filled with Lemon Curd. Good thing I have my own frost free lemon tree.
  9. Jambalyle you forgot how this will inevitably effect the California gas prices as well!
  10. You know whats strange.... in school the recipe they gave us had coco butter, which would probably add to the ooze factor. I will try it with your recipe for sure. I'm a long way from a goddess but accomplishing this would definitely add to my pastry cred.
  11. Beautiful fresh looking dessert. I'm thinking the bean in the brownie would make it rather starchy so I would love to try the recipe and see how the texture comes out. And just like K8memphis Im curious to know what is in the glass...
  12. I would sure love to know how to accomplish this as well. When we did it in class we were told that there was a very small chance that it would actually work. Anyone that did accomplish white chocolate clay magic were hailed as gods.
  13. nichi


    My first Buche de Noel. Filled with Coffee & Baileys Buttercream. It may become a family tradition they loved it so much. I sure wish I had seen this tutorial first.
  14. I whipped up the Pistachio Butter cookies this evening after seeing your post. They are addictive
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