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  1. I was fortunate enough to be in Baltimore in april on that location's second day of operations... I had read about it previously in saveur I believe. The wines were all of excellent quality, eclectic and very well priced.. The food was... considering my options, excellent... Duck confit with frisee and beluga lentils and some cheeses. I dont recall the glasses very much. I believe a gruner veltliner and rioja. I bought a fine Austrian pinot grigio and "The Terraces" 04 Zinfandel for my ensuing trip, both of phenomenal quality. Good conversation with the server/manager. Great option for foodies and wine enthusiasts in an airport, and I guess that is the point.
  2. Joseph Fenush

    Smoking sequence

    Dave's method also involved sous vide following the smoking, which would help to intensify the smoke as well as any other flavors imparted previous to it... We usually smoke large batches of ribs in the cookshack and then foil tightly and finish in the oven as described by Abra
  3. It is only natural and human to compare... however, I cant help but notice that most negative "reviews" of WD tend to seem to compare to other restaurants... when in fact is it not the point of WD to stand on its own, as its own unique experience.
  4. we had some really nice Wild Striped Bass this past weekend... with some fairly large belly portions... cooked them(the bellies) with butter and a couple varieties of basil for 35 mins at 53 C... I couldnt have been more happy with the results, the garnishes were a very firm shrimp, some tomato water with anchovies macerated in it and some more micro basil. Seared the loins for another dish...
  5. pickle the broccolli, chili, mustard seeds etc Get some sprouts of broccoli and some mustard greens, mizuna or something, grill the sausage?
  6. Kind of surprised theres never been a topic specifically about this place... Nevertheless by request heres a recap of my Sumile experience. Walked in about 5:45 on a Tuesday afternoon. Sat alone at the sushi bar Very cool that you can see into the kitchen but only in silhouettes through a very unique wall. Ordered the medium tasting but Im sure I received some extra courses... Ill try and list all in as best order as possible... Nigiri of hackleback caviar and yuzu Tofu in miso broth Kampachi sashimi - spicy Nantucket Bay Scallop w/ uni tapioca Uni and Nantucket Scallop roe together make for an obviously amazing combination Oyster with shiso... kumamoto I think Braised Shrimp w/ horseradish consomme Sweet tender, super fresh shrimp, sweet tomato, chilled consomme broth was perfectly clear with a little fat glistening, tasted very floral with the peppery then earthy bitter finish. Maybe the best thing I ate the entire trip Spring roll w/ lettuces and eel - great flavor, hard to eat Grilled Wild Striped Bass w/ potatoes and dashi King Crab w/ kimchi and hackleback caviar - great kimchi, enough said Hamachi w/ tonburi creme fraiche Duck w/ eggplant - Nigiri: Fluke, Toro, Salmon Belly, Shrimp Hand roll w/ uni and squid - almost too much uni to handle Sauternes ice w/ chamomile and lavender - floral overload Coconut sorbet w/ hazelnut? Im pretty sure thats missing a couple courses... All were huge and super clean in flavor... Great super fresh ingredients.... Played to all the senses at one point or another... I started with a great prosecco off the menu, the bartender/server was great with recommending beverage options, a great peach and plum flavored cocktail, quality gruner veltliner and an outstanding sake helped me through the courses. Josh came out and talked with me for a bit between desserts... Very chill, good chat about ingedients, Sauternes, tonburi, fish etc...
  7. Joseph Fenush


    Okay in short, 4 of us attended... The last stop of a two day gluttony fest that, for me, included at least 16 courses at Sumile earlier that evening. We all ordered 3 course prix fixe, it ended up being about 9 courses... Three rounds of canapes were sent out, at least two of which were of the cured fish orientation... All very tasty. None really stand out in my memory. First courses... Foie Gras ganache, Lobster roll, Hamachi w/duck tongue and Sea Urchin, Beef tartare, octopus and avocado... The lobster roll and foie gras were both good, nothing exceptional just what they were described as and very well executed... The hamachi and the beef tartare however were phenomenal... The hamachi perhaps being one of the two best things Id eaten all weekend... The octopus just the perfect amount of chewiness... We were sent complementary plates of the beef short ribs next... Perfectly braised, beautifully presented, flavors oriented towards beer and broccolli seem to be popping up a lot of places, but made perfect sense... Main courses... Hot Smoked Trout, Venison, Salmon, Seafood stew.... The Trout was mine and the fish itself was great... I wish he was still serving the geoduck salad with it but nevertheless the accompaniments that evening were perfectly thoughtful and well executed... The Salmon, brioche crusted with beef cheeks and beets.... brilliant.... As was the horseradish spaetzle accompanying the Venison.... The pre dessert was a frozen soup with a lime foam and an accompanying aquavit, the rest of the flavors escape my memory. For dessert the coffee creme brulee with tangerine sorbet was my choice and I didnt even try anyone elses, it was a surprisingly brilliant combination. A complementary espresso flavored aquavit was brought out because we were apparently there so late they had no more coffee... We were the last group in either dining room but still... a bit peculiar. The wine service, as previously mentioned by someone was spotty... We ordered by the glass and the choices were mixed up two out of three times... There was only one front waiter for the entire dining room while we were there. We asked about Marcus and were told that hes in and out... Was there quite a bit in December and January due to the menu change.
  8. Joseph Fenush

    Braised Radishes

    sure, theyre awesome if you braise them whole about 45 minutes until soft but still bitey. Grape flavors are great, red wine, verjus, grape juice concentrate, housemade red wine vinegar etc etc... whole spices are a great addition(tellicherry pepper, star anise etc) as well as lapsang souchong
  9. braise as if it were Kale chiffonade and fry in olive oil until crispy cauliflower green "pesto" use in a soup as a finishing herb
  10. Joseph Fenush


    I will be in NYC for international restaurant show in March, have a reservation on Tuesday the 6th, I will post a review... I wouldnt say its a negative that it doesnt fit under the purely Scandinavian label, I dont think its ever tried to...
  11. I have recently purchased 2, B Braun thermomix 1480's... apparently both heavily used. They have analog controls which I have been unable to understand so far. Both heat and circulate but I cannot seem to control the temperature... They both seem to heat to about 65 celsius no matter what I seem to set the gages at. Anyone else have any experience with this type of model? Its funny these things were manufactured in West Germany, they are probably older than some of my dishwashers, possibly some of my cooks! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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