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  1. G. Detou (which is a play on words meaning "I have got everything") is correct if you are after La Belle Iloise hand-canned sardines from Brittany, which I do recommend: http://lesbidulesdisa.canalblog.com/archives/2006/11/26/3272245.html
  2. If you look in the Japanese forum, you will find that Japanese rice does NOT improve with age. Actually I would be surprised if any rice improves with age.
  3. There is one excellent fish and chips shop somewhere in greater Sydney metropolitan area. I have been there several times, most recently three weeks ago, and it is consistently excellent. Fish is fresh, juicy and not overcooked, chips are handcut, large Idaho, double fried and not at all soggy. They do not serve chiko rolls, chicken salt or any other similar garbage. I am certainly not going to tell anyone where this place is, unless you guess it correctly maybe.
  4. Any update on this ? I have never seen toro anywhere in Australia, not even in the retail part of the Sydney fish markets. Maybe dockside in South Australia is the only way.
  5. Thanks Hiroyuki-san, it is all clear to me now. Your comments and the film clip were very informative. (And I see the 一個 sign now). O sewa ni narimashita. I guess 9,000 yen was reasonable for that quality on a special occasion, but it may become a problem if you want it often. Here in Australia, we do not have that top quality. We do have the fish supply, but not the preparation skills. On the other hand, I think that some of our up-market kaitenzushi restaurants are at least as good as the corresponding ones in Japan.
  6. Thank you Hiroyuki-san for the kuitan episode, I did not know about "kan". So "gunkan" means a ship "kan". It seems that the number in a "kan" can be confusing for Japanese people also. I hope that 10 cent sushi will return again some day. So the prices on the wall in your photos are for two pieces. My original question was actually only about sushi served at sushi bar or sushi counter in Japan; I know that kaitenzushi is almost always in pairs in all countries. (Exception: the Viking (all you can eat) place in Shinsaibashi arcade in Namba, Osaka about 100 metres north of Ebisu-bashi - only one piece per dish. That place is very inexpensive, only 980 yen at lunchtime for all you can eat, but customer pig-like behaviour is disgusting and food is only just edible, so I cannot recommend it for any reason other than price).
  7. I am confused about whether the advertised prices in a sushi shop in Japan mean two pieces or one piece per serving. e.g. Hiroyuki-san's photos of 8 Nov show only one piece of each type, is this normal?. Kaitenzushi plates are almost always two pieces. Is the custom different for "stationary" sushi? (The reason I do not know is because normally I eat only kaitenzushi, depachika-zushi, and konbini-zushi) I have been once to "stationary" sushi shop in USA (two pieces) and once in Australia (one piece, quality was fine, quantity was very disappointing), but never in Japan.
  8. Even though this excellent thread by Torakris is no longer active, I think that it maybe deserves to be pinned ? I had forgotten the thread name and it did not come up when I searched the Japan forum on "vocabulary". But maybe it will now. Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary. Test search: Yes it does !!!
  9. Thanks, this is the donburi bowl discussion I was trying to elicit. It sounds as if these hesitant females may spoil their marriage prospects if they were seen inside or near a Yoshinoya. Maybe Yoshinoya should offer a lid for Y100 extra as an upmarket option. Then the hesitant females could come in. Being a hen-na gaijin, I will now remember to say "o-donburi" just to emphasize how strange we really are.
  10. Thanks, that's exactly what I was asking. Until now I did not even know that Google Images existed. Now I am looking at images of everything, even non-food-related things, e.g. places.
  11. Dear Hirayuki Actually I was replying (rather late) to this post by Torakris from June 2005. So it looks like if the rice is seasoned sushi rice, it automatically becomes chirashi zushi. Therefore I think that ALL donburi use unseasoned rice. Also, because donburi means "bowl", let's discuss the actual bowls at least a bit.
  12. I am a little disappointed with this thread. The bowl and the rice are the foundations of donburi. But almost all the discussion has been about the toppings. I would like to hear more about the bowl and the rice. When we serve donburi at home we use Chinese bowls, simply because we do not own any Japanese bowls. It probably does spoil the appearance though. It has been stated that sushi flavouring is normally not used. I would have thought that it was never used? Otherwise you merely get sushi in a bowl? And how about Yoshinoya's rice? I guess it is not a high grade? They must use several tons per day in each store.
  13. Kaitenzushi

    Mos Burger

    Speaking as someone who once glimpsed a MOS sign from a JR train and then on an impulse jumped off (at the next station) to get an urgent raisubaagaa fix, the world as we know it is now coming to an end.
  14. Guruguruzushi is the same as kurukuruzushi, but with extra beer. Please believe us.
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