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  1. I was in Perth a few weeks ago, and had a fantastic meal at Star Anise. Also Lamonts in East Perth is great, Must Wine Bar (they had an oyster night with fresh oysters by the dozen that had been flown in from Tasmania), Frasers Restaurant in Kings Park had good food, good service and good views, The Mussel Bar in Fremantle was well located with good food and service. Also try Little Creatures for good beer and food (no reservations).Thai Corner in Mt. Pleasent is great. In Margaret River, Cape Lodge is sublime. Enjoy
  2. Thanks Piglit. I will try and get to atleast 4-5 of them.
  3. Hi Foodies. I will be in Perth next month, and am looking for some good eats. I have not been in over 2 years, and the people who usually take us out, do not have an idea of any good restaurants. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I live in Kenya, and at the end of April, we have an Australian Vice-Chancellor, coming to Kenya. We are planning a dinner (benquet) in his honour, and will be inviting local dignitaries. We only have access to local ingrediants (lamb, fish, beef, vegetables, etc.), but want to plan an Australian themed menu - say 3 -4 four courses, which we can give to the hotel kitchen to make. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. Hi Forest Whitesands is a great hotel. It has undergone a refurbishment. It is a large hotel, and the food there is the typical buffet meals. However there is a great Brazilian restaurant there with a great salad bar. I am not sure if they are still doing well. Mombasa beach Hotel would be a 2 star by international standards. Local food - the locals eat Mandazi's and tea for breakfast. These are like dougnuts. Lunch and dinner consists of fish, maize meal (ugali), beans, stews, etc. You will find that the hotels have local nights, when you can sample these foods. A lot of coconut also gets used. The Tamarind is a 15 minute drive from Whitesands, as is Aquamarine. Missono is 10 minutes. You could also go into the old town in Mombasa, and sample dishes such as mishkaki (meat skewers).
  6. Mombasa has some good restaurants. Depending on where you are staying, I would go to the Tamarind Restaurant in Nyali (seafood), Aquamarine in Mtwapa (seafood), Missono in Nyali (Japanesse).
  7. We used to be regulars at Carnivore 4 years ago and before. When the government put a ban on game meat being served, Carnivore's reputation, quality and service fast dropped. All safari operators get large commissions on bringing their clients to Carnivore, and the drivers get a free meal. That is incentive enough to make sure all tourists are taken to Carnivore. Naiorbi has a great restaurant scene.
  8. I've had 3 disastrous (and I mean really bad) meals in Toronto, and two of them were at Monsoon. Then I was forced to give them another shot, and they performed very well. Short after that, I tried again, and was met with another mediocre meal. So 3 bad meals in total, two of which were my worst two ever in this city. So clearly my suggestion to not include them is based on my personal experiences there, but I imagine that's what writes every single post on eGullet (personal experience). It very much reminds me of chain-food. Lots of fried crap, misguided pairings, amateur service, and a general "cheap" feel to the experience. I honestly find it quite horrid, I'm sorry to say. Canoe has a second wind at the moment, and is doing great things. I agree that Chiado is tops for seafood, and also agree that Treadwell is a lovely experience (think Blue Hill @ Stone Barns in NY). Red's truffle menu is said to be superb. I personally love Rain. You won't find a more unique fine dining experience, and while sometimes the flavours may not be ideal for my palate, it's always enlightening, and when the flavours do sing for me, it's fuckin' heavingly. Chef Rubino is phenomenally talented, and I truly think you don't want to short yourself of the experience Rain provides. It's pretty Zen-like. ← I had a fantastic meal with my girlfriend at Rain on Monday night. We had the tasting menu, and had things like Bison, Wagayu Beef, Abalone, Black Cod (one of the best fish I have eaten. It has a texture like Foie Gra), Atalantic Char, and accompanying side dishes. Service was the best we had in Canada. Very attentive, but not intrusive and over the top. Other great eats we had were Lee Garden (Chinese), Cora's (breakfasts), Little Anthony's.
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