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  1. Yeah after I had my problem result I thought about this very possibility. It was just weird because Sherry Yard's book is great -- I probably just didn't do something right (like incorporate the eggs properly into the ganache); if it had required straining, I thought she would have said so. ← Chef Jean Francois Arnaud always advise us to sieve anything liquid that has eggs in it, even if the recipe doesn't say so. It is to eliminate any stringy parts of the eggs and also the posibility or a stray egg shell bits. geminigirl
  2. Hi there, We use it with great extent here in Malaysia. Also we can get it nearly every bakery supply shop and even in the supermarkets. I know of the choking hazards, especially for the jellies sold in cups. So I make sure I take it out of the cup and serve it in a small bowl cut up in small pieces when I give it to my children. It sets at room temperature (in Malaysia, its 30C or so ) if you use the correct water ratio, and can be used with any type of fruit, including pineapple. gemini girl
  3. I actually watched the video. If you noticed on the page I attached, there is a tab for the video. Watching the video made me want to try it again, even though I failed once. Anyway, the cake was nice and the frosting (being chocolate and cream) was rich. It was sold off quite quickly, probably because of the M&Ms I slathered all over the cake
  4. Yeah, and I thought that was really bizarre too. All you really have to do is pour hot cream over chopped chocolate or chocolate chips and stir til melted and smooth. Which brings me to what alanamoana brought up......maybe in the process of cooking the icing to death it actually broke and that's why it's not setting up for geminigirl. Geminigirl, does your (did your) ganache look grainy and/or separated? What kind of chocolate did you use? Chopped chocolate or chips? What brand? And how about the cream? It was heavy cream.....not milk or half and half, right? ← Nope it didn't break. It was smooth and shiny. I used chocolate chips, unfortunately some cheap brand (which may be the cause of the problem) and used heavy cream. I didn't cook it as long as 30 minutes, I just heated (with low flame) until the chocolate melted. Normally, I use less cream to chocolate than what the Mrs Milman's call for, when I make my ganache, and that usually works for me. But I just was so itching to try to make it work, even though I knew from my first attempt it would fail. Thanks for the input. Geminigirl
  5. Sorry for the spelling error , that's probably the reason I couldn't find anything on it. Thanks for the input, really appreciate it. Mrs Milman didn't name the frosting, Martha did. In the show, Mrs Milman (who is the mother of one of Martha's staff) did say she got the recipe at the back of a packet of chocolate chips. Anyway, I knew this is a ganache recipe, I was just curious how come even though I followed the recipe to the letter (except of the timing), it didn't turn out the way it did on her show. ( http://www.marthastewart.com/portal/site/m...n&rsc=ns2006_m3 ) I did wait until it became cool but it never went to anywhere near to semi solid state. It stayed liquid. After leaving it in the fridge for overnight it still is too soft to spread like what was shown in Martha's show. Ok, I need to melt some more chocolate to repair this, and I guess that this recipe's a dud for me. Good news though. I still used the semiliquid frosting to top the chocolate cake for my bakesale ( I covered the whole cake with M&Ms) and I managed to sell it within 20 mins! Thanks chefpeon and alanmoana for your input. Geminigirl
  6. Hi everyone, I have searched for anyone discussing about Mrs Millman's Chocolate frosting made famous by Martha Stewart but to no avail. I actually have tried this recipe twice, but it doesn't turn out as thick as shown on Martha's video clip on her web site. Any one has made this frosting before? I followed the recipe word for word, except for the length of time cooking it on the stove. Am not sure how long I should be cooking it on the stove. If anyone can help me, really appreciate it. I actually have a bowl of semi liquid Mrs Millman's frosting sitting in my fridge which I would like to salvage. Thanks Geminigirl
  7. YAY! I always wanted to try to make this....been contemplating at it for a while. Now you have given me a valid reason to try it out. I would like to know, what's did you use as a mould? Was that a muffin pan? What size was it? Thanx a million. Geminigirl
  8. I always add salt, not alot a pinch or two at most, for anything sweet I make. I use exclusively unsalted butter, because I want to control the salt factor. geminigirl
  9. Hi! I usually line my tart pan with baking paper with no problems. Makes my life easier too Geminigirl
  10. From what I know steeping is usually done for whole spices instead of powdered spice. Gemini girl
  11. Forgot to say that he used a serrated knife to cut.
  12. Here's a picture I have from a class I took : http://panidolce.wordpress.com/files/2006/...illefeuille.JPG To get the perfect cut, the chef cut the top puff layer before putting it on the completed layered pastry. He proceeded to cut the slices after that. We at the pastry with a fork (just like how you use a chiffon fork to cut a chiffon cake). Yum!
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