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  1. That's odd T&T doesn't have it. Perhaps try some of the other Asian supermarkets in Richmond? Or along Kingsway - I think there are more South East Asian stores there.
  2. That uni donburi.... oh my goodness....I am salivating like you wouldn't believe.
  3. Must have been Pork Chop Tuesday! We had Pork chops, too - which weren't from the freezer - with Pineapple salsa. The pineapples were from the freezer. And ice cream & Pie for dessert.
  4. Beebs

    Too-thin porkchops

    So I've got some regular thickness pork chops, but I think I will on-purpose thin them. Maybe Hong Kong pork chop rice.
  5. Beebs


    Meh. Nothing local & seasonal worth mentioning in BC right now, either. There are apples from last fall, but even those are at the sad, mealy, bland stage. Everything else is imported. We won't be getting the good stuff from the Okanagan fruit basket till May/June. Ambrosia apples are my favourite, and local blueberries. I sure wish mangoes and pineapples and avocados grow here in the Great White North.
  6. Was on a bit of a cooking hiatus the last couple weeks, but last night I took out Chicken thighs marinated with Curry powder, and baked it. Had Cauliflower with Cheese sauce on the side, roast new potatoes, couple sad leaves of butter lettuce. I need to follow the examples of others here and do a freezer purge. I suspect there are a quite a few freezer-burnt items and other weird things I don't recall why I bought.
  7. Lion's Head Meatballs. Not quite mom's recipe, as she was out of town and the meat had to be balled, so it was as best as I could remember it. 1.5 lbs of medium ground pork made 4 big meatballs, about the size of my 2 fists together. Added about half block of medium firm tofu, mashed up, for softness; minced water chestnuts, green onion, ginger, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, shaoxing wine, cornstarch; 2 eggs. This is the light soupy kind (vs the thicker, dark sauce version) - chicken broth, soy, ginger. Napa cabbage & mung bean vermicelli (glass noodles). While tasty, they didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. The meatballs were unwieldy, difficult to brown because they were so big and soft, they didn't hold their shape and started to fall apart a bit around the edges. The brand of vermicelli I used was rubbish - much too soft, fell apart - and soaked up all the delicious soup besides!. Will need to try a different brand next time - tossing out the rest of this package.
  8. Yum - meatballs! I have a craving for my mom's lion's head meatballs. Must remember to harass her for the recipe this week.... Timely topic!
  9. Dessert this time - apple tart. Puff pastry with thinly sliced apples (Pommes???) layered on top, sugar, butter, a bit of cinnamon. And vanilla ice cream! All of my FCO projects have been randomly on purpose so far. Yesterday I pulled out, in a more random fashion...a Golden Pompano (Fish). It was still solidly frozen this morning, so I don't know if it'll be tonight's dinner. In any event, I've no idea what to do with it, nor why I bought it in the first place . Steamed, Chinese style? Baked?? Suggestions welcome! (It's a whole fish.)
  10. Continuing on with the Great Dumpling Dump.... Perogies with Pork sausages last night. Full confession - this was a bit of a backslide. There were only a few perogies left, not enough for dinner for two. Since DH really wanted perogies, we ended up buying a second pack (and the sausages) to make up for it. Unfortunately, in some weird paradox, I now have more perogies in the freezer than I started with, about two-thirds package. On the other hand, I did toss out a pile of beef bones that have been taking up the bottom freezer drawer since the dawn of time....
  11. Last night was Frozen Dumpling Day. Potsticker Dumplings with Dipping sauce. Also a couple frozen onion pancakes.
  12. I will trade my frozen dumplings for someone's duck confit & scallops....
  13. Do I get a high-five for resisting putting more stuff in my freezer, despite incredible odds against me to do so? Went to the recently-opened T&T (Asian supermarket) near my neighbourhood last week. Frozen dumplings! Frozen onion pancakes! Frozen fish balls! Through sheer will-power, I did not purchase One. Single. Frozen. Item. Anyway, Super Bowl weekend was for gaining major FCO points. Unfortunately, some of our guests got snowed in, so I nixed a couple dishes that would have used up a bunch of stuff. I randomly on purpose pulled out frozen Chick Peas, and made red Pepper hummus, served with Cucumber slices, bell Peppers & Pita. Puff pastry veg tart was one of the nixed items, but that will be dinner tonight, since I've already thawed the puff. So Puff pastry, caramelized onions, kabocha Pumpkin, Parmesan tart. The parmesan is from the freezer too! Ehhh....but the leftover pulled pork will probably go into the freezer.....
  14. Well, dang. Was rooting for the underdog Falcons this year, but blowing a 25 point lead....daaaanng. Smaller group than usual this year, partly owing to a snowfall warning over the weekend. Served pulled pork (used the Serious Eat recipe as a guide) on rolls with coleslaw, red pepper hummus platter, apple pie & ice cream. People contributed mini corn dogs, guacamole & salsa, and spring rolls. Nixed the potstickers & puff pastry tart - it would have been too much food for a small group. Too bad - those would have gone towards the Freezer Challenge.
  15. Randomly on purpose pulled out frozen Peas, and had it with Pasta (tortellini), Prosciutto in a light cream sauce, Parmesan on top. Heh. Making baby steps - half a bag of frozen peas at a time!
  16. It's semi-potluck this year. Tentatively, I'm providing pulled pork sandwiches as a main, potstickers, and another snack or two. I'd like to do a warm dip that is not of the creamy mayo variety (but yogurt is fine). Any suggestions? Maybe a warm bean dip?? What else should I add? Shrimp cocktail??
  17. Welcome to Freezers Anonymous, @robirdstx. Yesterday I ate some ice cream and tossed the old ice cubes. Baby steps, baby steps.
  18. Argh! I failed this challenge before even starting! This week I ADDED chicken thighs and a couple packs of frozen lox..... On the other hand, freezer space is maxed out, Super Bowl is coming up and I'll expect to use up some stuff. I did randomly on purpose pull out frozen Corn to go with roast Chicken with Cilantro & Thai Chilies....
  19. Well, the Seahawks aren't in it this year, so.....no horse in this race. Last year we hosted a Chinese New Year Super Bowl Birthday Party, which was interesting. Think we'll keep it low-key this year. I'll provide a main, a snack, and everything else is potluck. I've got some freezer stuff I want to use up, but it won't be part of Anna N's freezer game, since I don't want to plan around pulling out random stuff. Not sure what to serve yet.
  20. Fun idea, Anna N! I'm game, but probably won't get to it for another few days. (DH just filled the freezer back up with dumplings - hope I don't get dumplings and uhhh...doughnuts. Not that there's anything wrong with that!)
  21. Perfect tomato soup? It's one that comes with a grilled cheese sandwich! I'm partial to pappa al pomodoro - Tuscan bread & tomato soup. I use canned whole roma tomatoes, leftover rind of parm, and drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on top.
  22. Nail brushes are great for carrots, potatoes & squash!
  23. The black ones are wood ear fungus. Cloud ear fungus are generally white/beige/yellow and fluffy-looking - like little clouds. Used in sweet soups. White cloud fungus I googled for white cloud fungus rather than just cloud ear. They're both rather bland and flavourless on their own, more of a texture thing.
  24. I just bought a bunch of these from IKEA, different sizes. The lid has a rubber gasket, so it fits snugly - important, because of my pantry moths problem. The description says "jar", but it is a stackable plastic container.
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