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  1. Yay! Another Anna & Kerry blog! Looking forward to all the mischief you two are getting up to! Yup, that's a hairy melon. It's been awhile since I've had it, haven't cooked it myself (those hairs......). IIRC, mom just chucks cut-up pieces in a chicken/pork based soup. I don't remember her adding red dates, but maybe there were dried goji berries. You can also stir-fry it with ginger & a bit of garlic. And as I'm sure you found out when it attacked you - wear gloves when you peel it!
  2. I like beans, generally. But I dislike certain preparations. I don't care for the 3-bean salad you find at every potluck, lentil soup & lentil salad or any other kind of cold vinegary bean dish. Sweet red (adzuki) bean soup - just GAK! I will eat these dishes, but won't really enjoy them. On the other hand, two thumbs up for red bean paste, other bean soups (especially navy bean and split pea), edamames, and Puy lentils.....
  3. Aka. Arrowroot? "Fen ge" in Mandarin (second link posted by Thanks for the Crepes). Mom puts it in soup - very tasty soup, although the souped-out arrowroot is rather dry, bland & unappealing.
  4. Hahaha! Oh my gosh, I was totally joking, made it up!!! Can't believe it's an actual thing!
  5. Bread loaf holder. It looks like a loaf of bread would fit on it very nicely. (ETA: Loving your journey so far, ElsieD, gorgeous scenery! And now I want to eat an entire basket of toutons.)
  6. Puffins & moose! I hope they'll show up for you - I've always wanted to see one in real life! Timmy's - I like their brekky sandwiches (better than McD's, I think), sour cream glazed donut, honey cruller, maple pecan danish. And Timbits. Everything else - meh.
  7. Can we look forward to cod tongues and seal flipper pie? Never been to the East Coast, but it's certainly on my must-go list. Can't wait for your foodblog, Elsie D!
  8. Oh geez, I've just spent the better part of my working day re-reading the Larb thread instead of doing actual work. Went out on my lunch break & picked up the ingredients for pork larb tonight. Does anyone remember the title of the thread about ugly/ disastrous/ non-photogenic meals? It was inspired by the Dinner! threads and was I think the subtitle was "the other dinner thread" or some such. Couldn't find it with the search function. That thread (and the horrible meals at other peoples' homes - can't remember the title either) used to get me howling, they were hilarious!
  9. The Onion Confit topic was what inspired me to join eGullet 10 yrs ago. I made my first onion confit in a crockpot, following Fifi's method. Wow - my whole apartment smelled of the most delicious slow-cooked onion for days!
  10. Love this topic - makes me feel ambitious every summer! I've been meaning to try zucchini butter/jam ever since I read about it on one of Kerry Beal & Anna N's Manitoulin blogs. Haven't gotten around to it yet, sadly. And tooling around on Saveur, there's this zucchini crisp recipe. I'm intrigued, but perhaps not ambitious enough to make a sweet zucchini dessert (not counting loaf). Anyone tried it?
  11. Beebs

    Pantry moths

    I thought I eradicated the little bastards last year, but they've popped up again! I think they came from a bag of infested walnuts from Costco, but spread to a couple other bags of nuts. Ended up throwing out a couple kilograms of buggy almonds, pecans, walnuts. One place I didn't expect to see moth larvae was in the plastic bag clippies (these things). They were hiding out in between the ridges - almost gagged when I found them. Also some under the top edge & lid of the plastic bins. Gak! Pantry pests must die in the fieriest of fiery depths of hell!!
  12. It's gonna be hot, hot, hot in my neck of the woods this week. I've got cold sesame noodles and zaru soba on my mind!
  13. Yum! Beet greens! Interestingly, I think they taste a lot like one of my favourite Asian greens - Chinese red spinach / yin choy / xian cai . But with the advantage of being easier to clean than red spinach. Sauteed with plenty of rough-chopped garlic, splash of water, cover the pan to steam a bit. I like the thick stems too, but I cook those bits quite soft.
  14. Sometimes I'll put a pinch of sugar in wine vinaigrettes, especially if doesn't have much else in it. Takes out some of the edge.
  15. Beebs

    Potato Salad

    Oooh, this topic is making me crave potato salad! I have a giant bunch of dill to use up, so I guess I will be making a very dilly potato salad this weekend.
  16. Oh my...that beautiful, beautiful marrow! Looks like an amazing trip so far! I'm not at all familiar with Russian & Georgian cuisine, so this is quite fascinating.
  17. Welcome back - looking forward to more of your gorgeous photography!
  18. Choy sum tastes a lot like rapini, but a bit milder and without the bitterness. I cook it just like rapini, Italian-style. Rapini isn't hard to find here, but it does seem to be getting pricier over the last several years. I don't know if that's due to trendiness or general increase in food price. Choy sum you can get anywhere here, and it's relatively inexpensive, especially in the Asian groceries. It's definitely not trendy here!
  19. "Your cookbook shelf collapsed...."
  20. I think it's not a bad idea for Deep Roots to limit their award winners. It would be a shame for visitors to go all the way there just to find that they can't buy any. We could have bought plenty more bottles, but, alas, running of room in our car. I didn't much care for Ruby Blues because I gravitate towards dry/off-dry wines, and I found their selections too sweet for my liking. I tasted their red and white Stilettos, and the sparkling rose. Too bad we missed the Syrian Family fund raiser - I've been following along on that. Bruno was just lovely - I wanted to scoop him up and take him home with me! We'll be back soon!
  21. Been back a week, but didn't get around to reporting back. We had a great time in Naramata/Penticton! The hot early summer weather was a real treat. Went to Rock Oven the night we arrived, Thursday. Only 3 other tables while we were there. Sat out on the patio, ordered a bottle of wine, I had the roast chicken, DH had the roast pork. Food was lovely, and it was nice to just take our time with the wine. Ended up staying quite late, as we started chatting up with the other guests there. Next day was a work day and finished off in Kelowna. A group of us went to Sandhill Winery for their Friday night happy hour - $5 wine & snacks & live music. Their wine is only decent, but it was a great lively atmosphere, really packed, good music. BNA Brew Co. for dinner & beers. None of us had been, but it was walking distance from Sandhill. Food was surprisingly very good! I had very tasty onion & goat cheese pizza & DH's boar ragu pasta was excellent. Good comments from the rest of the group too. Penticton farmers' market the next day, spent the whole morning wandering around. It's certainly gotten much bigger and busier since we were there a few years ago. Skipped a proper lunch in favour of snacking at the market. Dinner at Gasthaus fine dining side, as DH insisted on schnitzel over all the other options. Crazy old-school European kitschy space! We split a salad & appies, had schnitzels, split a dessert, bottle of wine. Food was good, but not excellent, large portions. Fun experience in a retro kind of way. The pub side was packed when we arrived, the dining room less so. Lake Breeze Patio with a group for lunch the day we went back to Vancouver. Got there early, just as they were opening, and there was a line up already. Food & wine was as excellent as expected. For wineries, we didn't visit too many, about half a dozen or so. We opted for smaller wineries that we hadn't been to before. Can't remember off the top of my head what we brought back. The white wines were very, very good - I understand last year was a great year for white wines. We brought home quite a bit more white than red or rose. Upper Bench Winery & Creamery - they haven't been around too long. Did a wine & cheese tasting, purchased a bunch of wine. We went back on our way back to Vancouver to pick up some cheese, which they kindly packed in a box with ice pack. Bench 1775 - loved it, you weren't kidding about the amazing view! Unfortunately, they weren't starting their food service till after we'd gone home, so we missed out on the patio. Very good wine, bought half a case. Gave Bruno the friendly labrador a few pats. Deep Roots - this is the winery I wanted to visit the most! Their Gamay was excellent, and a couple bottles went home with us, along with a half dozen or so others. I saw they won their wine award a few days ago - I'm really pleased they did! I just checked my receipt and I have 1 Syrah! Lake Breeze - I really liked their Semillon. Ruby Blues - Didn't like this winery. We went because a coworker asked if we could pick up a couple bottles for her if we happened to be in the area. The only one I liked was the gewurztraminer. Gray Monk - It was on the way back from a work visit and my coworker wanted to go. Picked up a couple bottles. Maple Leaf Distillery - this was a lot of fun, we had a great time with Jorg! We tasted a couple liqueurs down at the farmers market, but decided to head up to the distillery to check out a couple other items. Went home with cherry liqueur, maple liqueur, and prune brandy. Afterwards, Jorg introduced us to his feather friends - his pet pheasants & parrot. Thanks for all the recommendations, Okanagancook! I'm going to have a good 3 cases of wine & spirits to last us to the middle of summer!
  22. Here's a fun list: http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/101-things-to-eat-and-drink-in-vancouver You can also tool around in here: http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/category/food
  23. So many regional Chinese foods here! Shanghainese and Taiwanese come to mind. My (Taiwanese) in-laws, when they're in town, really like Corner 23 in the South Cambie area (4008 Cambie St). It's busy in there, lots of young people. They might be cash only, can't recall. Peaceful Restaurant is popular & busy and they have a few locations. Their website says Northern Chinese, but I think it's a mix of a few regions - Szechuan, Hunan, Northern.... They were featured on Diners, Drive-In, & Dives a few yrs ago. Lin's Chinese Cuisine on Broadway & Granville - Northern & Shanghai food. Get the xiao long bao if you're there - steamed dumplings with pork & soup. And definitely have dim sum when you're here! I haven't been to Dynasty in a long time though. Also, Floata is in Chinatown (near downtown) and Sun Sui Wah is up on Main & 25th. I haven't been to either of these in a while, but it's a good dim sum experience, as I recall. Forage is on Robson - local sustainable food, casual fine-dining. I've only been there once, but it was very good. Japanese is a good choice, lots of Japanese places in the West End, many of them catering to Japanese exchange students. Hmm....brew pubs/gastro pubs have exploded onto the Vancouver food & beer scene in the last few yrs. If craft beer is your thing, Alibi Room is in the downtown area (Rail Town). They don't brew their own beer, but have an immense beer menu, decent food. Happy eating & enjoy your visit here!
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