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  1. Ok, so I've been doing smoothies in the spring/summer, but not really during the colder months. No blender - using an immersion blender & large measuring pitcher. It would be nice to have a blender but not too much space for another small appliance, after my recent Instant Pot purchase.... Anyway, my smoothies inevitably turn an unappetizing shade of blah after 15 mins or so, the time it takes for me to get to work. Today's smoothie was almond milk, bananas, blueberries, mango, bit of honey - blended into a lovely shade of lilac. Until I got to work. Tasted fine, but drinking a glass of blah grey for breakfast isn't ideal. What can I do to make it look less - blah? Is it the bananas? My choice of fruit?
  2. Beebs

    Celtuce and Its Tops

    Bought some A-choy on the weekend. 2 for $5, mix & match greens, at the neighbourhood greengrocer! So got one giant bunch of celtuce and another giant bunch of choy sum (propping up the A-choy). I used about two-thirds of the bunch. Because dinner was spinach & cheese ravioli, I decided to forego my usual fermented tofu/fuyu, and stir-fried it with garlic, anchovies, olive oil. A large pan of it shrinks down to practically nothing - it exudes a lot of water. No after picture. It was tasty, a bit like escarole.
  3. That's disappointing! Getting beef chuck & pork shoulders done faster is one of my major reasons for buying the IP. Someone's probably already mentioned it in an older post - but how does it work out for pressure cooking for a shorter amount of time, then switching to slow cook? How would it compare to traditional braising methods in terms of taste & cooking time? I have nothing against slow cooking, of course. Alas, my IP is still in its virgin state....
  4. Beebs

    Celtuce and Its Tops

    Heh! Just answered my own question - it's the same, Lactuca sativa, aka Taiwan lettuce. Courtesy of Google & Serious Eats.
  5. Beebs

    Celtuce and Its Tops

    The leafy part looks like what's usually labelled in the Asian markets here as A Choy / A Lettuce. Is it the same thing? Maybe the Taiwanese name? Very tasty stir-fried with fermented black bean or fermented tofu and loads of garlic.
  6. As always, thanks for the blast!
  7. Thanks, @rotuts! I know how I'll be spending my weekend!
  8. Well, I've finally opened my new IP purchased a couple weeks ago. It's bigger & heavier than I expected, so now it doesn't fit in the space I originally wanted it to rest. Haven't turned it on yet either. Anyway, question about pressure cooking. I've used a traditional pressure cooker maybe twice ever in my entire life, and this was in high school home economics. Approximately how much cooking time is reduced by pressure cooking? Half? More? Presumably it depends on what I'm cooking? Say a standard beef stew that takes a couple hours stove top. What about (soaked) beans? I think I'll have a go at the IP this long weekend. Thanks!
  9. Enjoyed your foodblog so much - thank you! I'll be coming back to your blog again when I start planning my own trip to HK. Cheers!
  10. Can you comment on the language? Working in HK, do you conduct most of your business in Cantonese and/or Mandarin? Did you have to take language classes? From your photos, it looks like English is still very prevalent, as far as signage, transportation is concerned. Do you find it fairly easy to navigate through daily life if you are not fluent in Cantonese/Mandarin? That supermarket - I bet I can spend an entire paycheque there!
  11. Bah! Mine is still resting comfortably in it's shipping box. Haven't had a chance to open it and read the manual.
  12. What a great appetizer to your HK trip! Looking at your meal photos when I've skipped breakfast is making me wish I hadn't. I am really looking forward to your adventures in HK, as I'm planning a trip there next year. Haven't been there in 30 yrs, so I'm eager to see what's changed (a whole lot, I'm sure!) and what you'll be eating. Will be taking notes!
  13. Always enjoyed your Asia foodblogs - this one was as awesome as the others! The crispy banh khoai and the banh beo look exceptionally tasty. I think you mentioned you are learning/have learned some Vietnamese. Did you learn it just from being immersed in the country, or books, or language courses? Did you end up speaking Vietnamese a lot or was any English spoken in the areas you visited?
  14. It arrived!! Sadly, I won't be able to bring it home till the weekend, as I don't have the car and I had it delivered to my office. It'll give me time to look up stuff to make in it. So far, DH has requested Taiwanese Beef Noodles. But I'll likely start with something simple like chickpeas or rice, to break it in. Still haven't found a spot for it, but DH wants to get rid of our rice cooker and put the IP in its spot, which I am loath to do. Rather fond and sentimental about it. Popular item - our postal carrier said she'd already delivered 3 IPs in this block alone!
  15. I also bought a Star Wars light saber heat colour-changing mug, the kind where you put hot liquid in it and the picture on the front changes. For the DH. Of course.
  16. I recently grilled wedges of red cabbage with a caesar-ish dressing, and also a grilled napa cabbage/sui choy. Thumbs up! I haven't done grilled romaine, but have had it elsewhere - it's lovely. How long did you grill it for? I'm worried about over-grilling it and turning into a limp pile of sad. It's going on this week's dinner menu - thanks for the inspiration!
  17. Beebs

    Costco (Food) to Go

    Poutine! Not the best poutine out there, of course, and a bit on the overly salty side - but still, hooray for cheap Costco poutine! (Most people here are probably familiar with poutine, but if one has never had it - it's a Quebecois-Canadian dish of french fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds.)
  18. I just impulse-bought one on Amazon Prime Day - hooray! I do not have a square inch to put it anywhere in my kitchen. Finding a spot for it will be interesting. Anyway, what's the first thing I should make with it? Something simple, to get a feel for it. Curry? Stew? Beans?? When I have a bit more time, I will be combing through the all the Instant Pot topics.
  19. I just bought one! So. Damn. Excited!!! $99 CAD, arriving on Friday. Woohoo! Now I need to find a spot to put it.....
  20. Hooray!! Another Anna & Kerry Adventure!
  21. Just caught up to this now. Wow - what a lot of good eatin'! Thanks for taking us along!
  22. Oh my. If that's not sad on a plate, then I don't know what is. What in the world is going on with those sausages?? Hope some tastier grub comes your way. Following along with interest - thanks for documenting!
  23. Oh dear. In our family, the oldest people are always served first, with the choicest bits. Guests next. Kids & young people last. The younger people always serve the older people, and it's expected that you'd continuously put food on their plates throughout the meal and keep their teacups full. We'd never think of taking the head of the steamed whole fish without offering it to Grandma first! Both my grandmas were slow eaters, so as dishes came out, portions were set aside for them while they finished whatever was on their plates first.
  24. Beebs

    Meatloaf sandwiches

    Lots of mustard. Preferably German or Dijon, but any old mustard will do. Also onions & mayo. And potato chips on the side.
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