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  1. Had marmite once on a cracker. Can't say I'll be eating it on toast anytime soon. I thought it tasted a lot like Maggi sauce but thicker. Maggie is awesome on fried or boiled eggs -- maybe Marmite would be good like that too?
  2. Beebs

    Coffee Cup Shapes

    Anything that holds more than 2 sips! But seriously, I'm with SuzySushi on this, that material makes more difference to the taste than shape. I can't speak so much for coffee (since most of my coffee comes in a disposable paper cup with plastic travel lid...), but I think it certainly makes a difference for how tea tastes. Any kind of metal vessel (including stainless steel) seems to be the worst kind for tea, it makes it taste -- well, funny -- at least in my experience. Does the same hold true for coffee? I've never had coffee in a metal cup/mug. I'm a fan of glass, because it's non-porous therefore is more resistant to absorbing flavours -- so I can use the same cup for coffee and tea! As long as it's durable, tempered glass. My glass mug holds a whopping 22oz - just right! Unfortunately it doesn't hold the heat as well as ceramic, which I also use pretty regularly. I've got basic ceramic mugs of various shapes & sizes.
  3. I second Apollonia! We go there on a regular basis. Saganaki (fried cheese) is a must have -- hot fried cheese with a crispy crust and a squeeze of lemon -- I can eat this everyday (almost)! Actually, the family, Harry & Thea, that currently runs The Main used to own Appollonia before moving to Main St. They ran both locations for awhile before turning over Apollonia about 2-3 yrs ago, but things haven't changed much and the food is just as good as before. (Story time!) Dad liked eating at Apollonia so much that he asked Harry to cater his 50th birthday and also a corporate party the next year. They did an awesome suckling pig on a spit at one party and a kid goat at the other. Fun times indeed! (end story time). Stephos -- 2 thumbs waaaaay down! I went there once (by force, not by choice!) and it was beyond disappointing. Sure, it's easy on the wallet -- but why bother to pay anything for cheap bad food, and then go back again for more cheap & still bad food???
  4. This is just my second post, so bear with me! I luuuuurv T&T! The bakery is awesome, I always beeline to the delicious baked goods first. If you make it there at the right time (usually around 7pm), they have a lot of these items (made same day!) at a juicy discount. Try: -sandwich breads, especially taro, coconut, and my fave -- red rice bread, with chewy little bits of cooked red rice dispersed throughout -pork fluff bun -curry bun -this bun that has a sushi-looking roll inside, not sure what it's called.... -weiner buns (yeah, ok, it's a little ghetto but oh-so-fun to eat!) -fried sesame crackers (they come in a clear box) At the Richmond Osaka location, I used these little "fish waffles" filled with red bean that they freshly make for you in the window, but haven't seen them lately. Are they only available on certain days/times? If you're feeling extra adventurous, try the marinated pork ears. Spicy, garlicky, and slightly crunchy with the cartilage. They're in the cold deli section. Try the crazy junk food, especially the potato chips that are gyoza or pizza or seaweed or curry flavoured -- they are strangely compelling....... brokentelephone, have you tried the Gold Kili or Owl brand of 3-1 teas? I find them more tea-like and less sweet. But there doesn't seem to be a steady & reliable source of these brands. Used to get them from T&T and Superstore regularly but seems it's now hit and miss. Happy shopping!
  5. Beebs

    Water Caltrops

    Hello! Wow! This is my very first post (I've been a "lurker" till now)! I remember when I was really young my mother bought a big bag of these in Vancouver's Chinatown. I think she called them "elf's foot". She cooked them like boiled peanuts -- five-spice, soy sauce, and some other seasonings which I unfortunately can't remember (after all, I was really young!). I remember she had to simmer them for quite a few hours -- and it let off an incredibly pungent aroma -- sort of mushroomy. When they were ready to eat, we had to crack them open with a nutcracker (they're tough little beasts), and the stuff inside is sort of powdery, like a chestnut. That was the first time I had these, and I haven't had them since. Must see if I can find them here! Cheers! Beebs
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