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  1. We recently had grain beetles in our pantry. That was pretty embarrassing.... Kraft Singles cheez slices. For junky grilled cheese. I hide them under the real cheese so my husband doesn't find them.
  2. Horse tartar - it was delicious. Fish milt/sperm - also tasty. Stinky tofu - yummm.... Sea cucumbers - meh. It's pretty common here at the upscale Cantonese restaurants, so not particularly exotic in the hard-to-find sense. Didn't realize sea cucumbers = sea slugs till I was quite a few yrs older. Korean canned marinated silkworm larvae - it was vile. Not sure if it was the preparation method or the larvae itself that made it vile.
  3. I LOVE squab! I've mostly ever had it Cantonese-style, usually available here and often as part of a banquet course. The whole bird is presented though - including the head (no thanks) - and served with seasoned salt. Not sure how it's cooked, I think frying is part of the process to get a really crisp-flaky skin, like Peking duck. The thigh part is my favourite - all that delicious, delicious fat!
  4. Thanks, Anna N! Can't wait to try it - might not even wait till Super Bowl!
  5. Nissin all the way. And not the cup noodles - it must be the package ones that you need to cook. Growing up, my mom would feed us Nissin for breakfast or lunch. Now it's comfort food. My go-to flavour is tonkatsu, and there's a black garlic flavour that's tasty too. They used to carry laksa and tom yung flavours, both really good, but I think they might be discontinued. And I also like the cartoon kid on the package!
  6. I was thinking a drop cookie, although those cookies pictured in the recipe look scrumptious. I might try those too.
  7. Does anyone have a good recipe recommendation for soft, chewy vanilla sugar cookies? Not the crunchy kinds for cookie cutters & decorating. A quick google search brought up lots of chewy sugar cookie recipes, but there's so much variation - some call for buttermilk, others cream of tartar, or cornstarch..... TIA!
  8. I bought a box of Stash Chai teabags yesterday, just to do this! I usually do a whole bottle with whole spices, but this would be when I want it instant gratification.
  9. Our Thanksgiving is over & done with, but we have had in past Thanksgivings & Christmases turkey meatball stew, prime rib roast, roast pork, roast chicken, cheese fondue and Chinese hotpot. My family doesn't dislike turkey, we just like other stuff better.
  10. Beebs

    Rendering Suet

    Oh dear, Mjx....your photo of that blobby mess of frozen fat rearing up out of your stock pot made me laugh so hard! Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with 3kg of rendered fat!
  11. Cassoulet! I've never made it myself, but I'm going to fix that. Anyone recommend a good, fairly simple recipe? Can I replace duck confit with another meat?
  12. This one wasn't on a stick, just piled in a paper container. It was super crispy, but wasn't particularly stinky, definitely not as stinky as the stewed ones. You can tell you're eating stinky tofu, but it was very mildly pungent. I don't believe the particular stuff we had was the norm for deep-fried stinky tofu, it was shatteringly crunchy - as in, I had tofu crumbs all over my front. The cousins we were visiting actually picked it up, but they told us the vendor is really popular and this stinky tofu is the best, it's their favourite. The stewed stuff is stinkier than natto, but I'd say it's got a similar taste to natto - you'd probably like stinky tofu!
  13. I had my very first taste of authentic stinky tofu in Taiwan this year and it was a revelation. We went to a popular eatery in Shenkeng Old Street, an area famous for stinky tofu - the whole area had this amazing pungency that hit us in the face as soon as we hopped off the bus. We had two kinds - a spicy stew with pork blood cubes, and another stir-fried in sweet soy sauce. They were both absolutely delicious, smelled much stinkier than it tasted. Kind of earthy, mushroomy, slightly cheesy, a bit of tangyness. The next day we had a deep-fried version with spicy sweet sauce and pickles - really crispy, almost a flaky-fluffy texture. I also ate durian on the same trip. Tasted great, but digesting it the next day wasn't the highlight of the trip.
  14. Beebs

    Unfashionable Dinner

    Check out this website: http://www.foodtimeline.org/fooddecades.html Navigating it is a little wonky, but might provide some ideas for your dinner party.
  15. I don't do camping - but how would you reconstitute it? Just add water? And is the turkey dinner in small bits mixed together, or would you have actual freeze dried slices of turkey and scoop of mashed potatoes? (Turkey dinners on the brain, because Canadian Thanksgiving coming up - and I'll bet freeze dried pumpkin pie would be seriously awesome! )
  16. Is it possible to freeze-dry an entire meal - say, a turkey dinner or serving of lasagna? Not sure what the purpose would be, besides rampant curiosity!
  17. One of my favourite tomato-based sauces is arrabbiata - tomatoes, garlic, crushed red chilis. I put lots of anchovy in mine, because, well, I love anchovies.
  18. This is so cool! I'm just catching up on your freeze drying adventures now. I'm curious about freeze dried condiments (if you finally run out of things to freeze dry) - mayo, mustard, sriracha, fish sauce, worcestershire.... Actually, mustard might be pointless (powdered mustard?), but mayo could be interesting. Oooh! Freeze dried Bloody Caesar ingredients - Clamato, worcestershire, horseradish!
  19. I am less bothered by asymmetrical plating with a completely blank part of the plate, than if it is occupied by a smear of something. I have an overwhelming urge to wipe up the smear with my napkin.
  20. A locally-made chocolate recently won a "Top Chocolate Bar" title at the 2014 International Chocolate Salon - link. Not being much of a chocolate lover, I'm not familiar with neither Mink Chocolates nor the International Chocolate Salon. The chocolate bar does sound intriguing though - it's a 70% cacao, with burnt caramel, fleur de sel, and rosemary - will have to give it a try. Don't know how it'll rate as best chocolate I've ever had, but then again my standards are pretty low (Cadbury's Nut & Fruit Bar, FTW!).
  21. Cinnamon Bun is tasty - I like it! I like things that are sweet-salty. Jalapeno Mac & Cheese is boring.
  22. I really like the Philly cream cheese recipe too. When DH & I were dating, he made it for me using the recipe off the box. I remember one time he made it, but didn't do a good job on foil-wrapping the springform, and water from the water bath got in during the baking. We poured it off, and it was still perfectly fine (crust was a little moister than usual, though). I can't recall the exact recipe, but this one from their website looks about right Philadelphia New York Cheesecake
  23. Oooh, I love savoury baked things! And I think I can easily eat that entire tart of yours by myself, it looks so good! I'm inspired to make curry puffs, maybe this weekend. I had sort of planned on it with the leftover half-pound of ground beef. But I used it up for something else, so no curry puffs.
  24. The Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker! http://www.amazon.com/J11000EDI-Jamie-Oliver-Flavour-Shaker/dp/B000AGQ7YM This was from my cousin, but I think it was supposed to be a joke.... It's completely useless and a PITA to clean.
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