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  1. I would like to bump this thread to see if there are some current recommendations for Salt Lake City. Thanks in advance for any help. JB
  2. Tobt, You should explain to those that have never been to The Violet Hour about the level at which you take the ice. (I don't believe VH has an ice machine or cubes, correct?) Also, is this your venture, or associated with TVH? Will you have excellent beer like The Publican? The Violet Hour is the best cocktail bar I've ever been to in my life, so hopefully The Bradstreet Craftshouse meets this high standard. Good luck. JB
  3. Adam was one of the chefs at the James Beard Dinner this year at The American Restaurant in KC.
  4. heyjb


    I've never been to Italy but it's what you would get there. Not cracker thin, not bready, just the classic Neapolitan-style. I think there's some sort of certification for this style from Italy, maybe someone can clarify. Pizzabella is a winner, try it out. JB
  5. heyjb


    I had lunch there yesterday, Neapolitan-style proscuitto pizza and a warm calamari salad. The salad was a standout, cannelloni beans with sauteed arugula and un-fried squid. Companion had chorizo pizza with pesto base, very tasty. There are two wood ovens they accomplish everything in; I did not see a stove top. Patio doors were wide open, giving a outdoor cafe atmosphere. Two minor complaints: They do not cut the proscuitto into smaller bite size pieces, so you get a whole slice with a bite. Second, they only have flavored iced tea from a bottle, not the real thing. I'll be back, this is an excellent addition to the downtown scene. JB
  6. heyjb, I'm not sure that magazines' revenue comes from subscription sales - rather more from advertising. I think this is more true with journal publications than with other print media (e.g. books). I went back to look at Fellrath's reviews, here's his track record: bluestem 4 stars Cafe Sebastienne 1 star The American Restaurant 2 stars Tatsu's 3 stars Starker's Reserve 3 stars Piropos no stars With three out of six restaurants getting 3 stars or better, I would hardly call this sensationalist journalism. I know this ain't NYC, but chefs in other cities clutch their 2 stars like they've won the Oscar. Here, it's almost expected. I noticed that the KC Star article said nothing about the restaurants that received high marks. I also noticed that the article only cited negative comments about the restaurants listed. Surely Fellrath had positive things to say about those restaurants in his review? u.e. ← My comment does mention that rack sales/subscriptions = higher ad revenues, FWIW. If the reviewer were sensationalistic on every review, no one would take him seriously. The sensationalism is often in the things said, i.e. the "wood" reference. I also have to say that I've never read the KCM reviews before, so I can comment directly on what the reviewer said. The Star piece is all the info about KCM I have.
  7. One thing you can't forget is that Kansas City Magazine is in the business of selling magazines, hence increasing circulation for higher ad revenues. If readers pick up every issue to see the latest outrageous restaurant review, the reviewer has done thier job, biased or unbiased. They aren't looking for jounalistic integrity; they're searching for rack sales and subscriptions. The whole blow-up in the KC Star has done exactly what KCM wanted it to do, generating interest and awareness of their publication.
  8. Take a tour of the New Glarus Brewery, one of the best small brewers in the country. Their beers are unique and exceptionally well made. It's a mistake to miss this if you're a fan of good beer.
  9. Jasper's is on the southeast corner of 103rd and State Line Road (Missouri side), roughly I-435 and State Line.
  10. Jasper's lunch counter is called Marco Polo's Italian Market, and the have a deli counter with olives, pasta salads, antipasta, etc., as well as pizza by the slice. In the summer people line up outdoors for the unspectacular but affordable grilled Italian sausage sandwich, just $2.95. The Fat Marco Polo is a 1/3 loaf of Farm to Market Italian bread, spread with garlic butter and parsley, holding generous amounts of Mortadella, Cappocollo, and Genoa salami, with a black olive spread, white onions, and provolone(?) in the middle. The sandwich is heated in the pizza oven so the bread has a nice crunchy exterior. Like alot of great sandwiches, the bread here is the star. If the same ingredients were on a hogie roll it wouldn't be the same. Cost $5.95. They open at 10:00 AM Mon.-Sat.
  11. The Fat Marco Polo sandwich at Jasper's is one of my favorites for lunch in South KC.
  12. Hoss's Market in south Columbia carries specialty foods and prime meat at very reasonable prices.
  13. No one has mentioned Murry's in this thread. Has it gone downhill? I remember it as one of the consistently best places in town, quality ingredients and professional service. JB
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