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  1. Doc, Amazing post. Looks like a really great conference. A teacher at school once predicted that Spanish cuisine was going to be the next big thing and that prediction has really come true in the last few years. Thanks for the Post. Visit the TestKitchen
  2. Rocklobster


    Ok so this might not work... but since were talking about shapes and Zupon mentioned it... why not take an egg and blow the yolk and white out of it and have an empty egg shell. Fill that with something. Or in WD50 style try and make a carrot and coconut soft boiled egg. You could fill the egg most of the way with the yogurt and inject the carrot into the middle. If you wanted to get real precise you could calculate the volume of the egg by submerging it in a measuring cup before to see how much space is in the egg, then when you fill it with the yogurt youll know how much is the egg and how much carrot you can get inside....and then just blanch the whole guy and serve it. ...Wow... thats actually kinda interesting, that was just a little stream of consciousness but i thnk that might actually be something to try.
  3. Thats Duck Breast, Maple-Kuri Squash Puree, Pinot Noir Caramel
  4. It gets bright blue when cooked... like indigo blue... its fairly disturbing Heres a mega huge artichoke i found at the los angeles central market...the guy was about the size of a human head. Visit the TestKitchen
  5. Interesting starch could be the answer, I really have no idea. I assumed it was protein because im fairly certain that that is what makes standard stock based consommes become cloudy after being reheated. Its been a while since Skills 1 though so I will have to go back to my notes. Visit the TestKitchen
  6. Oh man! I totally cant read hahaha I thought this thread said what are you making for thanksgiving. (missed the dessert part). Whoops...Turkey Ballotine would not be on a dessert menu. Im Buying desserts for my thanksgiving! Visit the TestKitchen
  7. Oh yes you certainly can. But i believe the clouding comes from bases that are very high in protein? Its something to do with that, because Alex admitted that the chocolate consomme could not be heated either. But his buttermilk and Brown butter consomme's are able to be heated. Visit the TestKitchen
  8. Im making Turkey Ballotines! They should be very fun. Visit the TestKitchen
  9. I forgot to respond to this thread a while ago... I got the process to work beautifully with peanut butter. Peanut Butter consomme is fairly mind boggling, since there are few things more opaque than PB...But i got the process to work. The only complaint i have is that it is SLOOOOOOW... and you cant heat the liquid. So booo to that...but theres plenty of cold applications you could use it for. 500g PB 1500g Water 2ea Ancho Chilies 20g? Gelatin(I forgot to write it down haha it may be less) Visit the TestKitchen
  10. Rocklobster


    I found the ideas in food recipe a little loose as well... i think perhaps theres and altitude problem... as for the flavor i thought it tasted great... What prevents from doing that..... i would say consistency, it would be too loose to shape into icecream shape. but i dont know try something new. Visit the TestKitchen
  11. Rocklobster


    Is that my recipe you used? or would that be the ideas in food recipe? Visit the TestKitchen
  12. Everyones plates great! They have inspired me to post one of my own! All of Shola's plates are awsome. I cant believe I didnt know about SK up until 3 weeks ago! Visit the TestKitchen
  13. You're going to pound beans thin ? My bs meter must be down, are you kidding? The rest of it sounds intriguing though . . . I have not heard of anything like that for cassoulet. It sounds like you are not going to cook them together to blend the flavors? ← Yup I would cook the beans until they are tender and cool them. Then place them between plastic wrap and pound it thin. Then trim them to a desired shape and garnish with the other stuff i mentioned. No BS here. Visit Here to see how the method i descibed works(insert beans for avocado). Visit the TestKitchen
  14. Hey tell me if this is out there but.... I had the idea to make a cassoulet Carpaccio. I would take fava and cannelinni beans and pound them thin. I would serve it with duck confit terrine, pancetta chips, confit cherry tomatoes, and demi glace gelee. It would be a whole new spin to the everyday rich baked bean dish while still staying true to its ingredients. Let me know what you think about that. Oh wait! before i get too excited with that idea...has anyone heard of something like that before?? Visit the TestKitchen
  15. If I may make a suggestion... I work for Sprout Creek Farm in Poughkeepsie, NY. (check us out on Mr. Google) and we have raised a hand full of Turkeys since they were pups. We've got some lovely birds and if any of you are in the area I highly recommend venturing out and picking up a turkey and some cheese while your out there. Happy Thanksgiving. Visit the TestKitchen
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