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    Acid in Risotto

    ciao,is it true that if you put wine in your risotto when making it ahead of time as an "mice an place" it goes sour more quickly,if so why?
  2. begpie

    Crudo v Carpaccio

    carpaccio is thinly sliced,while crudo when talking about fish isnt necessarily thinly sliced.
  3. then go to Comerç 24 located in ciutat vella,for more information go to http://www.comerc24.com/english/index.html
  4. the secret to get an even cap of burnt sugar is to spray with water before burning,we do this here in spain with great results
  5. i´m doing a research about bolognese sauce and would like to have some of your views and ideas.what do you use for the sofritto?what kind of meat?red or white wine?do you use milk?when do you add salt?do you use herbs?cooking time? lid or no lid?
  6. I don't have a problem if other people use rubber/silicone spatulas to stir with. I typically use them in the manner you describe, but if they have something on them from cleaning out a pot or can, then they do get dipped and stirred into whatever I'm making, ostensibly to clean them off. Out of curiosity, why is there a prohibition on using wooden utensils (I'm guessing for public consumption) in Spain? This prohibition doesn't extend to home kitchens, does it? Tracy ← its more difficult to keep of bacteria from wood i guess,but nothing can beat a good wooden spoon when making risotto,now we work with metal spoons and my hand is all burnt.
  7. here in spain its prohibited to use wooden things to stir with,thats why many chefs use plastic spoons and spatulas(especially when you have people watching you cook).
  8. try using agar agar instead of the usual gelatin as it is heat resistant.
  9. the sound of thyme going in to hot oil
  10. http://www.texturaselbulli.com/_new/ENG/gellan_01.html
  11. gellan can take up to 90 celsius heating,why not try with metil.
  12. begpie

    Fish stock

    i have come across some recipes using mushrooms when making fish stock,especially french chefs,whats the reason for adding mushrooms to fish stock?
  13. what is your limit of serving bad food,whats the worse you have served or seen being served?
  14. what professional skills do you think is needed or bemastered to call yourself a professional cook or to work in a star restaurant??
  15. ciao tutti.i wonder if anyone has tried to make gnocchi with beans (cannellini)instead of potato and if so how it turned out?
  16. we in sweden eat it with bechamel,bacon and petit pois,the bechamel we spice with jamaican pepper(kryddpeppar)you can read more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lutefisk.god jul och gott nytt år!
  17. i think sous vide cooking might challenge mr maillard in the future
  18. i would have the base prepared and then just fold in the eggwhite "a la minute"
  19. does anyone know were moules frites comes from?is it belgium or france,we have quite a disussion at work so if you guys can help me out here please!
  20. this is the future http://www.cookingconcepts.com/ENG/clarimax.html
  21. hi amigos,i need to know what arrowroot is called in spanish,can someone help me please?
  22. Food that is sautéed is usually cooked for a relatively short period of time over high heat, with the goal of browning the food while preserving its color, moisture and flavor,so whats your problem...
  23. open it up like an elephant ear fill it,roll it and wrap it with cling film,cook it slowly in liquid or in the oven then when u serve it you cut it in half so that u can see a little of the filling,try matching with colours for the filling,good luck!
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