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  1. Or a disgruntled reviewer .....................
  2. I hear you! In fact, my one and only time in Alinea, we were served a dish composed of a Madras Curry ball filled with celery extract, which floated in pear juice. When you knocked it back, like a shot, the Madras curry ball dissolved and the celery extract was released. As the celery hit my taste buds, my mouth almost involuntarily ejected it's contents. I actually had to hold my mouth shut so I wouldn't splatter my Other Half with celery/curry/pear. It took me around three minutes to convince myself to swallow the mouthful - I was nearly in tears. Celery. *Shudder*
  3. Apparantely if you're at the Chefs table (and there is *enormous* demand for it) the chef(s) will saunter over and have chats about how various dishes are done, ask your opinion etc etc. Personally, I'd find all that quite interesting (and I'd certainly try to get my money's worth!) but if you are only into *eating* your food, rather than *cooking* it (Simon, I'm looking at you! ) it might be something of a waste of money. eta: I hope they'll be providing cushions for the outside chairs - they look mighty uncomfy....
  4. While my esteemed and delightful other half will no longer be along shortly with a more....loqucious.... review in due course, I must report that Take II @ Gordon Ramsay @ Powerscourt was more of a success. Service was really rather good, the trip around the kitchens an eye opener - they are serene, relatively quiet and *enormous*, the food was far, FAR better than last time (although still rather cool) and all in all an enjoyable experience. My only complaint is that the "aged" tipperary beef was tasteless, tougher than expected and rather...."blah". The emperor has put come clothes on, but they're more in the nature of jeans and a jumper, rather than Sunday best.
  5. And as Stout goes with everything, there'd be no need for high falutin' wine pairings, either.
  6. Interesting. Being half of one of Corinna's aforementioned "Gastronome's" we called perhaps 3 weeks ago to make a second swoop at Gordo's. The first Friday/Saturday we could get at a reasonable hour was early March. Bookings haven't dipped that much I feel.....
  7. I guess it must be remembered that this was a documentary, with a certain slant, in which hundreds of hours of footage were shot, only to be compressed into the most interesting/view attracting/sensationalist/whatever 1 hour slot. Nice guy/Mr. Understanding wouldn't attract the viewers.
  8. In general, and from my own (extremely limited) hotel experience, it's usually another and seperate kitchen. I am open to correction, though.
  9. From The Irish Independent: Gordon Ramsay is closing one of the crown jewels in his restaurant empire, prompting fears that his off-screen career may be on the verge of collapsing like a poorly timed souffle. Link to article.
  10. Well, I'll be in tonight, so get that baby cow ready for me! Mmm. Baby cow.
  11. The what? The What?!?!? They've totally changed the menu! Ex-hexcellent. Simon, when are we going?
  12. Alan (head chef) mentioned that the new menu wasn't working out though, and it's due for a change - probably this week I'd say. We'll have to go back. I'm still annoyed I didn't get to try the veal.
  13. I'm not terribly familiar with the area, but the Old Convent is supposed to be very nice. It has a lovely location, too: http://www.theoldconvent.ie/
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