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  1. Looks like the perfect start of white chicken chili or chicken enchiladas
  2. I'll be your scapegoat Shelby. I'll admit to wondering about the cheese , I've never had an authentic sausage roll, only pigs in blankets!
  3. Thanks for posting this if for no other reason than it lead me to their FB page and I saw some of Karen Portaleo 's work.
  4. @Ann_T I currently work retail bakery and one perk is we are allowed a free dozen a week. I usually don't get them, that would be too much temptation to have around. But the leftovers do make a tasty bread pudding.
  5. I can 't see any noodles in the soup but the pork and bok choy look delicious. Were they rice or wheat?
  6. @Ann_T Those look phenomenal! As someone who used to make donuts in retail grocery, I know that they have a relatively short life. How long will these last for you, or do you freeze them?
  7. Oh Kim...That all looks so delicious, I hope you've had a wonderful holiday season.
  8. @andiesenji, I have a number of Hall pieces, all dark green ,quite lovely pieces. The first I bought was a dark green cube as a gift for a friend, priced at $8 at a yard sale. It wasn't until later that I learned it was worth over $30. ( this was 25 years ago.) As a lover of the them, I appreciate your honesty with the pricing...you are also a rare find.
  9. @Katie Meadow, What goes up, as they say... it's the gunshots that worry me. Everyone seems to have gotten some lovely items. Do enjoy yours!
  10. caroled


    That helps. Sometimes I add some ground cumin to mine. Other times roasted red peppers. and or smoked paprika. I've also bought some brands that included beets, or carrots ( in separate containers of course)that were pureed along with the beans. It's also good made with black beans, with a bit of fresh cilantro mixed in at the end. I too look forward to suggestions from others.
  11. One of the things I miss about living in south AL, (less then 50 miles north of Pensacola)... all the fresh Gulf seafood.
  12. caroled


    More of our members will chime in i'm sure, but it will help to know what your current recipe is.
  13. Captain... that is a divine looking spread. When you say small, I wonder how many you served? And pray tell, what is that fine looking leg of pork? on the board with all the meats?
  14. That is some fine looking gumbo...I love okra in mine, and those are some beautifully plump oysters.
  15. This year I received measuring cups/spoons, several silicone spatulas of various sizes. A hot pad with school art work from my niece, a 7 piece set of silicone spurtles, silicone whisk, chocolates, Walkers shortbread cookies , and a Magic Bullet . (3 years ago I received a 14" T-fal nonstick wok. thus the reason behind all the silicone utensils.) And I forgot to add, a 2# wheel of Brie!
  16. This is so great and I couldn't be happier if it were my own. I look forward to seeing all the fabulous meals you prepare!
  17. You an Kerry both amaze me. What a wonderful time everyone must have had!
  18. caroled


    Was in my local Aldis today. Got lots of little yummy things today for a get together tomorrow night, and the couple weeks ahead. . Brie, blue, camembert, goat cheese, lox, nice portion of smoked salmon, iberico pork, salami, prosciutto, ...and of course some regular groceries. I didn't make it by the frozen food coffin cases , but after we were back in the car on the way home, mama showed me a photo she had taken of boxes of macarons. So, 2 questions, Has anyone tried these and how were they?. Do they hold up to freezing and thawing? Iv'e only recently tried one, from Laduree, a gift brought back from NY. I would like to serve some at an upcoming party, and prefer not to have this be the first time I make them.
  19. Egg salad with olive has long been one of our favorites, and pimento cheese is a mainstay all year long, but especially during the holidays. I love being able to pull it out of fridge at a moments notice if guests should drop by. That refreshments table looks fantastic, and I eagerly await the out come of your endeavors !
  20. Shelby, those are some of the best looking molasses cookies i've ever seen! You do have my correct mailing address right?
  21. I am so jealous of this...Pont-L'Eveque...oh my!
  22. Haven't used one of these but their other products I have had occasion to use have been very good.
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