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  1. BUMP! Hey there all. My wife and I are headed down to Hilton Head with her parents and brothers this weekend. We're just looking for some advice, and I wanted to make sure everything here was still up-to-date, since the last post was almost a year ago. Also, some specific requests: A good place for cocktails and appetizers or tapas Quality breakfast Dessert Thanks all! Tim
  2. Hey all the Wife and I are headed up to Philly (where we went to school) in April. Always on the lookout for great food and beer, I was hoping y'all could recommend a few gastropub kinda things. Somewhere with really good, quality food, interesting beer (without being real hop heavy like so many things are these days), nice atmosphere. I don't want fun beer with crummy bar food, or great food with budwiser products dominating the taps. Thanks for your recommendations! Tim
  3. So...being a pseudo-southern boy (moved here when I was four....but, as they say down here, living here doesn't really make you a southerner.....if a cat had kittens in the oven, you wouldn't call them biscuits)...I have to object. If you're starting your "grits" with stock...then they're not grits. They're closer to polenta. at least, thats how i see it. Grits are cooked in water and/or dairy. I think your interaction with under- or un-salted grits is either a failing of the cook, or a well-intentioned cook who feels that everyone should be free to salt their grits as they see fit. Just my thoughts. Tim
  4. Hey. Ice cream is my passion. One thing you might try is increasing the sugar levels. As sugar is hygroscopic, it will hold onto the water molecules, preventing them from freezing into such solid crystals. This can also help improve the texture and mouthfeel of your icecream, making it smoother and more luxurious. Timmy
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