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  1. WOW!!! I just visited your blog and then the photos on Flickr...all I can say is WOW!! I live so close and I never new about this bakery. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I will be going this weekend for sure.
  2. I, too, love 'Once Upon a Tart'. I had never baked a tart until I bought this book. Very easy and super tasty!
  3. Thanks everyone! It's good to know I have some options. All of the stores mentioned are very close to my house. I'll give them a shot and let you know how it turns out.
  4. I want to make lasagna with freshly made lasagna sheets (without having to make them myself). Does anyone know where I can find them in the Seattle area? Thanks!
  5. Add another 11 for me! Just recently acquired: • Cooking for Comfort • A Real American Breakfast • Baking with Julia • Two Paula Deen books • At Home with Magnolia • Barefoot Contessa at Home • Easy Entertaining • Simple Italian Sandwiches • The Good Home Cookbook • Taste of Home
  6. Do you start with a new (not hot) cookie sheet for each batch of cookies going into the oven? If not, the cookies will melt out before cooking. That has just been my experience.
  7. My two absolute favorites are The Amateur Gourmet: http://www.amateurgourmet.com/the_amateur_gourmet/ and Orangette: http://orangette.blogspot.com/
  8. Oh how I love a good cookbook. My friends think it's crazy that I read them like a novel. Some of my favorites right now are: The New Joy of Cooking - I am rediscovering this book. It is such a great source for tips and tricks. Kitchen Sense - I love good, stick to your ribs, comfort food. This book has a great twist on things like Mac n' cheese, chicken divan and cauliflower gratin. Daily Soup Cookbook - nothing beats a delicious bowl of warm soup on a cold fall evening. Also, I love anything from cooks illustrated. I love reading how they came to the perfect recipe. I just made their Chicken Francese (served w/roasted asparagus and parmesan risotto)...soooo good. Their technique for breading the chicken is the best because it remains crispy while cooking in a little bit if sauce. This only touches the tip of the ice burg. I collect cookbooks and I am always discovering new jewels. Recently I purchased The Good Home Cookbook and Easy Entertaining. I’ll keep you posted on how these work out.
  9. Thanks highchef! It is hard to do a search and find exactly what you are looking for. I am new to eGullet and I didn't see the topic. I did realize that it had probably already been covered but I thought it would be fun to put it out there anyways. Thanks everyone for your responses. They all sound like great books, many of which I am sure I'll be adding to my collection.
  10. What’s your favorite cookbook? You know the one that has been dog-eared, book marked, written in, and stained over time. As a person who is still learning a lot of the basics I have to say that I am constantly turning to “The All New Joy of Cooking” for basic information and tips and tricks. But my new favorites are “The Daily Soup Cookbook” by Leslie Kaul (I love making soup) and the new “Kitchen Sense” (Try the Ultimate Mac n’ Cheese recipe- it’s the best) by Mitchell Davis. I would love to know what you turn to so that I can maybe add that book to my collection.
  11. For dinner last night I made pan-roasted filet mignon, with a simple seasoning of cracked pepper and salt, topped with gorgonzola butter and black truffle oil. For a side I made roasted asparagus and parmesan risotto (the best recipe I’ve found for this dish). Accompanying the meal was a Plump Jack Cabernet Sauvignon. So simple but SOOO delicious!
  12. Judy- It is nice to see you in eGullet. I just discovered Kim Rickett's Book Event's a few days ago. I signed up for the Andrew Dorenburg and Karen Page dinner at the Dahlia Lounge- exciting stuff!
  13. I have 41 cookbooks as of today. The number is growing fast!
  14. I just found a perfect copy of this book in a used bookstore a few weeks ago- perfect timing. I am happy I stumbled upon this resurrected thread. I am looking forward to baking from this book and sharing my success and mess stories with you. I am so envious of you bread bakers. I SO want to learn to bake bread, but I am just not sure how to get started. Maybe this book will get me there.
  15. I second the recommendation for May in Wallingford. They have delicious authentic green tea, served in beautiful teapots. My favorite dish was their Pad See You. I would also suggest, my personal favorite, Jamuree, in Capitol Hill. They have amazing food.
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