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  1. Molto, went back for dinner last week. Everyone was speaking Italian and I recognized the same large family party of 8 from the last time I was in. Had an order of grilled calamari and shrimps over mixed greens and braised beef sliced and served over creamy polenta. Giovanni brought by a small order of pasta w/ olive oil and garlic which was fantastic. Still have not had a panini but did try the patatine e porri frito which was tasty but limp as you described. Looking forward to next time.
  2. Molto, you were suppose to keep that one a secret so it doesn't get run over. Seriously, I've eaten there on several different occasions and have not been disappointed. Pappardelle con chingale, cuttlefish black ink rissotto, fresh sardines breaded and fried in olive oil served over mixed greens all have been well above average. His black cured olives with fennel and hot peppers are to die for. Only thing I haven't had are his panini. Looking forward to that on my next visit which will be very soon!
  3. Check out Albert Bollati (?) working out of the Slate Street Cafe. I understand he does some catering out of their kitchen. Not sure if he works as far out as Placitas but his food is very good. He did catering for the Hyatt Albuquerque years back, opened his own Asian restaurant then a NY Pizza place and most recently has been with the owner of Slate Street consulting and doing catering out of their kitchen.
  4. Had dinner at the Painted Horse Cafe a couple of nights ago. The ambiance was very comfortable, service was quite good and the food was good, not great but very solid. I had foie gras app and a lobster entree. While the vanilla sauce that came w/ the lobster was not my cup of tea I know its a hot combination these days. Everything was prepared very well. The person I was with had the veal loin and while it was slightly under-seasoned they enjoyed it and the tuna tartar app. The brownie dessert was pure comfort food. Nice place for a casual Sunday evening.
  5. Went by the other day and it appeared they had closed. Does anyone know what the story is?
  6. Thanks for those two suggestions. Both look like great lunch spots. Is anyone familiar with the Veranda Restaurant in the Beaufort Inn for dinner?
  7. I'm going to be in Beaufort SC. for 2 nights in early April and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for decent place to eat nearby. Not HHI please.
  8. Robyn, will probably be staying downtown at the Hyatt if that helps.
  9. Does anyone have any recommendations for decent dining options in Jacksonville? I'm planning a trip for 3 nights in April and am lookig for several places for dinner. Interested in food quality vs. atmosphere or cost.
  10. Eliot, bravo for keeping this restaurant in the news. I too have eaten many times at this restaurant since Chef Brian has been at the helm and have found his food to unmatched in the Valley (ok I know you'd say Binkley's but top two for sure). Quite frankly the food is far superior than when the past chef was the top toque. Lets keep talking about it and perhaps we can pry more of the Valley diners out of their comfort zone and into a truly awesome dining experience.
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