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  1. fanny_the_fairy

    Pectin NH in the UK

    hi, for anything like this, I would recommend classic fine foods http://www.classicfinefoods.co.uk/, they stock luois francois products which are usually 1kg. as for the pate de fruit, maybe pectine jaune (yellow pectin) is more suitable due to its non-thixotropic properties.
  2. fanny_the_fairy

    caramelized white chocolate with seasalt!

    I usually caramelise mine at 160C for just 8min. and I make a lovely ganache with it.
  3. fanny_the_fairy

    Favorite Food Blogs and Recipe Sites

    thank you so so much Rob. your words make me super*happy. xxx
  4. fanny_the_fairy

    WWOOF-ing in France

    I happen to know this awesome organic goat farm in the south of france. Bruno, the farmer, is the sweetest guy ever. I did an internship there as a first year student of an école d'ungénieurs. However, while I was there, I met a couple of woofers. Bruno is usually booked quite a long time in advance, and many people, seing that I talk about his cheese on my blog, email me to know how it is. I loved it and everyone that went there did too. Let me know if you're interested. I know that's nowhere near Paris, but he'll offer you a bed + food for free (well, you'll have to work on the farm). xxx
  5. fanny_the_fairy

    Paris pastry shops

    Stabilisers? Hmm no way. And to be honest, I don't think pastries at Pierre Hermé are lacking taste. But this is just my two cents. Michalak? I'll agree on that one.
  6. fanny_the_fairy

    Paris pastry shops

    What do you mean when you say full of artificial crap? I worked there and all I saw were out-standingly sourced ingredients. I do always say openly how fond I am of Pierre's work, and although I understand I can't everyone to have the same point of view, I just don't understand yours. But then, I also happen to hate some of the famous places like Ladurée, while it seems to be on the top-ten list of many people. Anyway, I'd love to hear more about why you're being so harsh towards Pierre's pastries.
  7. fanny_the_fairy

    Do you sketch your sweets?

    rob, i want to see a picture of the finished dessert it looks and sounds heavenly! xx
  8. fanny_the_fairy

    Minimalist No-Knead Bread Technique (Part 2)

    It makes me wish I had a brick oven. Might have to hask my dad if he can build one.
  9. fanny_the_fairy

    Dan Lepard's books and breads

    I'll make sure to check his carrot cake recipe.
  10. fanny_the_fairy

    Dan Lepard's books and breads

    Funnily enough I was already checking your pictures when you replied. Thanks (and good night) xxx
  11. fanny_the_fairy

    galette des rois or couronne briochée

    Oh they look soooo sweet. I should try and make some mini ones next week end.
  12. fanny_the_fairy

    Dan Lepard's books and breads

    Oh please tell me more about the recipes you've tried. Which ones? Pretty pretty please!
  13. fanny_the_fairy

    Dan Lepard's books and breads

    Oh yes, he's just the nicest person and I was also lucky enough to get the booklet (the muffins are actually from it).
  14. fanny_the_fairy

    galette des rois or couronne briochée

    So I know I'm one week late, but since I noticed the evident lack of topics on the epiphany's goodnesses, I thought I would ask you a few questions... Do you guys make anything special for the epiphany? At my house, we make both galette des rois and couronne briochée. Do you have a favourite? The galette des rois consists in a rich almond and pastry cream filling called frangipane enclosed into two sheets of puff pastry. The couronne briochée, more popular in the south of France is more like a simple brioche, shaped into a couronne [wreath] and decorated with coarse sugar and candied fruits.
  15. fanny_the_fairy

    Dan Lepard's books and breads

    Big news. Dan Lepard is officialy my new favourite person in the world and as I suppose (hope) I'm not the only one to feel that way, I created this topic so we could rave about how wonderful his breads are. So far I've only made: - simple white bread (sometimes with twists) - focaccia (serious thing guys) - English muffins However, I can't wait to try ALL his recipes as they just seem to work perfectly for me. Here is some eye-candy, hoping that will get you to tell me more about the recipes you've already tried.