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  1. michaels artisan bakery cafe 15578 24th ave south surrey .all organic artisan breads using all natural sours.great homemade soups and sandwiches
  2. i make ciabatta at work and i use allpurpose flour.with ahigh ratio of water.let it rest in along plastic container.that way i handle it as little as possible .
  3. very nice looking strudel.always wanted to know how to make it thanks
  4. i use sourdough starters everyday. the way you were starting your starter was right. it does start to smell at first but when you toss the grapes out and start feeding it two to three times a day it will get better. actually the way you're doing it is a really good starter. i'vemade this one before and was really happy with the bread i ended up with.
  5. I know this is a old topic but i am the baker at michael's artisan bakery at 15578 24 avenue surry.If you are interested i make a choc .bread , brioche and a wide range of artisan breads .Some of the specialty breads [choc bread ,brioche,cranberry orange and anise bread ,black and green fougasse bread]i make on friday saturday and sometimes during the week.
  6. how about melon and prosciutto with reduced balsamic vinegar or a ginger sauce
  7. how about smoking the buffalo . like they make salmon smoked indian candy
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