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  1. A 'foodie' sounds like someone who loves food, though lacks the sophistication in making respected culinary decisions such as would a 'gourmet'. A 'gourmand' has the education (more so from life), though wouldn't necessarily shun cheeseburgers and beer from the local dive. I prefer the term 'foodist', though it could denote either someone who researches the more scientific side of the culinary world (which I've been known to do), or simply someone who would strip completely naked for a really good sauce (which I may also have been known to do... shhhhh). Foodist all the way!
  2. Just wanted to spread the word about a new tapas restaurant in Downtown Lafayette, LA called Pamplona Tapas Bar. Great food! Superb atmosphere! And all Spanish wines (14 by the glass). Check it out: www.pamplonatapas.com Also, check out the Saturday night d.j. & dancing (11pm to 2am). Fun stuff.
  3. Definitely "Like Water for Chocolate" and "Chocolat" (though not the best movie ever made). What about "Ratatouille"? I have a list on my blog, but ya have to scrooooooooll down and look in the left-hand column. http://biscuits_brioche.typepad.com/
  4. It's all about compromise. I dated a guy who was extremely picky, while I'm hugely into food. It was annoying at times, but love was more important. Eventually I realized that you can't rely on one person to give you everything you need. So I had dinner parties and outings with friends who did love food as much as I, and focused on other enjoyable moments with my beau. We aren't together anymore (that's another topic), but I wouldn't say that the food issue was to blame. Little by little he's ventured into new foods, but I would never have wanted to force someone to do something just because it fit better into my world. People are different. Isn't that the fun part?
  5. For a superb hole in the wall, visit Casa Marcos (Bar Bodega Las Campanas – look for it on Calle Merced, #21 - tel. 315.06.09). We also call it Pacharan because of the drink Juan serves at the end. It's small, smoky, and very Spanish. Try the bacalao, jamon de toro, chistorra, morcilla, and pan con tomates. Very old-school Spanish and super rustic. Scroll down to the "eating and drinking" paragraph of the listing on my blog for more info: http://biscuits_brioche.typepad.com/biscui...ek21/index.html And of course, Pinotxo Bar in the market is a definite must. Have a blast! Great food. Superb wine. Cool folks. What more can you ask for?
  6. I have a few on my blog as well. www.biscuitsbrioche.com. Look in "Paris" photos and check out the archived post from Nov. 12 - 18, 2007 for some Paris food info.
  7. hi julien -- i stopped by alain ducasse again and two separate staff members insisted that the spreads were made in house. it's very possible that they are unaware of the actual source. are you absolutely sure it comes from an outsourced manufacturer? also, would you have any more information on BE? i want to stop by and pick up some bread! thanks! ← Bonjour, Here are a few suggestions: The oyster stands in the winter; Le Carré des Feuillants in the 1st for delish food & wine; Rétrodor, 42 rue Jacob, 6th for some of the best croissants in Paris; Le Marché for a cozy spot with superb seafood/sauces, Place St. Catherine, 4th; Chez Papa in many locations (my fave is the one in the 14th) for a hearty Southwestern-style meal - try the Super Papa salad (wow); and Charpentier (chocolate shop at 87 rue de Courcelles 75017) for their Caramel au Beurre Salé. Good food; pretension-free.
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