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  1. we're going to try a new Mexican restaurant tonight on the southeast corner of Othello & Rainier Ave South. I talked to the owner about why it took her so long to open, apparently, the spot she took over was formerly a restaurant about 5 years ago (Taco Jr's) but didn't have any permits or licenses. We very nearby, so we have our fingers crossed for this place to succeed, as well as Afrikando! Columbia City is a bit too far north to walk, and we are really looking forward to some home made tortillas, tortas, and grilled corn with crema for dessert!
  2. Cucina De Santis 1st and Holgate. That is if you want to eat REAL meat. They make their own sausage & cure many of their own delicious gems.
  3. I heard from a couple that went last weekend that it was delightful! I love dinner clubs and can't wait to go.
  4. Beso Del Sol is closing tomorrow 2/10/2007 forever. Courtney would love to see everyone one last time at that location (even if it's a madhouse) Go & have a margarita & some delicious salsa. Beso del Sol 4468 Stone Way North Stone Way & 45th in Wallingford
  5. Coupage is the latest tennant at 1404 34th Ave in Madrona. I have no idea what the food is like, I just drove by this morning & noticed that it wasn't Dreys anymore. I never ate at Dreys. I can't remember what was there before Dreys, but there have been so many restaruants in that space, it's amazing. The space is inbetween Cafe Soleil - a delicious little Ethiopian cafe on the corner & the Hi-Spot, a neighborhood favorite for years.
  6. Any idea what O Pal is? Banjara had a checkered history that deserves to be memorialized. When we moved into the neighborhood in 1996, they already had the space rented, but it took a year or two for them to get it open. Meanwhile an Indian restaurant opened across the street -- first I believe it was a branch of Raga (from Bellevue), then Mayuri (also from Bellevue), though I may have the sequence wrong. Finally Banjara opened, and, even though its food was inferior, it did better because it had a corner location, it was slightly cheaper, and it was decorated more like a typical Indian restaurant (albeit badly). Eventually the food improved too, and Mayuri (or whatever it was called at the end) threw in the towel. For a while I believe the Banjara people even ran the Mexican restaurant that replaced Mayuri. But in the last couple of years, Banjara's quality declined, and eventually their customers realized it and stopped going. Some comic moments in Banjara's history: - For a long time, they had a framed letter in the bathroom from the health department saying something like "We are writing to commend you for being one of the most improved restaurants in cleanliness this year. With continued work on your part, we look forward to helping you become a leader in restaurant sanitation in the county." Apparently they thought this was something to be proud of. - When they were preparing to open a place across the street, the (apparent) owner said he was thinking of a Mexican seafood restaurant. One day I saw him perusing a seafood cookbook that was one of those books you find at a supermarket checkout stand for $4.99. - For many years they had a big sign in the window advertising "LUNCH BUFFETT $6.99". I couldn't walk by without thinking of Jimmy Buffet. - After 9/11, eager to show their patriotism, they put a big handmade poster of an American flag in the window. However, it looked like a first-grade class project: crooked lines, the wrong number of lines and stars, etc. ← I have no idea what O pal is, but I'm really sad that it's not Banjara.
  7. When I was a youngster & worked for Louie DeLaurenti in the Pike Place Market we would get in a Panettone "wall" every year that I was too short to reach the top of! In the mornings Louie would break open a delicious import & we'd have it warm with sweet cream butter and hot coffee before opening the store. I always loved watching the "wall" shrink as the holidays grew near & it became more of a pyramid & then a small mound. Sorry about rambling...even though Louie & I are no longer at the store, I'm sure DeLaurenti's still carries a mighty fine selection!
  8. I believe a place called "O pal" will be moving into the place that formerly housed Banjara Cuisine of India.
  9. Where do you live Jason? We can help you find soft tofu outside of the ID. My peeve is that Indian food is fantastic in Vancouver, B.C. and that Vancouver, B.C is not within "hunger" distance when I want to eat. Why is the food in Seattle so different? Can't any of those restaurant owners from Vancouver come down here?
  10. It's called Bambinos... I think it's supposed to be NY style. ← That's it, and its at the end of 4th Ave, not 2nd. Thanks for the feedback folks. ← here's a website for them - www.getbambinospizza.com I haven't eaten there yet, I'm tired of all of the places that seem like chains. Speaking of did anyone eat at that Amante's place yet?
  11. Rumor? The original Chef from Seven Stars owns Szechuan Bean Flower on Aurora, across from the cinema (100th?)
  12. Oh Agreed - Cactus has delicious menu items! There are more greasy cheese covering the plate options downtown like Las Margaritas & Tacos Guaymas too. I think that perhaps they would be more fun to go to for the drinks after you've eaten somewhere else though.
  13. If you're looking for a place that does catering close by your hotel, there's always Mama's. They do catering, or you could have the party there. 206-728-6262. Sorry I couldn't find a website.
  14. Hey, I noticed they were offering bahn mi a while back! I like their food but we always forget to go there. Can you talk about this some more? What do they offer? How much are they? I think it would take a lot to convince me to go there for a sandwich rather than wander a couple of blocks further down to Baguette Box... Speaking of Baguette Box, does anyone else remember the pork confit sandwich they had for a very short time? I daydream about that sandwich. --Ben ← Also on Baguette Box, any word on the opening in Fremont? ← In response to the bahn mi at Green Papaya: I've tried all of the vegetarian options several times and they're delicious and mysteriously meaty, in a terribly good way! Nothing they have on their menu of the 14 different bahn mi is over $3.95 and the bread - crusty - heavenly!their menu is online: www.papayaonpine.com
  15. Which Saigon Deli do you go to? Is it the one on 12th or the one around the corner and halfway down the block on Jackson? Have you compared them? They seem to have different offerings at different prices. Have you tried Seattle Deli across the street on 12th? I have heard people say that they have the best bahn mi in town, but i haven't tried them yet. ← I really like getting bahn mi at Green Papaya on Pine Street.
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