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  1. I was surprised that a lot of people didn't know about cheddar cheese with pie. Growing up it was either cheese with pie, or ice cream/whipped cream. If it was cold pie, then you could get  warm milk/half and half/heavy cream or warmed custard.  South Dakotan/Minnesotan/and Southerners seem to be in my experience more likely to have cheddar in or with their pies.


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  2. Mine is making Kimbap/Sushi rolls, they may look alright in a long roll, but wait till I cut it. All hell breaks loose then, I am surprised if I get one or two decent kimpbap sliced rolls that can be picked up by chopsticks.

  3. 12 hours ago, Anna N said:

    Nah.  I searched and searched and none of them seem to be the one.   Somehow I recollect them being in a best recipes book that used to collect all best the recipes of the year from various sources. 


     Edited to add that I think the Epicurious recipe comes very close and the books I am referring to were "The Best American Recipes of xxyear". 


    I found the recipe in the  150 best American Recipes. I can't find my other books, but I do believe this is the recipe.


    Vodka-Spiked Cherry Tomatoes with Pepper Salt

     found in 150 best American Recipes Summarized my me


    3 pints         Firm Cherry Tomatoes

    1/2 C           Vodka

    3 Tbsp         White Wine Vinegar

    1 tsp             Super fine (Castor?) Sugar

    1 tsp.            Finely grated Lemon Zest

    3 Tbsp          Kosher Salt

    1  1/2 Tbsp   Coarse ground Black Pepper


    Mark an X on the cherry tomatoes and dunk them in boiling water for 3 seconds, scoops them up and put them in a chilly ice bath. Drain, peel and set aside the tomatoes in a shallow bowl.  In another bowl whisk together Vodka, Vinegar, Lemon zest and Sugar, pour the mixture over the tomatoes coating them well. Cover and marinate 30 minutes to an hour in your refrigerator. In another small bowl mix the pepper and salt. Serve tomatoes with toothpicks for dipping in pepper salt mixture.



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  4. 15 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

    'Caesar' Brussels Sprouts from Josef Centeno's cookbook, Bäco. The recipe is available online here


    I have plenty of the dressing, pickled red onions and caraway breadcrumbs leftover so I'll be happy to make this again soon.

    This is pretty, and now I want some. I have trying to be good about cookbooks, might have to add this to my list...But first thank you for the recipe!


  5. 29 minutes ago, Anna N said:

     There is a recipe kicking around that I made many years ago for  vodka soaked cherry tomatoes as an appetizer.  I've looked and looked but cannot find it. Perhaps someone else will recall it.  After all they're already peeled and that was the hardest part of that recipe. :D


    That rings a bell unfortunately the old link doesn't work. Does either of these recipes look like your vodka spiked cherry tomatoes?

    From Epicurious

    Bloody mary tomatoes food network



  6. uborkasalata The author in the blog states the vinegar in Hungary is much stronger than in the US,  so you add less. Hopefully this recipe and blog will help.


    AlaMoi : Germans also have A Krautsalat, that is slightly sweet, vinegary, sometimes with a small kick from white pepper. It usually contains cabbage, a little onions and some green peppers. Addictive.

  7. I need to find my camera and take pictures. Everyone's beautiful food is making me hungry andI just ate dinner. The ramen and spring rolls Shelby made and the warm  spiced cauliflower what Fauxpas made may be detrimental to my laptop. :) We had a simple salad of andouille sausage fried, carrots corn, shaved carrots and mixed lettuce. Dressed in a homemade sherry mustard vinaigrette. We also had roasted ripe plantains with mozzarella. I had planned to stuff the plantains with the mozzarella and roast but one of the plantains refused the ripen, so I sliced the remaining two and roasted them served with mozzarella to spread the wealth. No pictures again.

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  8. Made the Bonci pizza dough recipe a couple nights ago. Not as good as in rome but it was delicious. We had it simply with cheese salami, mozzarella, with a side of salad. No pictures as it was devoured so fast.

    The recipe made so much dough that I used another quarter of the dough to make some flat bread for a breakfast bahji recipe I served with eggs. We had them all for dinner and they were great. I still have half of the dough left over, and I am sure it will appear sometime this week for lunch.

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  9. I wonder if  the salt compartment will become as popular in the states as it is here in Europe. They keep our glasses from becoming white with calcium, as the water here is terribly hard. I cannot stand to use the finish powerball tabs they etch the glasses and wipe the designs off our coffee cups. We usually use Evcover brand if we can find it, or Frosch brand. Seems to do a good job and not etching or wiping off of the designs off our cups.

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  10. Made pizza taglio, from the Bonci recipe today. Topped the pizza with crushed tomatoes, salami, and mozzarella. It was really good.  The youngest critic told it me it was much better than anything at the grocery store. Better than the restaurants we tried  but definitely not as good as in Rome. I guess I will keep practicing. We also has a simple salad on the side with radishes, which was nice to round the meal.

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  11. I know this is terribly late but the noodles you are looking for are called Jjolmyeon (쫄면). I haven't found a recipe to make the noodles themselves. The story goes that the owner of a noodles making factory made the noodles with too much starch and made them larger diameter then the noodles specified. They gave them away to their neighbors and that was that. It is super popular noodle in Korea.There seems to be no recipes but the ingredients for the noodles are : wheat, cornstarch, wine,salt, alkali (sodium bicarbonate/Sodium Carbonate). I think they are pressed through a die cutter 3mm in diameter.  I hope this helps. 

  12. Besides adding more ingredients, sweetener,  and time to tame the spiciness, you can cook it for longer. The longer the pepper is cooked the spiciness will decrease. I don't know what it will to the rest of your salsa and if you don't mind a more cooked flavor. 

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  13. This is a stable dish for us for breakfast the Egg and Tomato dish. I skip the sugar even being in Germany the tomatoes are still too sweet to add the sugar. Now it has morphed into a lot of different variations, and everyone we have fed it to has loved it. 


    The soy sauce avocado and tofu, was good also, but we have been eating that since I was a child. I didn't associate it with chinese food more of the fact that family members loved tofu, hot mustard/horseradish/ and avocado, so it was a no brainer to slap it together. It is so interesting. I don't get to eat this often as avocados are more expensive here than in California. 


    The dan dan noodles are good, but they are usually always good. Now if I can convince other people to make it for me on demand. :P:) Hmmm sounds like dinner tonight!

  14. My Perilla is just starting to grow. I love them, but the last few years I have had not enough and let them get tough before I used them. Hopefully this time around I will harvest the leaves earlier to eat with my Korean BBQ, kimchi making, seasoning,salad making etc. :)

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  15. Sorry the recipe for the crackers start around 10.45 minutes. You don't need everything she puts in, you can use only the puffed rice.


    8 cups of brown rice

    1 C rice syrup/corn syryp

    1/2 C of brown sugar

     1/2 C Roasted peanuts

    1/2 C pumpkin seeds

    1/2 C pine nuts

    some slices of ginger

    Some type of flour from Chejudo to make it pretty and taste better. (?)


    She does two batches out of these ingredients because she makes two types. 


    Place brown sugar and rice syrup in a pan place ginger slices for flavoring into the pan. Cook until you get "strings" falling from the spoon used to mix. Add the puffed rice nuts mixture on low heat and mix thoroughly. Put on gloves plastic or rubber rubbed with oil with the tray oiled. Roll into a flat rectangle, balls or you can roll them with an oiled sushi roller into cylinders. Do this before everything it gets cold or they will break. 


    If anyone has better Korean, and can fill in or add please do! Sorry I do not work or affiliated with this SOSTV. It just was one of the first videos I found while looking it up that had the ingredients listed or stated.


    Here is a recipe but it is all in Korean. From what I can gather looking at other recipes it seems like it is approximately 1 C of puffed rice to 1:1 ratio of sugar and rice syrup. Cook to the thread stage, add the puffed rice, and then form on oiled surface, and cut. 


    The recipe above I think illustrates it pretty well, but her ratios are a little different, I think. I am tired and heading up to bed. If you want me to or if someone else wants they can tell you the recipe in the video. 


    Sorry If I am not making sense.

  17. I know that as a kid in korea my grandmother would preserve the eggs either in soy sauce, korean miso, or gochujang (homemade). I don't remember the miso one or the gochujang one much, but the soy sauce! I  loved raw egg on hot rice with sesame oil, soy sauce (green onions etc if i wanted to change up from the base recipe), and if we were lucky we got the preserved raw egg yolk in soy sauce too. I remember her fermenting a lot of things in miso, and especially gochujang. I wonder if you could do that with the store bought gochujang? 

  18. I saw David Chang on TV eating a brick of dried ramen noodles like a candy bar.

    This was a popular snack growing up in the 70's. In Korea when I went back in the 80's and 90's  they had come out with ramen that was specifically supposed to be eaten as a snack and not cooked. There were two kinds the ones that were broken up, and had the coating, and the diy and they came in different flavors, of ramen, but also chocolate and strawberry etc. We used to share them growing up as it was a little too salty to eat by yourself, but I don't remember if the snack type was as salty.

  19. Wow everyone's food looks amazing. No pictures, but we had Korean Rice cake soup for New Years. 

    Bon Vivant : You make me want to go back to Stuttgart! My faourite Maltauschen is in broth, for some reason I never like them as much any other way. First time I had bubbly rose was in Schwäbia and it was delicious. Don't remember what it was because I was too busy tasting things at the Weindorf's...


    Everyone else…I wish I could have been at all your houses! This topic always makes me so hungry!



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