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  1. Oh that's a different animal altogether. I would flake it over top of a salad or have it with sour cream/fresh mayonnaise and capers on sliced French bread. Perhaps a little lemon juice.................
  2. If what you have is at all similar to Great Lakes whitefish then it is somewhat bland. The good news is that means you can do pretty much anything with it. I like it pan seared with a sauce Grenoble.
  3. Something came up at the last minute and I had to cancel the reservation at Pesce. Did go to Goode Co. for lunch and it was as advertised - good simple seafood prepared well. Just curious, where do Texas folks get their oysters. They were more flavorful than the Apalachicola oysters I usually get in AL. If I find myself back that way I will definitely check our Reef. Thanks again.
  4. I made a reservation at Pesce and will let you know my impression. Thanks for all of the advice.
  5. I will be in the Southwestern area. I have been to Houston before and I don't begin to understand the vastness of the city.
  6. I think Pesce at 3029 Kirby has excellent seafood. For a more casual setting try Goode Company Seafood at 2621 Westpark. Either restaurant will provide fine seafood and good service. ← Thanks. What is the style of cuisine?
  7. I will be in Houston next week and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of a nice place for dinner. I am looking for something fine dining yet casual (although I will most likely be wearing a sport coat anyway), but most of all interesting (eccentric, eclectic, funky, etc.) and preferably with a good selection of seafood dishes. Thanks in advance.
  8. In the case of France Vietnamese and Moroccan food are in some ways now assimilated into the culture as a result of French colonialism. I would say the same about Indian cuisine in the U.K. However, I also try to stick with more traditional fare when visiting not only other countries but other regions of the U.S. as well.
  9. Find a bulk spice seller either localy or online and buy the smallest amount they sell. Go in with a couple of people and split a package or maybe work some trades. Krogers, Ralphs and food-4-Less sell small packs of herbs and spoces for reasonable amounts. I am sure others do to. ← This is a good suggestion. My shop has a bulk spice and herb section and customers bring their old spice jars to fill up. We deduct the tare weight of the jar and charge by weight of the product. Most dried herbs weigh very little, and filling up a jar might cost only 50 cents or even less, a fraction of the supermarket price. Most natural food stores carry bulk spices such as the display in my shop: ← This is the way to go. My local health food store has a similar arrangement and the price is significantly lower than the big brands. I, like JimH, have been slowly over the last few years replacing the ground with the whole in bulk form and putting the new whole spices in the old jars. All you need is a mortar and pestle or an old coffee grinder............ My general rule of thumb is that herbs last about a year, ground spices about two (although I have a jar of cayenne that is at least three years old and still has its original potency and aroma), and whole spices a heck of a long time. Regarding McCormick, 15 years seems reasonable, unless we are talking about whole nutmegs.
  10. How much is left on the interior? I think you can make broth with them or add them to soups, etc. Try this thread.
  11. So.... Gordon won the bare knuckle boxing championship of the U.K. by beating the former Gypsy champion in a 22 round contest in a freight yard (and this was recently)? Methinks the fact checking of Mr. McDermitt's lawyer needs a bit of scrutiny. Hilarious to think about though ← This is quite funny. I guess if something is in on the net then it must be true, including satire - quite pomo.
  12. This was something I remember a cabinet maker telling me once. Upon reflection I realize that my synapses are crossed. A ship's carpenter told me once about a couple of South American hardwoods that are toxic. The cabinet maker told me that it is good to wear a mask when working with mahogany because particulates within the wood dust can cause respiratory problems. Sorry about that. Slice and chop away.......... Nice board, by the way.
  13. I believe that mahogany is mildly toxic and thus not generally used for cutting boards.
  14. Groovy. I hope things went well on eBay. I have a model from 1950 and really dig it. The older ones have a different type of screw, but the newer ones should work fine with the more traditional worm. Best, D
  15. Beautiful. I am afraid for me that this might be one of those "if you have to ask, you probably cannot afford it" instances. How's about a Zig Zag? They're fun........
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