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  1. [ I found this one on the web. http://pumpnsealfoodsaver.com Maybe someone has tried this one.
  2. Thanks for asking this question I have about a 8 lb. block left and didn't know if I should throw it out. I have had it for about 1/12. thanks again
  3. This may be too late but I thought I'd add this one I found on the internet. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds pretty easy. http://www.allsands.com/food/recipes/choco...alls_rmw_gn.htm
  4. Kerry, I want to ask what is the material you brought to the workshop, the one for cleaning the molds.
  5. I tried heating the molds with the hot air gun and my bars turned out splotchy. Maybe I did it too much or maybe with my gun it's hard to do it evenly resulting in hot spots. I think I'll try placing my molds in a spare melter overnight to gently warm them up close to working temp... After ladling in some chocolate, vibrating and scraping with a palette knife, I whack them once on the table to resmooth the back. In the end, they're usually pretty nice looking. ETA: After filling, I place the trays in the refrigerator with a small computer-type cooling fan running to keep them evenly chilled while crystallizing. ← I had an order for 200 (8 oz custom bars) for Christmas and I was having a real problem with splotching and streaks. I was given a suggestion to get a plastic storage container, such as Rubbermaid and tape a light bulb to the inside of the lid. That way I was able to keep the molds warm. I would check the temp with my laser thermometer before filling. Once the bars began to set I would put in the fridge.
  6. Wanted to let everyone know I have uploaded additional pictures from the conference on a public album (by pagosselin), in the ImageGullet. Unable to figure out how to add to the original thread! Pat G
  7. Hello, Paul and I just arrived home last evening around 12 am do to weather. We stayed to do some sightseeing on Monday and part of Tuesday. I have to agree with everyone else about the weekend. It was VERY special. Thank you Kerry for all the long hours, days,and weeks, you put into the weekend. Thank you Anna N for being the DETAIL person, you were a tremendous help. Thanks to everyone at the college for breakfast, lunch and that spectacular dinner. Thank you Steve and John for your help and all of these wonderful pics. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and putting faces to names. It was a pleasure to be with such a great group of people.
  8. I agree about less variety and more of each type, it's just knowing which type to have more of. I haven't figured that out yet. I have experienced everything else you mentioned except about giving samples. I give SMALL samples of just the chocolate( about the size of a callet) so they know what the chocolate taste like. For the most part that has enticed them to buy. It never fails that they will ask "do you have" questions. Pat
  9. Lior, You are so right about the hours, packaging materials, etc. etc. Up until last year I did a two day show at Christmas time and it took sooo long to prepare for. I do a lot of molded chocolates, mint bark, nut clusters, coconut balls, marshmallow pops and many more. I don't take the time to do all the elaborate truffles or filled Bon Bons as you have done. Your chocolates look so wonderful I know you spent a lot of time preparing them.
  10. I use it in clusters. Dark chocolate mixed with the coconut then just drop on parchment in bite size mounds. Also coconut cream bonbons dipped in dark or milk chocolate. ← I hadn't thought of that, I thought the coconut for confections should be toasted or the sweetend flake variety - but that does sound like it would be delicious - is dessicated coconut the variety of coconut used in a "mounds" bar??? ← Yes it's the one I use for coconut bars similar to Mounds candies. Everyone that likes coconut really likes them. Have fun with all the idea's given here.
  11. Your table looks FABULOUS and DELICIOUS thanks for sharing.
  12. I use it in clusters. Dark chocolate mixed with the coconut then just drop on parchment in bite size mounds. Also coconut cream bonbons dipped in dark or milk chocolate.
  13. Hi RobertM I'm also from VA (Just south of Richmond). I have bought some of my chocolate from The Chef's Warehouse in Hanover, Md. The last time I bought Callabaut callets it cost $186.09 for a case of 2/10k bags. This was the milk choc. #823. That was in Oct. of 08.
  14. I was searching for the following Chocolate books and thought I'd pass along the results I found on the web. All prices below are US dollars. http://www.alibris.com "The Fine Chocolates great experience" $67.23 http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ " Fine Chocolates 2" $60.63 " Fine Chocolates Great Experience" $69.19 http://www.buy.com/ "Fine Chocolates 2" $60.39
  15. Thanks for the info. I have the old probe so I may give them a call and ask about the new one. I have found that they are very helpful.
  16. I went googling and found organic Ghee at Wal Mart. Not all stores sell it but the site will tell you which ones may have it. Here's the link http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?...uct_id=10319225
  17. Hello Kerry, I would like to know the contact person for the chocolate. I like your suggestion for using it for such things as ganache. I have tried it at the trade show in Atlantic city and I found it rather bland in flavor. Thanks for letting us know about the chocolate being offered at a discontinued price. Pat
  18. Amazon has it in stock right now for about $60. Otherwise it's usually around $100 new. ← Is this book the first book "Fine Chocolates" or the new one "Fine Chocolates 2" that you found on Amazon? I'm looking for the new book and so far the best price I found is $98.00 (on Amazon) I did see the first one for $60.00 also. http://www.amazon.com/Fine-Chocolates-Gana...e/dp/9020975889
  19. Hello everyone, I have been checking my suppliers for Callebaut milk #823 and the dark #811 (which I usually use) for this years pricing. It has really gone up in price. The best price so far is $95.05 for the 10K milk from one supplier in PA. and $91.16 for the dark 10K from a supplier in Md. In the past the dark choc. is usually more. Last year I paid $84.25 for the same 823 milk and $87.90 for the same 811 dark. (These are wholesale prices). Is everyone else experiencing this price increase for chocolate you buy?
  20. I use boxes from Mod -Pak. I use these for all my 8oz and 16oz chocolates. With a gold or dark red bow they are great. Here in the states we can call for samples of any of the boxes. Here's the phone number 1-800-666-3722, fax 1-800-873-1269 I find their boxes are well made and assemble easily. Call and see if they will send you a catalog and possible some samples. This is the 16 oz. I use White, Square window w/Metallic Gold Border Cover 1469CWRWHBGD For cherries I use this deep base and their gold insert tray that has 18 cavities. White Deep Base 16 oz. 5 9/16” x 5 9/16” x 1 5/8” 1369B
  21. Thanks, Kerry and gap. I will be watching for one on e-bay.
  22. Hello , My heat gun has stopped working. l use it to seal and shrink wrap boxed chocolates. Also for heating the molds and keeping chocolate warm. Any suggestions on a good brand would be appreciated ? The one I had only lasted about 2 to 2 1/2 yrs.
  23. Sugarseattle, Here's a site with a demo using agava syrup. It's from the marshmallow thread. It is a site that also sells agava.
  24. Did you send it to Chocovision to be fixed ? Usually they are pretty good in letting you know when it will be shipped. ( When you call and ask that is.)
  25. I googled it and found this site http://www.agmcontainer.com/desiccantcity/ Hope this helps some. When you do find out let us know
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