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  1. dont place certainty in my answer, but its always been "hah-mohn" to me
  2. I started using milk because I thought the cream was tooo heavy. I don't feel that my stock is over-salted, but I definitely did add a helping of kosher to it. I'll skip the red for white next time, less stock and/or dilute with water, and reduce or perhaps skip the dairy... thanks for the tips so far
  3. If you're in Austin, give Rudy's a go and have the fattier brisket (they have 2 kind). I maintain it's my favorite. (despite Kent insisting to others what "real" barbecue *should* taste like ) You should try and, between the rest, decide for yourself.
  4. im a newbie cook, trying to make some pan sauces for the first time. lately when ive been sauteing various meat, ive been trying to make a pan sauce to make use of the fond its a very generic formula of quick saute of shallots in unsalted butter, splash of wine (shiraz or cabernet depending on meat), reduction of stock (homemade chicken or beef), and then last reduction with some medium cream or 2% milk the main components of acid , stock , protein are roughly equal parts. depending on whats available, sometimes i make slight variation - ie no shallots, balsamic vinegar instead of wine, stick of butter instead of cream/milk, etc.... the problem is , invariably , the result is a khaki colored slurry that just taste too salty and thick... not only does it not taste appetizing, it just plain doesnt *look* appealing! maybe my stock is already too concentrated? skim milk instead of cream? add water? more cold butter for a smoother beurre blanc type of deal? what fixes should i incorporate? it doesnt have to be mega tasty, as long as it can dress up the dish visually
  5. cheese - i can recognize a good cheese, i just dont appreciate it analogy is to classical music. i can tell a good performance from a bad, but it wouldnt be my first preference when i need a listen
  6. Alus Seta - i've heard its mention on various sites, papers, etc... very unspectacular. mediocre cafeteria grilled food and prices arent that cheap -- not to say that they are expensive, its just everything in that city is equally cheap. theres a quaint little place called Province Brasserie (no, not Provence) in the square around the resistance museum... nice food and terrific service (and gorgeous staff! ) the city is not exactly a gastronomic giant so just walk around and eat on a whim. everything is cheap, people are friendly, etc... EASILY one of my favorite cities in europe
  7. I've seen a few Turkish restaurants here and there in Houston while driving around But is there a place that serves DONER? And I dont mean pasty mashed up doner, i want some real, quality Berlin-quality Doners that would make Attaturk drool Is there such a place around here?
  8. I cant get nice coloring on my pancakes - can someone help? The first pancake always comes out nice and golden. All subsequent pancakes either burnt a nice black, or if I remove them quickly, the insides are still mushy. I throw the batter for a 6" diameter pancake on a thin non-stick, heat for about 90 sec, flip, another 60 second, remove What pan am I supposed to use? Add oil between pancakes? Heat?
  9. I'm surprised there's not much love for Rudy's. I don't claim to be the BBQ expert, but I sure do love them, and have been to almost all the aforementioned restaurants minimum 2x+ (exception Coopers and Louies) Done Smittys, Blacks, City Market, County Line (both loc), Rubys, Rudys (multiple loc), Stubbs, Artz, Iron Works, Green Mesquite, Salt Lick (both loc), Sams, John Mueller's Since my love is beef brisquet, I hand the crown to Rudys. They have 2 tiers of brisket -- of course, order the fatter cut... incredibly tender and the saltiness sets off sparks in my mouth Salt Lick - never liked it at the restaurant -- dry and bland -- but somehow their catering always tastes terrific Artz - okay for ribs Rubys (in Campus) - not particularly great ... but good for what it is - small in-town joint. Good cheap chopped beef 'wich County Line - haters go away. dinosaur sized beef ribs, terrific bread, and a great atmosphere to take out-of-towners. The drive there on FM2222 is also nice As far as the crowning triumvirate of central texas barbecue? yawn. they're so unremarkable that I cant recall the specifics. Perhaps the hype killed the food for me. All I remember is Kreutz is a little rubbery and unflavorful. Blacks had sausage that tasted like cardboard - personally I don't care too much for sausage, but a good bbq joint had better make a decent one -- theirs tasted like they dehydrated in the Popeil jerky machine I'm sure some purists will pull out their pitchforks and beat their drums over my irreverence for the holy trinity of Texas bbq... all I know is, when I have guests, I'll treat them to the sights of 360 or 2222 and the food of CL and Rudys
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