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  1. Hi everyone, Heading to Vegas this Christmas and looking for suggestions for dining. I'm looking Strip primarily (we won't have a car... but we're right near the monorail). Specifically looking for dinner Christmas Eve and dinner Christmas Day - we can wing the rest (we're outta there on Tues the 27th before it gets too insane with NYE folks, I would think). I'm very anti-buffet, so anything with that is out. To note - I'm a pescatarian; husband is definitely a carnivore but does love well-prepared fish as well. Any suggestions? Anyone doing a "Feast of the 7 Fishes" special or anything?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys! Keep 'em coming!
  3. Hey everyone, Hoping someone might be able to help me out. I'm looking to do a luncheon for artsy and media types (say for 20-25 people) to promote my client (a group of arts venues outside NYC) and am looking for a spot with some kind of arts/performance connection in the space and/or food to tie everything together. Preferably a private room area; the luncheon itself is really casual - more about mingling with my clients... but I'm having trouble coming up with that perfect locale. I can't do top-of-the-line pricing, but middle of the road lunch prices are fine. I'm thinking midtown just
  4. Try Habitat at the Fairmont, 6Penn (at Sixth and Penn Sts) or Sonoma in the Courtyard by Marriott downtown. All quite good.
  5. Actually - it's for an event we're hosting that is promoting a different region. They want to bring in one of "their" favorite chefs to showcase, if you will - hence the wanting your own.
  6. I'm looking for a luncheon event space for about 30 people somewhere in the general Center City vicinity that would also allow my group to bring in its own chef - does anyone have suggestions?
  7. Wish I could at the moment - I had to sent in a mini DV tape since I couldn't find the cord to connect the camcorder to the computer to upload. But - if I can find the cord, I still have the original tape - so I'll post then!
  8. I'll 'fess up. I sent in an application and tape. We'll see.
  9. In the Hershey area - Al Mediterraneo in Hummelstown (just down the road- depending on where you're staying) has decent Italian. I wasn't blown away the last time I ate there, but it was pleasant enough and reasonably priced. For good "bar food," head over to Elizabethtown and try TJ Rockwells. They don't take reservations - so on a Fri or Sat night be prepared to wait. In Hershey proper, the Chocolate Grill that's essentially across the street from the Hershey Press Club (along Route 422) is quite good for lunch. Nice selection of sandwiches, salads, etc. Tokyo Diner lacks a bit in atmosphe
  10. I can only concur with Mike's wonderful suggestions - Checkers is my new favorite downtown - not necessarily locally grown (Carr's is my favorite there, seconded by JJ Jeffries), but a lovely menu nonetheless (Try the duck tacos - to DIE for). You can't go wrong with Carr's - and owner Tim Carr is top notch - for the focus on the whole buy fresh, buy local angle. Sean at JJ Jeffries is the same - everything (except seafood, obviously) is said to be obtained from local farmers. I haven't been to JJ Jeffries in longer than I'd care to admit (a change in jobs doesn't bring me to downtown Lanca
  11. Try the Hotel Fauchere in Milford. There's Delmonico for fine dining or Bar Louis for more casual. Bit pricey - but definitely worth it.
  12. From OpenTable's page on the restaurant - The General's Daughter is currently closed and will be reopening mid-Sept under new ownership as ESTATE. More information coming soon. I'm in tears. I really am. This was my husband's and my favorite place in Sonoma.
  13. If they wouldn't mind a short drive (15 minutes or so) into Harrisburg for that dinner, there are TONS of choices - my favorites being Bricco (www.briccopa.com) or Mangia Qui (www.mangiaqui.com) - both excellent choices here in the capital city! Right in Hershey, I'd second the previous poster's What If? Cafe recommendation. I'd always heard about Al Med in Hummelstown for years and how good it was, but when I finally went, it was just fine, in my opinion. Tasty, but not overly *special,* if you know what I mean. But others rave, so who knows. Maybe I just went on an off night.
  14. Tracey - Glad you enjoyed Carr's! Since the original thread started with promoting local ingredients, as you now know, owner chef Tim Carr's great with that (as is Sean at John J Jeffries). In fact, on Market days you can also find Tim behind the counter at his own market stand - where he works with local farmers to provide (when available) things like artisan raw milk cheeses (from an Amish guy's cheese cave) - yum! So many people coming into Lancaster think *all* we have is the big PA Dutch smorgasbords - and those are fine if that's what you're looking for, but we locals know of all the gre
  15. Some interesting notes in today's Harrisburg Patriot News about the CS and some new related programs. Here's the link (second blurb - below the stuff about tonight's "Dinner Impossible" show): http://www.pennlive.com/columns/patriotnew...ll=1&thispage=1
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