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  1. There were times in my life when things got so bad in the family, eating alone in my room was a blessing. The more the family sat at the table together, the more likely the neighbors would be watching a live version of "Cops". I can certainly say that it wasn't not having lively family suppers that got me addicted to cocaine. There is so much more to good parenting and happy, healthy family besides mealtime. Communication is the key, and that can happen at anytime of the day or night and anywhere, not just at the table.
  2. I have been eating shiritake noodles for a few years. They don't taste like regular pasta, but then again to me they don't really taste like anything. I guess the chewy texture is what makes them different. The only thing I had to get used to is the odor of the water they are packed it. When you first open the bag, it gives off kind of a fishy odor but it doesn't affect the taste. Once you rinse them, the odor goes away. Yes, sadly, it is true that sometimes they can come up or out in the same shape. I did overdose on about 4 packs of noodles in 1 day and they came back up. That was the only t
  3. Has anyone tried Shiro? I can't remember where in Novi it is, but I have been past it a few times when it first opened. The building is beautiful but I don't know anyone into Japanese cuisine so I didn't want to go alone.
  4. Bourdain's commentary was quite humourous, as was the Food Network awards awful. But... I find it kind of juvenile for Bourdain to continue his verbal grudge against FN. Yes, I'm guilty of enjoying his fuck-the-food-network shtick, but that will eventually get old. Maybe instead of always acting like a 14 year old girl about what FN is doing, he could try striking out against them in a more constructive way. Like for example, using his celebrity and influence to start his own network with other chefs. This way people might actually be able to view the kind of food-related content other food en
  5. I'm so excited about the renovations for Eastern Market. I love going there, it's worth all the hassle of sitting in road construction traffic.
  6. I didn't come into this world until the final weeks of 1983, but this thread made me dig out my mother's 1970 edition of Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book. Here are some retro-sounding recipes. Some of them are classic, some weird, and others seem rather disgusting. This book also tells you all the different ways to set tables and how to behave. Not to sound sexist, but the book seems like a retro guide for yesterday's domestic engineers. Appetizers: Curried Wheat Snacks Deviled Almonds Dried Beef Log Tropical Fruit Fluff Tuna Pate Luau Bites Teriyaki Minatures Swedish Pickled Shrimp Punc
  7. I don't really care for marijuana(which is ironic since one of the places I stay is just filled with it), but the few times I have smoked a blunt, I craved cereal. In fact, after I crashed from most of my cocaine/ecstacy binges, I craved cereal too. Lots of it. My favorite blend would be something like cocoa/fruity Pebbles mixed with rice Chex and either bran flakes or a Kashi cereal. Add some vanilla soy or almond milk and I could eat sometimes 3 huge bowls of it in one sitting before going to sleep for the next 15 hours. Good times...
  8. As the posters above said, you have to give yourself adjustment time. I used to work at a cheesecake bakery from 6 am until 2 pm, then work as a manager at Subway from 3-10. I also had school twice a week. It's hard as hell, but after a while you get used to it and missing sleep doesn't affect you as much as before. You'd be suprised at how far your body can go before you hit burnout. Most of all, remember that this bit of stress you are going through now will pay off so much in the end. Working as a pastry assissant is great and finishing college will only open up more opportunities. Good luc
  9. What was your family food culture when you were growing up? Definitely blue-collar. When my dad lost his job in 1986, we ate really yucky food. I remember those grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup nights all too vividly. We also ate alot of Polish food too because both of my parents are Polish. Was meal time important? Not really. Both of my parents worked odd hours and two of my 3 siblings were already teenagers. So long as you got food in your belly was all that mattered(and you didn't waste it). Was cooking important? Not really. I grew up in the 80's. Processed food was becoming pret
  10. I cook for my guy. But I love it too. I think in the end it makes things less complicated because I am vegan and he is not so I can plan things around each other. In my opinion, if you know you can help someone take better care of themselves by stepping in, than do it. When I cook, I know my boyfriend will get a nutritious and balanced meal. Also, it's my way of showing how much I appreciate everything he does for me. I don't think it is degrading to myself as a woman either. For a good portion of my life my mother did all the cooking and eventually my father took over because their work sched
  11. I really hope that your story can help the industry to see that former felons can be just as productive as anyone else. I just lost my job due to corporates finding out about my probation, which has yet to officially start. Sometimes people fall down in life, sometimes harder than others. But it does not mean that we do not have talent or the will to work hard. Perhaps if the stigma of past problems can be tonned down, maybe more people in similar situations would be inspired to explore the culinary arts.
  12. Parts of Jeff's life seem similar to that of Mia from Top Chef. It's a shame that Jeff's literature is being shunned because I don't think many people realize what a release cooking can be. He showed it and wasn't explain the gritty details of what his newfound passion saved him from.
  13. This was fascinating and wonderful. I'm so glad that Jeff wrote this. He leaves me with a lot of hope that I can finish culinary school after despite my current struggles with drug addiction and the law. I look foward to reading more.
  14. One reason for more independent places not being in the suburbs could be the cost of rent(this has probably already been mentioned). Is it really no suprise that rent in Detroit is cheaper than the suburbs? Opening a business is such a huge expensive risk, the cost of the suburbs is just like a second punch in the gut. Although I would like to add that having those independent places in the city is great. There is a strange neighborly feel when you walk into those places after a late night romp in the city and people know your name. It makes me choose those 24 hour joints in the "bad" neighbor
  15. It might be the Lunchbox Deli. I don't know they are still around.
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