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  1. I am surprised that Lowell would find this dinner great. We have over the last fifteen years eaten there on occassion. Fifteen years ago it was decent, since it keeps expanding the food has gone down hill. Alex. the current manager is the son of the owner, does a decent job running the establishment, Sat. and Sun. the place is a zoo. The drawing card umongus portions. No one leaves without a doggie bag, wether they have a dog or not.
  2. Rosie I have to agree. The restaurant leaves nothing to be desired. we shall return either for lunch, or dinner in the not to distant future.
  3. This past weekend four of tried for the first time brunch at Rats. I know the name sort of puts one off, BUT, don't knock until you try. <g> The ambience is truly lovely, and puts one in a relaxed mood at once. The wait staff, knows their jobs well, and does it without fanfare. Brunch, starts off with a buffet table for an appetizers. The tables have fresh shrimp, caviare, salads, Italian salamis,cheeses, breads of many types. You also have a choice of champagne, or mimosa's. For the entree there was a choice of six items. Seared Scallops, on a bed of spinach, with a slightly tart lemon based sauce. Also availabvle was a seared salmon, on spinach, shallots, tofu, pearl onions, in a slightly spicy sauce. There were lobsters available for an extra บ.00, Other choices were, Puffy waffles, crepes and an egg dish. The food was wonderful, the setting, service dinner plates,silver service all conducive to a quiet lesurely lunch. We are planning to go again for dinner, which I expect to be equally as well done and surely as tasty. Brucnh was ื.00 per. person.
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