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  1. I'm surprised to read so much negative reaction to Julio's. I'm a long time customer (12 years). Since they've opened on Northfield, I have dined there 6 times...each time with a different group of friends. They all love it & have requested to go back when they visit here again. I think they are still getting acclimated to a significantly larger space & quite a weekend crowd. Hints would be to go on the early side if you can & ask for Walter to wait on you. He is Julio's nephew...attentive, pleasant, trustable recommendations. Great personality. One of the most fabulous things here is a menu item I overlooked for years...the seafood combination fra diavolo over linguini. It is so incredibly aromatic and steamy with lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, scungilli, scallops...it just takes you somewhere. The specials are always excellent. You could be missing something by not trying it again. We're going again tonight.
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