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  1. I also meant to ask, anyone know anything about working at Pierre Gagnaire's Sketch? Thanks. -Tyson
  2. well after working in london for a while and and knows all the kitchens quite good i can say that Tom Aikens is not the right kitchen to work in all the people i know that has worked there say its the worst atmosphere and team ever (no one stays for longer than a year) one friend of mine even have to stay for a staff meeting after cleaning at two a clock at night he got out at 5. I can´t unfortunatly say that i can see a rising star on the restaurant horizon in london, the Ledbury just got a star w a very young and ambitious head chef maybe or Hibiscus if they move to london as expected. otherwise you could go to GR but kinda same story as with Tom good food but shit atmosphere. But if you are planing to stay for long its a great company to grow in and progress. Pied a Terre and The square is two other alternatives wich has just as good food as GR and TA but much better atmosphere (worked at PAT for 1 1/2 years learned some really interessting stuff). I have to warne you about the hours at these places are quite absurd like sometimes 17 hour days five days in a row it gets to you i promise especially when you have someone screaming at u half the time. outside of london you have the vinyard wich is interessting stuff and of course the fat duck. /Mag ← Thanks for all the information guys, it definitely gives me a starting point. Anyone else out there, feel free to pass along a few words. -Tyson
  3. I'm a chef currently based in San Francisco. I'm looking at moving to London in approximately a year and a half to two years (when the girlfriend begins grad school), and I want to know which restaurants are really worth cooking at. Obviously I can read the Michelin guide or other restaurant reviews, but that doesn't really tell me much about the kitchen. Things like, does the chef work the line, is he or she trying to build on what they have or are they sitting on whatever reputation they already have, etc... If there are any London industry pros reading this, I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks -Tyson
  4. yes, and he was at bistro du vent, but I have heard that BdV is now closed. Thanks for the info about Tru. does it sound like he is thinking of taking over as the head chef of a place again, or is he on the consulting track. The guy is brilliant (as far as I can tell from friends that have worked for him, as well as dining at the Fifth Floor) but he is keeping a low profile, not even releasing a cookbook (which he absolutely should do). Please feel free to pass along any rumours, etc... The moment this guy decides to open a place, I'll be on a plane to apply in person. thanks.
  5. I'm a chef working in San Francisco that missed out on the opportunity to work with Chef Gras at the Fifth Floor, and I am dying to know what his next project is. Has anyone heard anything? -Tyson
  6. Thanks for the info Ronnie. Sounds like the two books are the combo I'm looking for. I'm a professional chef looking to expand on our charcuterie work at the restaurant, so all in all, sounds perfect. Thanks again. -Tyson
  7. Just wondering if anyone has picked up the book "Professional Charcuterie: Sausage Making, Curing, Terrines, and Pâtés". I was looking at it on amazon and one of the reviews, by a professional charcutier, made it sound questionable. Most of the other reviews said it was way too advanced, but that is essentially what I am looking for. Anyone know anything about this book?
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