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  1. Cook is AWESOME!!! best carbonara ever!!! i will take cook over bottega any day of the week. Cook is a must check out! awesome vibe, really laid back and great food.
  2. infuse chocolate with basil, works awesome
  3. ok make a parm stock. do some onions, bay leaf. thyme, peppercorns maybe a little left over white wine, simmer for maybe an hour or 2, the key is to not let it boil. once it is done simmering pull it out and scrape the gooey inside of the ride that is parm, save that for another use. now you have a delicious parm stock that makes and amazing risotto or you can use it pasta dishes or for you sauce, basicaly sub it out for anything that you would add water, if you want parm flavor!
  4. Crazy, Totally out of no where! Keep on keeping on Chef, pray that you will get better soon.
  5. If you have the time to peel the top of it i think its always nice. You end up with a little bit less of a mushroom, but yes i do feel that the taste is cleaner. At restaurants in the past we always cleaned our portabellos, depends on the restaurant though most nicer places will clean them depending on what they are going to do with them. As far as for cleaning them just grab a short paring knife, on the bottom of the mushroom at the end of the gills is a small lip or mushroom crown, just grab it and peel. Hope this helps.
  6. CookinBenny

    Barbecue Sauce

    I usually make mine with by starting with a couple red onions and garlic and saute that for a bit, then deglaze with a cup of red wine vinegar. let that cook down, then add tomato paste or ketchup to get a nice consistency, then add brown sugar molasses and a little bit of mustard and sometimes a little veal stock. Let it simmer for about a half hour and puree it in a blender. After that you should be good to go, hope that helps.
  7. Thats sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome, I would kill for a stage at Alinea i just dont know how to go about it. I think writing a letter would be the way to go. However i think that Chef Achatz has to get sooooooooo many stage letters a day he probably dosent have time to acomidate everyone.
  8. awesome sounds great im gonna try cooking some up this week when we start prepping
  9. Its going to be more of a shaved steak sandwich, it will be sauteed with carmelized onions and peppers almost like a philly but not quite. Then wrap in up in the flat bread and i think it would be delicious. Also does anyone have a good naan recipe?
  10. Hey whats going on? My Buddy is opening his dream place next monday and im the sous chef. For our steak sandwich at lunch we were thinking a nice flat bread would go nice with it. We also want it to be able to double and be served with our hummus app. at night. What i need is a simple, but versatile flat bread recipe that dosent use a pre-ferement or a biga or anthing. Any recipes would be greatly appreciated thanks tons!!!
  11. CookinBenny


    mmmm gotta love sandwiches! Gotta love the reubon done up right cant beat that! Im also big on a blt with nice wheat bread and two sunny side up eggs with melted cheese on them in the sandwich. Put it all together and eat, runny egg yolks and all! Im also huge on, Duck confit, wheat bread, swiss cheese. lettuce, tomatoe and some plum jelly. delicious!
  12. I did a 3 day stage there and was blown away! Get the tasting menu!
  13. TRUFFLE AIOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! make your basic aioli in the robot coupe finish generoulsly with truffle oil and canned chopped truffles. PURE LOVE!
  14. They stuff they use, i think is called maltodextrin(sp). Its a modified food starch. As to what ratios to use im not sure of, but i would totaly be interested in knowing. The possibilites could be endless!
  15. That looks awesome, how did you make the foam?
  16. Cosmos is awesome, i would say pretty high class though http://cosmosrestaurant.com/ and this place called levain is doing some really cool food. http://www.restaurantlevain.com/about.htm I dont know if thats too fancy for you but check em out.
  17. Right now im drinking Blue Moon Belgoam White. Its really not to bad!
  18. I thought the ginger idea sounded good, and add that to the lemoncello except i would candy the ginger first, and then maybe to smooth it out some coconut milk? Just a thought.
  19. My baker teacher at school was a Certified master baker, and she told us to always to go 190 at least! She said at 180 shes had loaves colapse. For my artisan breads class im taking right now we always go to about 195-200, that way the bread is still amazing and you wont have any problems with it being undercooked.
  20. So im doing a 3 day stage in minneapolis at cosmos. Pretty cool restaurant and its my first day im trying to do a good job and not screw anything up. One of the cooks asks me to blend his sauce in the mixer so im like ok fair enough, it comes off the stove i pour it in the blender, put the top on, remembering heat expands i pull the middle cap out and put my towel over it. Turn it on WHOOOOOOM! Hot sauce all over my face and about a 2 foot radius everywhere, my face and arms are burning and i get that off and go wow that sucked! hope no one saw that. Clean the area up, and go for take 2, and im like ok i need to make sure i hold it on good and leave the center thing out, do it again all over again even worse! Im like wow i feel like a moron, one of the cooks is looks over and says "are you having some trouble" I had no idea what to do, and was abut to try take 3 not knowing what i was doing wrong when the sous chef walks by im like what the hell is the secret? He says, " put it on low speed pulse it a couple times, then slowly go to a higher speed" sure enough it worked great and i looked like a moron!
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