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  1. i have seen taobao selling some black truffles from yunan.. maybe someone will be game enough to try...
  2. How long does one need to spend in the forest in order to find sufficient supplies??? Also any guides on different types of mushrooms how there?? any guide for safety and precaution??? Thanks
  3. Anybody care to help me out on what is the fastest way to produce more than 1000-4000 filled plastic containers of pudding in a day?? And is able to produce it at a relatively short time using the most minimum of equipments, will a steamer help speed up the process??able to produce while other workers are busy attending to customers First, i have to mix the powder and liquid in a big metal container, however here comes the difficult part, how do i heat mass amounts of mixture so that i can be able to add agar/lactone to coagulate it and then place it to individual containers to be ready to be
  4. if u have watched NHK professional, the opening statement says その男菓子は~~franceで、ほかの、どこにもない菓子とよばれる。 which means that his cakes cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And this was exactly my feeling when i ate the cake.
  5. it is not in the same league as Henri Charpentier..as someone has said Nick, u havent got back to me on how ates souhaits cakes were like.. i went to the wrong station..
  6. does pierre gagnaire still oversees his main kitchen?? or is he running a global biz like the other michelin chefs...
  7. also.. remember to book ahead at the times given by the restaurant.. if not ,u are seriously not going to get a reservation.. when are u going for ur trip?? im looking for a partner to join me for my dinner on 21st jan 09 at aroma fresca.
  8. thanks... wanted to ask also... any etiquette in eating wagashi in lets say a wagashi shop like toraya... can u order different kinds of wagashi .. like manju , yokan , namagashi and eat them in a single seating by yourself???
  9. what is the self life of namagashi???
  10. Lucil


    just wondering, i would like to make my own miso.. do you have any recipes i can look at??
  11. wow... great timing... juz had a sudden interest in wagashi recently
  12. i would like to know what kind of teas goes well with what kinds of wagashi??
  13. i have always wondered?? do you eat the sakura leaf as well??
  14. hi robot coupe.. what kind of cuisine are u looking for.. sg has good chinese, italian and french restaurants... the restaurant that is on my wishlist is gunthers( was once sous chef at l'arpege).. try to book a few days beforehand... www.gunthers.com.sg u can also check out this website.. www.hungrygowhere.com .. they have a listing of all the restaurants and have a huge userbase...
  15. yes, but sushi restaurants dont usually speak in english
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