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  1. How is honey dangerous?
  2. Sushi is fish and rice formed into logs, handrolls or nigiri... sashimi is fish presented on its own, sometimes on a bowl of rice. At least, thats how I understand it. About eating sushi with your hands... I think that was how it was originally intended to be eaten... much akin to the western sandwich... it took a typical meal requiring utensils, and transformed it into finger food. But then... I've seen my fiance's Brit mum eat a sandwich with a fork and knife.....
  3. Here in the South, the essentials to a fried egg sandwich are mayo and hot sauce ;-) mmmm So I guess it just depends on where you are that dictates what makes a good fried egg sandwich. I'd never DREAM of putting ketchup on one! But I agree, adding cheese and egg to a BLT is overkill.
  4. Blast! Now why didnt they leave that little nugget of footage in? At least then we'd get to see them, I dunno... COOKING something.. and then also have a little backstory of the chinpimple to follow! ;-) Also.. didnt Gordon say that Julia cooked her lobster perfectly?
  5. Ohh... nothing like the eats you find playing in the woods in Florida. Loquats are probably the easiest to find... occasionally you could luck out and find a passion vine fruiting.... they grow wild everywhere. Lots of orange trees here and there too (there was an old unused piece of land near where I grew up that was once part of a Valencia orange grove).
  6. ...and??? So does practically everyone I know. How do you suggest we defrost it??? ← In the fridge... ← If I were to try to defrost in my fridge, it would take DAYS o_O I dont tend to plan my meals out that far in advance. I am guilty, I am a counter thawer too.
  7. I'll second that and add to me she looked like a Manson follower with that blank yet crazed facial expression. ← crank? ← Personally, I think she was overdoing the hair to distract people form whatever she had going on under her lip. I noticed as it got bigger, so did her hair.
  8. Wow. I guess I am lucky. At my supermarket they always have lamb (though the cuts are just luck of the draw, you never know what they will have). I bought 2 lamb shanks for dinner tonight for $3 each.
  9. So, did anyone watch last night? How did everyone else feel about the silliness of a tank full of lobsters without banded claws?? And then the psyche out gonna send 2 people home moment. bleh. Its like a train wreck... I told my fiance last night that I dont think I want to watch Kitchen Nightmares... because I love the UK version too much... I dont want to see it ruined for an American audience.
  10. I keep my maldon salt in one of Alton Browns cellars. Works perfectly for me. It gets really humid here so if I were to try to keep it in anything uncovered it would most likely clump.
  11. oohh I love those Chinese Grass Jelly drinks. They are just awesome. =)
  12. I am rooting for Julia too. I think alot of people automatically assume she will be a failure because she is a short order cook, but its apparent that she learns quickly, and as far as I can remember, she hasnt messed up a dish she's been assigned to. As apposed to say, Bonnie.. who is nanny. Just because she has eaten creme brulee doesnt mean she'd automatically prepare it perfect first time... but something tells me Julia would. She cooks for a living... she's got kitchen skills, and with that its not hard to do a bit of research and learn a few new recipes. That being said... Julia... and Rock (though he is so caught up in the "game" aspect of it that its annoying) are the only ones keeping me watching the show. The rest of this seasons picks just seems almost an insult to the audience.
  13. One of my best friends used to be a cancan dancer at Rosie O'Grady's. I miss the multilevel arcade fun... oh... and Terror on Church Street. Good times. Didn't some German bloke buy Church street like 7 years ago? Wasnt he suppposed to "save" it? Anyone remember that? Nothing ever happened... I used to LOVE KitKat!! Sadly... the whole corner was sold and turned into very plastic clubs. Alot of the kitkat crowd sort of migrated to Knock Knock and Backbooth. But then... this was like, 6 years ago.. so its all probably changed again since!
  14. You mustve gotten Raglan on a good night! Every time we've been, the food has been aweful.. soggy fish & chips, lamb shepherds pie with no trace of lamb flavor... meh =( Maybe it all depends on who's cooking? If you get a chance to head to I-Drive... and like Japanese, I'd go to Rangetsu, it is a Japanese chain, and the location in Orlando is the only one outside of Japan. They are very proud to boast that they were voted #4 by Zagat of best Japanese in the US (Nobu is #3) - http://www.rangetsu.com/reputation.htm Shabu shabu is a ton of fun for a group of adults. =) Very healthy as well.
  15. LittleLea

    Dinner! 2007

    Hello all! I figured I'd join in the fun! =) Last night I decided to use some of the duck breast thats been in our freezer. I also had a pear at about the end of its ropes so I diced it up and made a sauce by sauteeing the pear in some of the rendered fat from the duck... deglazed with some Calvados, a bit of duck stock, a bit of apple juice, thyme and salt... voila!
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