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  1. whiskey

    toronto help?

    Not sure if you are looking to stick to a particular area but I would add L'Unita to the list. whiskey
  2. Thanks for your replies. I decided to go the rather boring route of starting with a cocktail (which I loved) with a bottle of cabernet sauv. with dinner. We really enjoyed our meal there - a few new items on the menu since I was there earlier this year. Was a little surprised it was not full on a Saturday night though. cheers whiskey
  3. I will second (or third!) the JK Wine bar suggestion - have been twice in the past few weeks and have very good meals both times (although the menu seems smaller than I recall) The crisp pork belly was very good. I would definitely choose JKWB over Crush as a place for a solo diner. One note though, JKWB doesn't take reservations other than for lunch, I believe. I am sure others will disagree, but Biff's is another solid choice close to where you are staying Enjoy your trip [and the game!] whiskey
  4. Has anyone done the wine pairing with the chef's tasting menu at Tailor? If so what were your thoughts? We will be there for dinner next Saturday - we stayed primarily with cocktails when there for dinner last month but thought we might give the pairings a try - but appreciate that the focus on the beverage side are their cocktails, or so it seems. I just don't want to drink Blood and Sand all night cheers and thanks whiskey
  5. Tri2Cook if that's the case then I think their "all natural" claim is a bit suspect Have you seen this product here?
  6. I have the white chocolate ice cream freezing at the moment - that is all I have made so far, but plan on making the coconut pain perdu and papaya lime compote tomorrow to go with it. I've really enjoyed going through this book. The building blocks and equipment/ingredient notes are also really helpful. I've filled the book with post it notes already - I just need to find the time to make everything I've flagged One question though - in the "make it simpler" box for the malted-chocolate rice pudding he suggests serving it with Cocoa Booty or Pirate's Booty - what the heck is this?? Is it a cereal? I'm in Toronto and don't recall ever seeing it here.
  7. Fat Guy, its actually an 8 pm start for this game. It sounds like our best bet is to wing it - or eat beforehand, although I don't like eating that early. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hi everyone - am a frequent traveller to NYC and a long time lurker on the forum but this is my first post - so be gentle! My Dad and I will be in NYC for a long week end at the end of February (my belated xmas gift to him) and I am looking for some input for dinner on Sunday. Its his first time ever in New York. We are going to the Rangers game on Sunday [don't get me started] and I'm looking for suggestions for dinner after the game. It does not have to be in the MSG area! Was really hoping to try Corton but its not open on Sunday. One thought was Gramercy Tavern. Our other dinners are at Peasant and Tailor [was just there 2 week ends ago and have been having visions of the miso butterscotch pork belly ever since] so we'd like to do something a bit different from those. We are both fairly adventurous eaters, so pretty much anything goes (and price isn't really an option, if that matters) . Not sure if I have given enough guidance but any thoughts would be welcome. Cheers Whiskey
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