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  1. I have and love it. Massive fan of DEM and le Champignon Sauvage. Still just absorbing it at the moment but will be a number of dishes being tried in it. The tartare/corned beef being a first
  2. If it's free, take it! What do you have to lose? Agree that starting with a basic machine, getting grind and pull right will pay off dividends when you upgrade. That's what I did with my Gaggia Classic before going onto my Rancillio.
  3. Just seen that Sat's book has massively increased in price and is scheduled for September and will cost £75!
  4. The trend for the blob of sauce pulled into a comma shape that seems ubiquetous in every restaurant in the UK right now.
  5. Really great meal there on Saturday night. Late table so dinner ran on well past midnight. That, and my insistance on the 9-course tasting menu. No photos I'm afraid. Amuse was the same as David's. Rich hare and a good all round start. Bread is made there and simple, but very tasty. Served with beef dripping and roasting juices and 2 butters - salted and a beurre noisette one. Both had been whipped and were extremely light. The beurre noisette butter may be the most addictive thing I've tasted in a bloody long time! 1st course proper was home smoked mackerel with rhubarb and a slightly sweet
  6. I bought this as an early birthday present for myself :-) It is very beautiful and well laid out. Not made anything from it yet but very keen to start. There are some mistakes I've noted, such as a pastry disc that is made for the infinetessement lemon dish that is never used. It says to put in the freezer and then never mentioned again. This does give me some concerns that there may be errors elsewhere? Anyone noticed? Adam
  7. Going tomorrow for my birthday dinner and again with Thom, Bapi and Gary Marshall later in March. Aumbry has blown me away on a good number of occasions. Can't wait.
  8. Got mine 2 days ago. It's a very well produced, detailed book. There is some repetition if you own any (or in my case, all) of Heston's previous books. Some of the dishes are home-cookable versions of the Fat Duck dishes such as the salmon and liquorice, along with dishes that were in Perfection, albeit in slightly different forms. It has been a very interesting read and I'm looking forward to getting on with cracking on with some of the recipes in there. Adam
  9. Mine arrived yesterday from Amazon. It's a fantastic book and can't wait to get started!
  10. I'm sure that the owners of the 1st edition would love to get hold of the 10x8 photos that are included with the second edition. Is there any way this could be done? Adam
  11. Ordered mine. Been waiting for this for years!
  12. Went on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere is great and the service is efficient and friendly. The restaurant itself is stunning and has been fitted out to a very high standard. Did the alc with splitting two main courses into tasting sized plates. The portion sizes even at half portions are extremely generous. There is a lot of skilled cooking going on and I think this place will remain a massive success after the hype dies down. The pricing is right and the wine list is is good value, especially given the Mayfair location. I'll definitely be back.
  13. The duck dish at the Star is one of the best things I've ever been served in a restaurant. Made me a very happy man!
  14. Did the development kitchen on Saturday night. Will do a proper write up when I have more time, but it was an amazing experience. Very different style of eating from the main restaurant, but it was an incredible meal.
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