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  1. As I mentioned before the tables would be split into 2-3 tables. So tables of anywhere from 13 to 20 people, peferably round.. Would that not offer a close enough setting to converse?
  2. I am aware of Dinner lab and what they do. As they are clients of mine. I am friends with more chefs than I can count. 90% of my numbers out of the 3000+ numbers in my phone are all chefs or work in the industry respectively. I wouldn't expect any of then to do this for free, but for promise of payment on the back end would not be difficult for me to ask of my friends. Yes this would be held on a day off, or held far enough in advance that they would be able to organize. Perhaps this event structure isn't the right way to go. Maybe it's better to ask what would you the public want to attend as an event? If say you had access to the city's chefs.
  3. Once costs are covered, then contributors. But i really need help promoting this otherwise we aint gonna have nothing...
  4. My background is fine dining and as many culinary graduates go, there seldom is such as thing as churning out fast meals... Usually because of all he components... But over the years I have found ways to cut corners, sometimes completely circumventing the corners alltogether... But in terms of uses for stock... I too use it for sauce... However this is a quick sauce... If you have your stock nicely packeted like our thread starter just empty out about 1/2 a cup of stock to make enough sauce for one steak, into a searing hot pan. Have any other liquids you would like to add thrown into the pan with the stock as it should quickly boil/reduce (eg, fish sauce, soy sauce, mirin, whatever. But save your vinegars for last) As the liquid reduces to almost a glace shut the flame off, and grab a knob of cold butter... about a Tablespoon, tip the pan to one side so all the liquid pools together, and start mounting/stiring the butter with the liquid at a brisk pace. The sauce should emulsify into a buttery, meaty, silken, sauce that you probably have to be careful not to finish right then and there... now add any chopped herbs, acids, lastly salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Sorry kept telling myself to list a round about price as no menu is set yet its only an estimated price per person... I was estimating between $85-$125 Possibility of adding a Sommilier wine pairing option... depends on if we get the bodies...
  6. I think its great that there are so many food events these days, what I dislike is how impersonal most of the events are. The interaction you are alotted is akin to a book signing. If your Lucky you get a word in, if not you grab a tiny bamboo plate and get a half mumbled description of their dish... Do you think it would be cool to have dinner with a couple chefs. Here is my idea, i'd like to throw a dinner "event" something small so we can keep it intimate, maybe 40 diners at most (Spread between maybe 2-3 tables) and two chefs would be invited, each chef would come up with 3 dishes, I am thinking family style so we can keep it slightly less formal. Chef # 1 Amuse Appertizer Fish Intermission - SMOKE BREAK! Chef # 2 Mid-course Meat Dessert While one chef is cooking and plating the other chef is spending time at each table eating with the guests. Intermission chefs switch, when the meal ends mingling will occur, and the honoree chefs will stay for as long as time permits... The "event/dinner" will most likely be hosted in a restaurant. or a place that makes sense, working on a Manhattan location, but maybe Brooklyn. Trying for maybe Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... SO the question would be, What Restaurants Chef would you like to see be apart of this event. (This is not Hypothethical, and please if you pick Daniel, or Per Se, it wont be Daniel, or Chef Keller, it would be most likely their Chef De Cuisine) I am pretty confident I can make this happen if I can see that ill be able to sell out the event... So please post what restaurants chef, or if you know a chef in paticular you would like be apart of this... Also post your willingness to attend this event, only if your chosen chef is goin to be apart of it, or you would like to attend reguardless. Lastly, how many would be in your party. Any Ideas or critiques to better this idea would be appriciated.
  7. SeanDirty

    Pickled red onions

    ya know... we used to have this sauce we made in school that went with a ternderloin dish... it was a normal salt and peppered beef tenderloin with a pickled red onion puree... All we did was put the onions with alittle white pepper in a jar or bowl or can or whatever holding device, pour key lime juice on it... maybe about 1/4th of the way up the onions (if it were in a jar) the onions would turn a nice pink color, then we would puree it... you dont have to puree it... but either way its good, and i think it lasts a while... You could always pickle it as you are doing it and put it through the canning process... it should last almost forever... as long as its sealed...
  8. Well it sounds like you want the fish to be cooked through whilst having the skin stay relatively the same color as when it started. Here is how to do so... relatively. Steaming, as in the chinese style... you can use hotel pans, one being preferated of course, or if you have a bamboo steamer all the better. Steam the fish at a low simmer and the color will stay relatively the same. Searing meat side down would cause the skin to turn white i believe...
  9. Thats rather interesting, i'd never think of desert ice cream and truffles... was it tasty??
  10. Now olive oil is totally up to a persons preference, I mean olive oil is just like wine, each different location/producer creates a different oil, each mix creates a different flavor, wether it be spicy, tart, tangy, grassy, ect... it really depends on what you the user wants. I just dont find a point to use olive oil thats mixed with veg oil... what a waste, but if i had a choose an olive oil for taste and cost it would definitely be Colavita olive oil http://www.colavita.com/oliveoil.htm WEb page
  11. You should... Take a clay pot, place miracle grow potting soil, and dig a hole about 2 inches. Place your truffle into the hole, and water daily.... Soon enough you will have many many baby black truffles!! Ok now seriously, if your slicing it... well you take a small container of rice, and put the truffle in there.. usually the procedure is done for whole truffles, not sure about sliced.... Otherwise, if your not looking to use it soon, i have mine in oil, in the fridge... the rice you can leave in a cool dark place. be careful about moisture, it will grow mold fast.
  12. Well is it ground already?? if it is... well i'd say freeze it either way if its just for maybe 3 days max. Cooking it... well you only get one chance at cooking it and imparting X flavor... So once you cook it and add it to a dish... well flavor changes...
  13. Its close enough Abra, but seriously..... i just nut myself... hahah Well i know i could never get sick of foie... but im defiantly on a haitias, i got one of my chef buddies to buy me a lobe of foie from Hudson valley foie the other week... the lobe was about 1.75#.... i ate the whole thing.... IN 2 DAYS!!! almost entirely by myself... id have to say i ate at least 1.5# of it by myself... now youd think that maybe just maybe some of that rendered fat escaped and was washed down a drain and maybe i didnt eat the whole lobe per se... but your wrong... i toasted some white bread and sopped up EVERY LAST BIT of it... Oh and i had bought a bottle of balsamic vin... just some cheap stuff, reduced it and used that as the sauce... no imagination... just strait up foie and balsamic.
  14. No No No, you got it all wrong. I don't want to hear about dishes i can put truffles in. The point of this thread is the, out of the ordinary. What do you put truffles in that don't usually have truffles go in, on, around, beside, them.
  15. So ive put truffles on many a thing... but i finially got myself a nice camera... and this is the first thing ive put truffles on since the camera.... TRUFFLE Grilled Cheese... on white bread...
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