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  1. 13 hours ago, Marmish said:

    Can anyone tell me more about this?  I'm sure it's not super unusual, but I can't find any details anywhere other than one eBay listing and I need to share a resource with 5th grade students as I have bought one and am using it for a primary source lesson.


    Vintage Stainless Steel Cragston Cake Slicer Server




    Angel food cake cutters have wires, so maybe this is a riff on that type of cake server?

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  2. 3 hours ago, Kerry Beal said:

    I use my long stemmed Bamix with the cutting blade to make bubble solution in a 4 liter wide mouth lab nalgene jar. Allows me to blend in the guar gum suspended in 99% isopropyl without a gloppy mess and waiting a couple of days for the guar to hydrate. 




    Now this piques my interest.  Can you post your bubble solution recipe ( url link or DM it to me?)  I think it would be fun to make bubbles for Christmas parties.   I have guar gum sitting here.

  3. 10 hours ago, Sid Post said:


    Hmm, when I looked it was $249.  At $149 it would have hit my cart and been headed my way.  Wonder why I didn't get the sale price when I looked at it.

    I would sign up for email alerts from AfourBox, I guess.   That's how I saw the deal.  There's a click through link that preloaded the discount code for me.   


    I believe these will go onsale again soon, seems like they do several sales per year.

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  4. @Shelby  Was the Keep Warm led still illuminated?   I wasn't aware the Keep Warm temp could be changed but I know the Keep Warm time can be.   The default Keep Warm time on my IP is 10 hours.   Is it possible yours was set for minutes?   


    BTW, I've had this exact same scenario with an inherited Crock Pot.  Chicken soup on low, stupid pot was old and temp control failing.  Sour soup hours later.  Kept the soup warm enough for the bacteria to love it.  Cooking Disaster.



    Pressing the “Keep-Warm/Cancel” key in the standby state activates the “Keep Warm” function. You can use “+” and “-“ to change the time between 10 minutes and 99 hours and 50 minutes. When “Keep Warm” function starts, the time counts up by minutes. The "Keep Warm" function can be used with or without the lid closed. You can also use an optional glass lid for this function. When it finishes, the cooker beeps and goes to standby state.

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  5. I made a stock out of two chicken carcasses (Both roasted together in the Charbroil Big Easy Oil-less fryer, remember that appliance LOL?) and the leftover frozen ends/pieces/peelings from various veg dishes.   I do 2 240 minute soup settings, the bones go soft.  I strain the debris out and now I am reducing it on the saute setting.  I'm aiming for a demiglace.  I started out with 3 qts (I'm using a 3qt IP) and 1 30 minute saute setting has reduced it by 1/3.  I'm checking it every 10 minutes or so and give it a stir, the IP is on the back patio simmering away.   I've just restarted the saute function again for additional reduction.

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  6. I am not trying to enable anyone but I got an email this morning about an ongoing sale for the A4box,    There is white, green and blue for 120V US/Canada.   I put the green one as an experiment in my cart and the discount code showed $149.00 with free shipping.   It comes with the smooth and ridged plates.   The additional 3 plate combo shows sold out at the moment.


    40% OFF


    Use code: COOK40 at checkout, or click the link below to automatically apply the discount to your order.

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  7. Didn't have any T-day leftovers except for raw potatoes, carrots, and celery.   I had bought Saintours Clam Broth powder from Chef Rubber a couple years ago and it's been in the pantry waiting.


    I decided to try it and make a powder flavored only clam chowder.   Wow, this really brings the clam flavor and it can be tailored to taste.   It does not taste fake.  I don't like my chowder thick and goopy, I like a more light cream soup texture.


    I cubed the potatoes (6 small) carrots (4 medium) and 4 stalks of celery and some dehydrated onions into the Instant Pot.  I sauteed them a bit in some bacon fat, added ~1 cup of diced pork belly bacon.  I sprinkled about 2 tsp of the clam powder over the veg and added 1/8 cup of water and pressure cooked for 4 minutes and natural release.  Then added water to level desired, turned on the saute to heat and started adding clam powder again until I got to the taste I liked (+ lots of black pepper).  Added a can of Nestle Crema (also sitting in pantry) and that gave me the body I liked.   Now, there is no clam meat in this soup, I know, sacrilege, but it tastes as good to me as any (now without rubbery canned clams).  Had it for breakfast today.


    I really like Manhattan style better, so that's the next experiment.

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  8. @Sid Post

    I really enjoy my A4, I use it on the patio and for travel.   I bought ALL the interchangeable plates, I primarily use the flat grill insert, the soup insert and just started using the mini-pancake insert for Oladi.   The raised grill insert and octopus ball insert have gone unused so far.   The A4 is pretty easy to keep clean.


    The pancake insert seems to be hotter in the center 2 and colder on the outer 4.   I end up swapping the pancakes around to get more even browning if I care about that at the moment.  Eh, not great, but not terrible either.


    It's expensive (normal pricing) but for me I feel like it's cut down on kitchen mess and has saved a bit of money and time when there's been no restaurant food available or desirable during roadtrips.

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  9. 31 minutes ago, Duvel said:

    Boiled with the Grünkohl, onions and the Schlachtebrühe for 2.5 hours …

    This is probably the only way I could be enticed to eat kale.............that broth.......OMG.

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  10. 47 minutes ago, Shelby said:

    I don't think I could have stayed out of it for that long lol.


    The trick is to make too many bottles and then reorganize the pantry and forget where you reorganized the extra eggnog was until you reorganize again and find the stashed eggnog you thought you had already drank/gifted.

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  11. Some sketchy stuff going on for some Amazon Black Friday offerings.  I regularly shop Amazon Warehouse for better deals on specific things I want.   Usually on Black Friday extended weekend there's a discount on quite a few things in the Warehouse area, which makes them more of a deal.  This year it's 20% off, not everything, and you have to put it in your cart to see if it's a 20% off item.   I had put a long wok spatula in my cart for $7.99, I was going to let it sit to see what discount it may get on BF WH.  Overnight, it went up to $9.49, then with a 20% off.  When is a sale not a sale?  


    Just a testimonial, I haven't checked many other items, but my skepticism is pretty high for some of A's BF discounts.

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  12. I lucked out, I just have to do a dessert.  It's personal sized lemon curd and Maria cookies icebox cakes in 8oz mason jars.  Topping will be fresh pomegranate pips.   Maybe some sweetened crema for drizzling.


    Also have a small citrus cake in case someone doesn't want a custard style dessert.



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  13. I have seen a source on Reddit that swears by using a cast iron tortilla press to flatten chicken breast and pork filets.

    I don't like chicken breast so there is no reason for me to test this in my tortilla press, but it seems plausible.  There would be little to no detritus shooting out with a press I assume.


    People are using tortilla presses to make smash burgers, again, something I'm not interested in to try.

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