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  1. Yes, that would be it. Sorry I didn't add a link, not that tech savvy on this site yet, lol. I think you could use it for a filling and the icing, it's really good. It's not gritty like other PS icings.
  2. I love the filling in the Kit Kat, though I could see how it could be a non-factor for others. I actually eat the chocolate off and then separate the wafer layers when eating a Kit Kat, but I'm weird, lol. That being said, I'm a HUGE, HUGE fan of Toba Garrett's chocolate buttercream. You can find the recipe on epicurious.com It has a few more steps than some might like, but it is so tasty. I sub more butter for the shortening in the recipe. I don't like powdered sugar based icings for the most part. I usually use Italian Meringue BC, unless it's a cream cheese icing, but this one is really good.
  3. I use Callebaut D811 for pretty much everything- but I don't make chocolates or candies- just cakes/cookies/brownies/etc. It's what we used in my classes and it works for me now as well. I can get it in large quantities for a reasonable price and no shipping since it's somewhat local (used to be very local, then I moved). I just saw that you were in KC- I get it from the Chocolate Store/Mid America Gourmet in Lenexa (or maybe OP, not really sure). Have you been there? They have so much chocolate, and it smells incredible in there!!!!
  4. I order cake dummies from www.dallasfoamonline.com because they are CHEAP and provide great customer service. The fondant will stick to the dummy if you spray a little water on there, some people use piping gel, I'm not one of them however.
  5. Unless I'm reading the entry form wrong, anyone over 18 can enter the wedding cake competition. ← There are different divisions, even youth divisions. They are explained on the website. The link above will probably get you there.
  6. I'm still a newbie here, but there's a place called Mid America Gourmet on 90th Street in OP that carries a good variety of chocolate. They are very nice there (did I mention it smells INCREDIBLE in there?!!!). I have a price list somewhere if anyone would like to know about something specific. HTH!
  7. I've been following this thread for quite awhile, but haven't made any of these yet. Can someone tell me, is WhiteTruffleGirl's version (the one on page 15 or 16) the final version of the Epicurious recipe, or has there been another version? TIA!
  8. Hi everyone. I'm pretty much a newbie around here. I've been lurking for quite a while- mainly at the Pastry and Baking forums- and decided to join recently. That being said, my goal is to open a small bakery in a couple of years. Currently I bake/decorate cakes/cookies and would like to expand that into a bakery. I want to be able to serve coffee/espresso/etc. and have no clue about it. I don't generally drink coffee- maybe a latte or something here and there- but I know nothing on the subject. I need to be pointed in the right direction- where can I get started with the basics, and then move on from there? I need to get info. on equipment and things like that as well, but not immediately. I would appreciate any and all help that you can give me. TIA, Suz
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