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  1. My wife and I were looking forward to making it back out to Lakeway again this year, but it turns out we'll be in Chicago on the 25th. Sign up quick folks, it's a fantastic meal!
  2. Misplaced_Texan

    Dinner! 2008

    I've been a bit lax with posting--not that anyone has been clamoring for it--but I've finished all the tongue recipes in the cookbook. Boiled Ox Tongue with Horseradish and Green Sauce Cold Tongue Sandwich with Tomato and English Mustard Tongue with a Lemon Caper Sauce Tongue and Beets Ox Tongue and Bread Salad And now for something completely different: Cold Lamb's Brains on Toast
  3. Misplaced_Texan

    Dinner! 2008

    A special Valentine's Day update: Grilled Marinated Calf’s Heart
  4. I'm so jealous! I need some butcher friends.
  5. Misplaced_Texan

    Dinner! 2008

    Leek, Potato, And Oyster Soup
  6. This was really fantastic, thank you again Kent for setting up another wonderful meet. I do apologize if I talked to much during the dinner. I'm going to blame the lack of sleep and the long drive.
  7. Don't think of it as failing, just consider those attempts as learning experiences. Consider picking up a copy of St. John's cookbook Nose to Tail: Cooking the Whole Beast. I carry it with me everywhere I go due to my blog. Leafing through it right now I see a lamb sweetbread recipe that can also be used for veal glands, but no liver recipe. I'll check their second book when I get home. I really understand the desire to take those "nasty bits" and turn them into a wonderful meal. Working with a pig's spleen and making it tasty was a great feeling. Good luck!
  8. Misplaced_Texan

    Dinner! 2008

    Boiled Pork Belly and Lentils I agree with you Pierogi, fish tacos are amazing, and yours look great.
  9. Misplaced_Texan

    Dinner! 2008

    Poached Salted Duck Legs Shelby, thanks for the comment last week.
  10. Well, it's official: The supplier that can get me sheep stomach won't have them until the first week of February. I'll contact all of the people that have already rsvp'd for the event and will set up a new date when I manage to secure what I need. Funnily enough, if you Google "sheep stomach dallas" this thread is the fifth hit. EDIT: Now it's the fourth.
  11. WORD! I'm also trying this place http://www.goodearthorganicfarm.com/ but it seems like their phone is off the hook. Update: Good Earth got back to me: No stomach. It's starting to look like I should push this out for a week.
  12. Uh oh. I just got off the phone with another gentleman at Hamilton's Meat Market, and they won't have sheep's stomach available until the 30th. And he won't be able to sell me the lungs at all. Seems like Bill, the owner, is semi-retired and his promises might have been a bit empty. I'm going to try and call early tomorrow to talk to him about the real availibility. I also tried Winn Meats and they said they couldn't help me either. They said to give Central Market a shot for a special order, but that too was shot down. It looks like I might have to push Robby Burns night back a week...
  13. Misplaced_Texan

    Dinner! 2008

    Rolled Pig's Spleen with thinly sliced raw red onions and cornichons.
  14. I love the Czech Stop! Want to come along for the trip Kent? You know, while I'm here, does anyone know where I can buy a Woodcock?
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