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  1. joancassell

    Seasoning Carbon Steel Pans

    Sheryl Canter's methods worked for me, when nothing else did. Time-consuming, but the results are worth the fuss: http://sherylcanter.com/wordpress/2010/01/a-science-based-technique-for-seasoning-cast-iron/
  2. joancassell


    I've used the Wolffer Estate verjus and it's delicious! It's easy to order from them on the Internet.
  3. joancassell

    Making Vinegar

    If you drink wine with dinner, you might consider making your own red wine vinegar. You need to get some vinegar mother (I suspect it's available on the Internet) and then just pour leftover red wine into a bottle with the mother. Takes time, but the results are delicious, and it's satisfying to make and use your own.
  4. joancassell

    Cuisinart Recall

    This time it worked! Even received a confirmation email. Oh joy!
  5. joancassell

    Cuisinart Recall

    I filled out the form, and filled out the form, and filled it out again. Nothing happened.
  6. joancassell

    Cuisinart Recall

    I can't figure out how to contact them with the information. No email info is given and the phone number doesn't work. Frustrating! Never gain get anything made by CusinartJ!
  7. joancassell

    Bottle brush

    I keep my vinegars and olive oil in lab cruets. They do sometimes get grummy though, and I discovered that the best way to clean the inside bottoms is by using false teeth cleaner (Efferdent). Drop in a pill, add hot water, shake till it's clean.
  8. joancassell

    What brand of cookware is this?

    Could it be a Demeyere Apollo or Proline? http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Demeyere%20Apollo
  9. joancassell

    PureFizz vs SodaStream: your take?

    I'm happy with my SodaStream which I use just for plain seltzer, which tastes fine to me. I decant the soda into turquoise Italian (Bormioli Rocca) 1 liter glass bottles with stoppers. They're available at Amazon.com but are cheaper at The Container store. Perhaps it's just my intimagination, but the tastes better from glass. I drink vast quantities of it in the summer.
  10. joancassell

    Favorite Kitchen Gizmo

    My 18 inch square (10 inch deep) end-grain butcher block on wheels. Sits under a counter and makes a relatively small kitchen twice as effective. I love all my toys but this is not a toy but an absolute necessity for me.
  11. Thank you both for the photos. That did it! I can now re-attach the back.
  12. I would love further instructions. The video on Kickstarter on how to do this was no help at all.
  13. I didn't need to clean it, I just wanted to see how to clean it, and discovered to my surprise and distress that re-assembling it was (for me) near impossible. I don't know if this was a manufacturing defect, but it surely is a design defect, and one that was never hinted at in those tempting Kickstarter videos. I didn't really mind waiting five months for it, but I do mind about this.
  14. Am I the only person who has difficulty removing the clip and closing the hatch after opening it for cleaning? I tried with my new Sansaire and was unable to do it; An engineer friend spent an hour trying to put back the hatch. The posted video was no help at all, it made it look easy, which it surely was not. This problem was never mentioned in the videos that made me support Sansaire on Kickstarter. Had I known how difficult this was, I would never have signed up for it. Wish I could return it. (I wonder if Anova has a similar unmentioned problem.) I'm upset and disappointed.
  15. Try ebay for Descoware. I've found a few pieces there. It's a great source for good products that are no longer made e.g. Salton hottrays.