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  1. I placed a pre-order through B&N.com on February 22. I still haven't received my book. I have contacted B&N and heard these dates: March 16, April 6, April 29, May, July 1, and now September 1. I was already pretty frustrated in May, then, I read on here how quite a few people ordered through B&N in May and received their books very quickly. I called them today with the help of an Egulleter's order number, and they informed me that the reason why he received his book was because he was located closer to the warehouse it shipped from. I live in NYC for goodness sake. They had told m
  2. I have been making a lot of jams lately, but I will never be able to use up anywhere close to the 10lbs of pectin I purchased. I bought it from Pacific Pectin (the link to the pectin is below) Pacific Pectin's 150 Grade Rapid Set Pectin Is anyone interested in purchasing some of it from me? Not sure what I want for it yet, but we could negotiate.
  3. I attempted my very first sausages today. a friend and i decided to pick up this hobby. so, we split up the start up costs and the results! this is the soppressata (not in the traditional casings). the kitchenaid wasn't big enough to mix everything together, so we had to do it by hand. halfway through the stuffing, we felt that the sausage was getting a little less cold, so we put it back in the freezer. while we were waiting, we dined on some delicious duck prosciutto she made with brie, baguette, and arugula. then back to the sausage. no huge issues. she had some problems trying to get the
  4. Thanks! I still do not know what's up with my refractometer. It appears to be calibrated correctly. I am going to stick with my thermometer for the time being and give this a try.
  5. I just checked my refractometer, and you are so right! I should have checked it before. The cherry puree should be at 26% and it was at 30%. The strawberry puree should be at 18% and it was at 8%. Obviously an issue! I only cooked them using my refractometer...not my thermometer. Bad ebay purchase I guess... Thanks!
  6. So, I just bought the entire set up for making pate de fruits... 0-80% refractometer thermopen tartaric acid boiron fruit purees apple pectin (from l'epicerie) 500g / .01g scale So, i have been following the boiron recipes from their website and have been failing. I have been making half batches if that makes a difference. I tried out the cherry and the strawberry recipes. The cherry recipe I tried as is, and the strawberry I tried with 14g of pectin instead of 12.5g. Both of them came out too soft. The strawberry came out better. I can put a knife through it, and it slighly holds its shape, b
  7. ok, here is the recipe of the macarons from the CIA cookies class. Almond paste 8 oz. Sugar, powdered 1 lb. Egg whites 3 oz. Egg whites 4 oz. Sugar, powdered 2 oz. Mixing 1 Mix the almond paste and first sugar with a paddle until pea sized pieces have formed. 2 Add the first amount of egg whties to this mixture and cream until just smooth. 3 Make a stiff meringue with the second whites and sugar. Stop when the whites stop climbing the bowl. 4 Fold meringue into creamed mixture. Add 20% of the merg to make it pliable using a bowl scraper, and then add the remaining meringue. Do not over
  8. I was thinking about macarons. I'm always trying to think of a way to make the cookie taste better/different
  9. I wasn't going to get complicated, but we had two products. One was this...which is bigger chunks. and the other was a more powdered. anywho, this is great and i think what i am looking for. thanks. i wonder if i can grind this into a powdered product without it caking.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has ever made or heard of macarons using almost paste instead of almond flour. The reason I am asking is that the macarons that we are taught at the CIA are with just almond paste. I will not post the recipe due to it being copyright. The ingredients are just almond paste, powdered sugar, and egg whites. Here is a photo of one that i made last year. They have a very strong almond taste and are sickly sweet. On the other hand, they are gorgeous and bake perfectly every time.
  11. At my last job, we had powdered brown sugar in bulk. I do not recall what company made it. Has anyone heard about such a product? It does not seem like anyone is selling it. Or is there a way to make my own?
  12. if you are really interested, i would have no problem mailing them to you.
  13. unfortunately, all of us are coming up one variable short. mine is...not 12 but 4. Available at Target and Cooking.com
  14. When I was at the CIA, a couple the chefs said we could use metal bowls in the microwave as long as the bowl did not touch the sides of the microwave. The microwaves there were not the home use ones..but more heavy duty. Nothing ever caught on fire. Is this true in all cases? I'm scared to put a metal bowl in my home microwave, but it would help a lot when I am in the kitchen.
  15. Just remember that what you are making is nothing like rolled fondant for a cake. that has gums and such (i think it can sometimes have gelatine) Sugar, corn syrup, water, palm oil, natural and artificial flavor, gum tragacanth, titanium dioxide, glycerine, cellulose gum, modified corn starch, potassium sorbate, acetic acid. (satin ice rolled fondant)
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