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  1. That's pretty hardcore making your own gochujang! It is like someone making ketchup or homebrewing soy sauce. ← i've watched my mom make both soy sauce and gochujang. it's way too much work. just buy it.i've never heard of gochujang going bad. if it goes bad, it's just on top. just skim the top off and the rest is still good.
  2. you have a butane stove. most camping stoves are propane, iirc. i don't think propane can be shipped in a plane. you might try a camping store. i've seen similar stoves there. not trying to be a smart@$$, but did you try a yahoo/google search? look on amazon under "butane fuel." they sell both the stoves and the fuel. but it seems kinda pricey versus the korean stores here in dallas. dunno...
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    just curious which cut of meat you had. some are more tender than others. plus, the secret is not to overcook the meat. if you do, it will definitely be too tough. most of the meats are marinated, so i don't see how it could have been that tough unless you ordered a particular cut i'm thinking of and overcooked it. just my $0.02. i went there when it first opened and found it to be so-so. i don't know about it being seedy though, especially since they shut down those bath houses across the street.for good jajang myun in k-town, try royal wok. it's at the west end of the chosun galbi building in the back, behind the cafe at the corner. my favorite for jajang myun is richardson - chien garden (an dong jang, in korean). northeast corner of arapaho and plano road. my family's been eating there since the 80's. there are also different types of jajang myun. i usually get the samsun gan jajang myun -- it's got more flavor and has seafood in it.
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