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  1. Hey, has anyone been to Do & Co Albertina? I have a reservation there for December 27th, and I'm wondering what the level of formality is? I see a lot of articles on the Do & Co on Stephansplatz, but not many on Albertina, so I have no idea. Thank you!
  2. Could someone help me? I don't understand any German, but I tried making an online reservations to Coburg with the help of a phrasebook and babelfish. Does this mean that I have successfully made a reservation for July 10, 2007 at 7:00 PM ? RESERVIERUNGSBESTATIGUNG Folgende Eintrage haben Sie vorgenommen: reservieren für:: Michiro Tanaka Personen: 2 Datum (TT-MM-JJJJ): 10- 07- 2007 Uhrzeit (SS:MM): 19:00 Dauer (SS:MM): 04:00 Lokation genau: Palais Coburg Restaurant Buchungs Informationen: Thanks a lot!
  3. I like cocoa cookies with white chocolate. Tejon's oat recipe sounds really good though. I really want to try it!
  4. I love all of the pictures! GTO, What is a British flapjack? It looks great. healthy too Cocoa cookies with white chocolate from Dorie Greenspan's book. They're amazing!
  5. hm... tempura-fried unagi + avocado + mayonaisse + cucumber. so heavy! the red bell pepper thing is weird, especially because so many people hate peppers!
  6. Sanrenso, I'm having the same problem! It's so weird, I've tried tons of shokupan recipes too, and they never work. I really like Nick Malgieri's challah recipe from A Baker's Tour. What challah recipes have worked best for you?
  7. I love Kuitan! The croquette episode from season 1 just aired last week on TV Japan. I also watch Shokusai Roman where celebrities cook. In the US, it airs after the history drama on Sundays everyone! If anyone subscribes to TV Japan.
  8. Hm. Savethedeli, your definition of Jewish cooking is the regional food of an area with a history of Jewish culture adapted to Kosher dietary restrictions. But the cooking styles of India, Eastern Europe and Western Europe are all so different, it's difficult to classify under one cuisine. And if the Jewish cooking of each relative stems from the distinct cuisine of each area as you say, then they really are all distinct styles of cooking. Not to mention that the Indian Jewish cooking doesn't receive much attention or recognition as "Jewish" cooking. I just think that it's very difficult to classify food by religion because religions can and do exist everywhere. ETA. Of course, I'm not arguing against anyone classifying any of these foods as Jewish. That's just my opinion concerning foods of any religion. As for popularizing "Jewish" (Ashkenazy I presume) I think it goes the same for any currently untrendy cuisine. Reasonable amounts of any type of food won't make anyone fat, so it's just the obvious answers of updating the seasonings and ingredients to fit today's tastes, like using and showcasing fresh produce.
  9. Thanks. My idea is. Now I agree with your point that what savethedeli considers to be Jewish food is Kosher Eastern-European food. Other people also stated that there just happened to be a large number of Jews in that area who adopted the food. And Nathan, I'm completely unfamiliar with the exact rules of the many different branches of Buddhism. All I know is that many Japanese monks are vegetarian and during one holiday in August, one isn't supposed to eat meat. I wouldn't say that the that makes a whole section of Buddhist food though.
  10. Nathan, that's interesting. I was unaware that Jewish identity and Judaism were different things. So by this definition, would a Korean person practicing Judaism not be Jewish? What is the difference in identity? Is it racial? -- I grew up in Japan so I'm completely new to all of this. I do know that Buddhism also has dietary restrictions though. If a Thai meal is prepared in a Kosher manner, is it Jewish?
  11. What is Christian food? Buddhist food? Judaism is a religion which can exist in any region. I think that makes it impossible to really define the food of a religion.
  12. Kanton tsuyu looks like Kansai tsuyu plus sugar! Your tempura looks perfect btw
  13. I'm not that familiar with regional Japanese, only the food around Kansai where I live. But the tendon I eat always just has the dipping sauce. The picture looks different though. What is it?
  14. My grandmother drinks yomogi puree every morning. It tastes terrible, but it's supposedly good for... something. the stomach maybe? I only eat yomogi in mochi or udon. The tempura idea sounds good though! And the one yomogi chiffon I tried didn't taste very good. It was a strange color too!
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