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  1. Sounds great - will be there soon! Salty
  2. I'm in the same boat - waiting with everything crossed! BTW, Jamsie, I didn't think your post made you sound like a pretentious gimp - does that make me a pretentious gimp too!
  3. Salty


    Is the speakeasy cocktail night still happening each Monday in Cathedral Square? I'm going to be in Milwaukee over Easter - sounds like a fun thing to check out. thanks Salty
  4. that's great news - fingers crossed for no recurrence of the problems (maybe legs crossed too!)
  5. Well needless to say we didn't make it to the FD for dinner of course. I guess they are dealing reasonably well with the public side of the situation and my desire to eat there is undiminished (I'd have happily taken the chance on Thursday if given the choice). It is very disappointing to miss out though. When you cancel a top restaurant at short notice you end up having to pay a charge per head to compensate them for their loss - the same does not apply in reverse. Flights, accommodation, baby-sitting and car hire all revolved around a trip to the FD. Anyway, I guess the financial impact is smaller than the disappointment of not eating there and I hope they re-open soon.
  6. Thanks everyone for the information and advice. We will chase up with the restaurant today and try to get to the bottom of it all.
  7. Thanks guys Gary, was there a public announcement about it? If it is back open Thursday then we won't cancel B&B etc. but it would be good to know the likelihood of them fulfilling our booking on Thursday night.
  8. Has anybody heard anything about a problem with the power at the Fat Duck. We have a table for four booked for Thursday with friends. We are flying in from Ireland especially. Accommodation and babysitter booked locally. Phone call to my mate today from the Fat Duck to say that their power isn't working and the reservation is cancelled. We are gutted. Whole point of the trip was to go to the Fat Duck.
  9. I agree with PhilD. I've been to Mugaritz and Arzak and loved both, but for me the overall experience at Mugaritz was a step above. It remains one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. By the way, if you are eating in Arzak and wandering around some of the tapas places in the Gros district, you might like the Villa Soro as a base. We stayed there a few years ago and it was very convenient for Arzak, Bar Bergara etc.
  10. Dinner for 4 in Fat Duck next week Can't wait!
  11. Those were good recommendations. Didn't realise Jacob's Ladder had closed (I must be out of touch). Will have to try the Pig's Ear, but the other restaurants are all good choices. Prices are slowly coming down again (e.g. some lunch deals that offer great value relative to one year ago), but you are right - everything still costs too much in Ireland!
  12. I hope it is not the end - every year I dilligently send off my email and wait a few weeks for a polite "no". I am convinced that some day the news will be good. The restaurant can't close before then!
  13. IFS - I love the enthsiasm in your review. I'm visiting Chicago in April and have already booked a night in Alinea. I was already excited before I read your review, so now I really can't wait!
  14. Any idea how much I can expect to pay for wine pairings (standard and premium) for the tour menu?
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